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As children grow, their interests change of course, and by their nature, some camps are tailored to certain age groups (for example, teen travel camps). Sensitivity to age differences, though, is especially important at a young age. Finding the right camp for your child can be contingent on both parents and camps understanding emerging and prevalent characteristics related to the age and stage they are at.


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  • Early childhood: ages 4 to 6.
    At this stage, kids are developing their own personalities and emerging socially. Camp stokes and satisfies their young curiosity and introduces them to new activities and opportunities, among other benefits. Read more
  • Middle childhood: ages 7 to 9.
    Middle childhood is a time of continuing to figure out interests and developing talents. Children at this age are beginning to develop an independent sense of right and wrong, and camp can benefit this growth. Read more
  • The preteen years: ages 10 to 12.
    Preteens, aka tweens, are beginning to undergo the emotional and physical changes that will bring them into adulthood. Time at camp can help them begin to define and develop relationships with peers and further their growth into independence. Read more
  • Adolescence: ages 13 to 15.
    Young teenagers are continuing to explore the interests that will define their adult lives. Camp allows them to test some of their limits, experiment with roles and deepen their understanding of their relations with peers. Read more
  • Young adulthood: ages 16 and up.
    At this age, teenagers are beginning to look toward the world of work and career decisions. They have already discovered some limitations and time away at camp can help them learn even more and become more independent, while also offering a last hurrah of childhood. Read more

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