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Radiant Girls

5100 Appleby Line Burlington, Ontario, L7M 0P5 Locations: Hamilton, Virtual Program (view map)

7 to 16 (All Girls )
Day camp, Overnight camp, After-school / weekend classes, Family programs
$479 to $999


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Radiant Girls

Radiant Girls programs are designed to empower girls to be themselves and shine bright. Our camps and events combine fun wellness activities with empowering coaching to build positive self image, emotional intelligence and strong leadership skills. Activities: Youth Yoga, Meaningful Art, Outdoor Adventures, Cooking, Spa Self Care, Girls Team Building Games, & lots of Giggling.

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Available sessions:

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Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 13 - 16
CIT/LIT Program $449 to $499
5100 Appleby Line
Jul 02-04 $449 - $499
Wilderness Skills|Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Photo/Video|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Super Camp|Public Speaking/Debate|Writing / journalism|Mindfulness Training|Strength and Conditioning|Weight Loss Program|Hiking|Yoga
Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 7 - 12
Leadership $449 to $499
5100 Appleby Line
Jul 06-10 $449 - $499
5100 Appleby Line
Aug 10-14 $449 - $499
5100 Appleby Line
Aug 24-28 $449 - $499
Weight Loss Program|Mindfulness Training|Strength and Conditioning|Writing / journalism|Leadership training|Public Speaking/Debate|Social Justice/Empowerment|Hiking|Swimming|Yoga|Arts & Crafts|Photo/Video|Painting|Cooking|Drawing
Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 8 - 12
Cooking $429 to $479
5100 Appleby Line
Jul 13-17 $429 - $479
Baking/Decorating|Cooking|Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Photo/Video|Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Public Speaking/Debate|Writing / journalism|Mindfulness Training|Hiking
Overnight Camp
All Girls
Ages: 10 - 15
Leadership training $799 to $949
7098 Concession 1
Jul 20-24 $799 - $949
Weight Loss Program|Mindfulness Training|Strength and Conditioning|Writing / journalism|Leadership training|Public Speaking/Debate|Social Justice/Empowerment|Hiking|Yoga|Zip Line|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Photo/Video|Painting|Cooking|Drawing|Rope courses
Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 10 - 14
Leadership $599 to $649
5100 Appleby Line
Jul 27-31 $599 - $649
Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Photo/Video|Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Writing / journalism|Mindfulness Training|Strength and Conditioning|Weight Loss Program|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Yoga
Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 10 - 14
Leadership $449 to $499
5100 Appleby Line
Aug 17-21 $449 - $499
Arts & Crafts|Drawing|Painting|Photo/Video|Entrepreneurship|Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Super Camp|Public Speaking/Debate|Reading|Writing / journalism|Mindfulness Training|Hiking|Yoga

5100 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario
Other locations: Hamilton, Virtual Program

Radiant Girls
Radiant Girls
5100 Appleby Line Burlington, Ontario, L7M 0P5 logo

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Director's Message

Gina Faubert, Founder of Radiant Girls Programs


More about Radiant Girls & The Founder Gina Faubert 

Our girls programs are designed to fill the need of teaching our youth to love and nurture their body, develop inner strength, manage stress and worry productively, express themselves freely, build confidence to follow their dreams, and courage to be unique. 

The Radiant Girl's Leadership program begins with icebreakers, bonding, and the theme of the day.  This lesson is woven into a movement activity like yoga or pilates, then into an art project or  activity, followed by self reflection and a group share.  

These programs are taught by Gina Faubert a certified life coach, and yoga teacher, and wellness speaker.  Gina is the founder of Radiant Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to increasing girls self esteem and leadership, through health. Radiant Girls programs empower girls through coaching, camps, retreats and school seminars.

“As a child and young adult, I was blessed to have meet a number of fantastic coaches and mentors who supported me when I needed it most. I also was lucky to discover the mental-emotional benefits of movement. So today, I create environments that foster the same support I received, in hopes to empower young girls to find there own inner strength and become leaders in the world. Without the mentorship, skills, and confidence I received as a tween, my life would have been filled with constant stress, worry and fear. Kids desperately need to learn how to move their body, release stress, and know what empowerment feels like. More than ever our culture is void of these important skills. I believe girls who embrace these principles will be the leaders of tomorrow - and they will go on to inspire others!”

Girls will get the chance to experience a variety of fitness activities, like pilates, yoga, strength training, expressive dance, barre, and more. The art projects always involve meaningful and thought provoking self reflection activities like dream boards, painting, journals and meaningful jewelry. 

Each session is dedicated to a particular value, or life lesson.  The importance and impact of these lessons is discussed, followed by strategies and tools to implement it.  Our themes include strength, courage, leadership, independence, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, positive thinking, and self care.  Tools used in phycology, neurolinguistic programming, and coaching will be taught to provide the strategies to overcoming doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, insecurity and stress.  

