Camp Northway/ Wendigo
  Looking for a camp in Algonquin Park? Camp Northway/ Wendigo offer a traditional program based on our wilderness setting of swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, arts & crafts, nature, dramatics and canoe trips.

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Algonquin Park camps offer arguably the quintessential summer camp experience: campfires, the tranquility of nature, canoeing and portaging, late night star-gazing... you'll create memories to last a lifetime, here! Camps listed below give kids a week or longer in the wilds of the Ontario north. Read more


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List of Algonquin Park camps and programs


Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   

Outward Bound Canada   
Outward Bound Canada provides challenging adventures in the outdoors across the country that develop self-respect, awareness of others, interpersonal skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

Riverdale, Toronto; North Toronto, Toronto; Algonquin Park
Adventure (multi)
  • Ages 12 to 99 (Coed, Girls, Boys)
  • Day, Overnight
  • from $375/week
Day, Overnight openCamp Coed, Girls, Boys 375 12-99 0 Riverdale, Toronto, Ontario, North Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Algonquin Park, Ontario
COVID-19 alert: Temporarily closed
Camp Northway/ Wendigo   
Northway, Canada's oldest summer camp for girls (age 7-16) and Wendigo, a small tripping outpost for boys (age 12-16) are located in the wilderness of Algonquin Park.

Algonquin Park
Traditional (multi activity)
  • Ages 7 to 16 ( Girls, Boys)
  • Overnight
  • from $1,063/week
Overnight Girls, Boys 1063 7-16 1 Algonquin Park, Ontario
Camp Pathfinder   
Est. 1914. A traditional boys' summer camp, island campus in Algonquin. Full in-camp program. Water, land and camp skills. Wilderness canoe trips, Spectacular setting. Exceptional staff. Positive masculine culture. Fun!

Algonquin Park
Traditional (multi activity)
  • Ages 7 to 16 ( Boys)
  • Overnight, family
  • from $1,000/week
Overnight, family openCamp Boys 1000 7-16 2 Algonquin Park, Ontario
Camp Tanamakoon   
This all girls summer camp located on its own lake in Algonquin Park offers a variety of camp activities, along with specialty programs for canoe tripping, mini camp and kindercamp! We offer a safe and fun adventure!

Algonquin Park
Traditional (multi activity)
  • Ages 4 to 16 ( Girls)
  • Overnight
  • from $2,900/session
Overnight openCamp Girls 2900 4-16 3 Algonquin Park, Ontario
COVID-19 alert: Temporarily closed
The Taylor Statten Camps   
Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo offer a balance of canoe tripping and programming. Activities include swimming, canoeing, arts & crafts, horseback riding, sailing and more. Canoe trips range in length from 2 to 50 days.

Algonquin Park
Traditional (multi activity)
  • Ages 6 to 16 ( Girls, Boys)
  • Overnight, family
  • from $950/session
Overnight, family Girls, Boys 950 6-16 4 Algonquin Park, Ontario

Key things to know about Algonquin Park summer camps for kids:

  • Activities you'll be able to participate in include canoeing, swimming, hiking, and campfires in the woods. That said, camps are not restricted to those typical summer camp activities.
  • Overnight camps like those here spark unique friendships. Attending a camp, your child will find him or herself in a structured environment, where they can meet kids from elsewhere in the province, or even from outside of Canada.
  • Alqonquin is home to a wide variety of wildlife. At night within the park, your child might very well hear coyotes yipping or wolves howling. It is quite common to see moose (sometimes up close) and bears are also not uncommon.

There are few better ways to truly foster independence at a young age than to attend an overnight kids' camp in a place like Algonquin.

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