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Improve English as a Second Language skills at summer camp

ESL camps offer your son or daughter a unique opportunity to grow and learn. Away from home, interacting with peers, your child will certainly improve English speaking skills if that is the camp's focus. Some ESL camps may combine students from different nationalities, while others may focus on integration with native English speakers. Different camps offer different focuses, so be sure to investigate the listings below thoroughly, in order to find the camp best-suited to your child.


Sharpen ESL skills this summer

The great advantage to an English as a Second Language camp is that your child's understanding of English will not languish over the summer months but will actually continue to improve (as it does during the school year). The full immersion in a second language strengthens conversational usage, understandings of subtleties and idioms and encourages deep friendships with (English speaking) children.

At ESL Camps, campers will learn to:

  • use basic vocabulary
  • read books and materials that match their reading skill level
  • practice writing with short compositions about their experiences
  • employ listening and comprehension skills.
  • speak, write and read
  • use phrases in "everyday English"

If you are considering an ESL camp:

  • Be sure to mind the student-to-teacher ratio
  • Know and understand the qualifications of the camp leaders and instructors
  • Get references or other feedback on the camp

ESL camps are among the most popular camps today. The educational and recreational programs improve the participants' language skills and allow for an enjoyable experience. This is a new advanced concept of language learning that is a combination of education and amusement. Campers also get a chance to be immersed in the English language and culture while engaged in fun activities.

ESL camps in Canada and the northern United States are listed here 

Trust to help you find the summer camp just right for your family.

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