We'll have group chats, and games to evoke a meaningful experience that empowers her future. Plus, Gina takes time to connect with each girl in the group and provide one-on-one coaching to ensure this truly is making a difference. 

Our programs will change the way your daughter sees the world, through tools and skills required to help her grow into a self-assured, healthy and loving young lady. 

Our Giving Back Programs:  

Every year we donate a few program spaces to Hamilton & Halton schools, and offer a few applicants a $375 voucher towards any one of our summer camps. If your school would like to be considered for one of our vouchers, please contact [email protected].

Camps, Retreats & Coaching

Aside from our Leadership Program, we also offer PA Day Retreats, Summer Camps, and Private Coaching. For more information or to reserve a space in one of our Girls programs, please contact Gina Faubert at [email protected] or 905 335-9591 or visit for details.


Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $479 to $999 /week

Scholarships & awards:

  • Giving Back Fund

    Amount: $375 Deadline: May 01, 2016 annually
    Type: Merit based
    Details: Campers requesting scholarship must send in a request and include an recent experience where they gave back to someone in need in there community. Photos, video or supporting documents explaining the event and the impact will contribute to who receives this scholarship. One day camp and one over night camp spot is available each summer.

    Application Details: Please email [email protected] for full an application.


Inspire Your Girl to Shine Proudly

Increase Your Daughter’s Self Esteem
By age 11, 65% of girls report being insecure and unhappy.  The pressures they face during this critical period can derail their self esteem and impact their future.  So, what can we do as parents to help increase our child’s self esteem?  

Combat Media with Truth
Limiting media may be helpful, but elimination is impossible.   Showing them before and after photos of magazine ads that have been photo-shopped is impactful. There are some great Youtube videos on this subject.  When girls see that much of what we see has been manipulated, they look at ads more objectively.  

Challenge Them
Great coaches believe that to build self esteem in a child, they must first be challenged, and then work to over come it.  Fitness provides great opportunities for attainable challenges.  Seeing a young girl smile when she realizes she’s getting stronger or stretching further is a proud moment.

Self Knowledge
Having your daughter ponder the life she’d like to create, what she is committed to, and what she won’t stand for are meaningful exercises for self reflection.  When girls know who they really are, they are less likely to be drawn into peer pressure, and worries about being accepted.  

Facilitating a strong foundation of critical thinking, self care, and self reflection are great ways to empower girls to transition into their teen years with the self esteem needed to be strong leaders!  

Gina Faubert, is a certified health & fitness coach, and founder of Serenity Valley Wellness Retreat in North Burlington.  The center specialize in Women’s Holistic Healthcare,  Weight Management, Detoxification, Fitness Classes, and Girls Wellness Camps. 


Help! My Kids a Picky Eater

Help! My Kid is a Picky Eater!

Parents are often shocked to learn daughter ate kale, avocado, quinoa, or cabbage at our camp and loved it.  In fact, the girls often beg for the recipes!  So what’s my secret?

I have spent hundreds of hours trying out kid-friendly recipes for superfoods.  Sometimes it’s the way it’s cooked or how it’s seasoned.  And I’m not talking cheese or ketchup.  Organic butter, sea salt, fresh herbs, and mild spices are great. Success with just a few recipes is all you need.

Appearance is key.  We make happy faces with our veggies, or hide greens is a purple smoothie.  The more colour the more nutrients. Have kids pick produce from the rainbow on your next grocery shop.  These make interesting veggie platters too!

Giving kids the responsibility to hold a knife or cook on the stove empowers them and to be proud of what they made.  Best of all, kids love to be taste testers, which prompts opportunities for many games for the pallet.

Tips to get Superfoods into your little ones:

Add spinach or kale to your berry smoothie and a little pomegranate to keep it purple
Rinse and toast quinoa first, then cook in a chicken broth to give it more flavour
Brussels sprouts are great raw, shredded up in a salad with dried cranberries
Add sea vegetables to any kind of soup for it minerals and remove before serving
Use avocado or cashews to make a creamy salad dressing

Gina Faubert is founder of Radiant Girls Camps.  They empower young girls to be healthy, happy and strong through yoga, art, cooking, spa activities, and mentoring.  To find out more about these programs visit or call (905) 335-9591. 


In the News

June 6, 2017 - New Teen Equine Leadership Program just Announced!!

Finally after a year of searching for the perfect place and professionals, we are finally hosting our first Teen Equine Leadership Program! ...

February 6, 2017 - Our Camp Lessons are Now Available in an After School Program

Radiant Girls is now offering Leadership Programs for Girls aged 9-13 this Spring in Burlington ON at Be Yoga & Wellness Studio. ...

February 29, 2016 - Upcoming Mom & Daughter PA Day Event

Join us for "girlie" activities like yoga, art, & spa activities and strategies for her respect, individuality, communication & influence. ...


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