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Summer camp is an essential part of any childhood. Find kids’ camps and programs in Sudbury listed below, including camps for kids in neighbourhoods like Flour Mill, Bell Park, Donovan, Gatchell, and Copper Cliff. Underneath the camp listings, learn more about the value of camp.  Read more

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    List of Sudbury kids' programs and summer camps


    Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   
    Kids camps and programs in Sudbury

    S.A.M - Singapore Math Learning Center   
    S.A.M - Singapore Math Learning Center is a world-class after-school/weekend tutoring and enrichment program offering personalized service, certified instructors, and small class sizes. Empower your child with S.A.M.

    Mississauga; Sudbury
    Education: Math
    • Ages 4 to 14 (Coed)
    • Program, Virtual Program
    • from $240
    programclassvirtualprogramcoed 240 4-14 1MississaugaSudburyOntario


    A brief glance at the variety of Sudbury summer camps 

    With both day and overnight camps, Sudbury families have many options. Camp is a popular way to enhance or augment learning during the summer months, and academic camps in the city teach subjects like engineering and math. STEM camps are increasingly popular. Kids can also find tech camps and arts camps in Sudbury. For kids with special needs, camps support ADHD as well as kids with physical disabilities

    Perhaps the greatest challenge is getting kids—and parents—to just try camp the first time, to see how enjoyable the experience is. Here’s a look at why a Sudbury summer camp, in fact, gives kids a big advantage in life, with links to more information on our sister site, 

    Seven advantages kids’ gain at Sudbury kids’ camp

    Independent problem-solving. Summer camp and kids’ programs present campers with a variety of problems to solve on a daily basis. This can include everything from figuring out how to cook over a campfire to learning how to work together with others to figuring out how to keep track of personal items.  Away from parents and siblings, kids learn to solve problems on their own, and gain the pride that goes along with this skill. 

    Communication skills. Camp is rife with interactions, including those with other campers as well as leaders. Kids and teens meet experienced campers and newbies. They learn how to share ideas, work with and listen to others. Conversations can be fun and light, or weeklong experiences can lead to deep talks and personal sharing. It implicitly teaches rich lessons in respecting others’ viewpoints, in a very constructive, supportive setting. Learn more about how kids develop communication skills at camp

    Responsibility. Kids at camp learn to take care of their own stuff, as well as caring for their own safety and well-being. They become more accountable to others—and most importantly, to themselves. They see—and deal with—the consequences of their actions. It's a completely unique “school” for learning to think on their feet and on their own. 

    Resilience. This is a deep-seated character trait that’s most difficult to measure, hardest to come by, and perhaps the greatest skill acquired, especially at overnight camps in Sudbury and elsewhere in northern Ontario. Camp challenges kids, and campers learn how to persevere in difficult situations and they learn the importance of a positive attitude. Learn more about how kids develop resilience at camp.

    Independence. No matter what kind of Sudbury camp you go to, you’ll have to make decisions on your own, set goals, and take responsibility for your actions. Parents throughout the ages agree that this is one of the most important and easily recognizable benefits of camp. Learn more about how camp helps kids develop independence

    Leadership development. All of the above are important leadership skills, of course, and every camp experience builds these skills. This is especially true the more often you go back. Campers learn to lead by example, delegate tasks, and help others. There are also camps that focus on leadership growth

    Appreciation of nature. In an era with increasing concerns about the impact we are having on the natural world, camp’s immersion in nature seems more critical than ever. This is just one more gift that parents give their kids when they go to camp. Sudbury camps induce a rich appreciation for nature, preserving the land, and protecting wildlife.

    Read a more indepth look at the benefits of summer camp or explore in photos and text, how summer camp changes kids

    How to find the right camp for our child

    When choosing among Sudbury camps, here’s a starter list of questions that will help you choose the right fit for your family.: 

    • Can the camp provide a sample schedule? How much time is spent on your child’s favourite activities? How will the camp’s activities benefit your child? 
    • How do counsellors and leaders deal with poor behaviour? Does the camp have counsellors trained in bullying prevention? Are counsellors all police-checked?
    • What is the policy with regard to food allergies and special diets? If your child has any allergies or diet considerations, how will this affect their experience? 
    • Can the camp provide testimonials from previous families or campers? You can look through reviews in the list of camps linked to above, also. Do reviews resonate with you?

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