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Radiant Girls

Radiant Girls Wellness Camp

Radiant Girls  []

Session Details:


Day Camp


Traditional (multi activity)

Age (Gender):

7 - 12 (All Girls)



Special needs support:

Not all campers have special needs

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Radiant Girls Camps

Radiant Girls is a unique Wellness Camp in a Retreat setting. Featuring Yoga and Pilates, Outdoor Excursions, Hands-On Cooking, Coaching for Confidence & Emotional Intelligence, Meaningful Expressive Art, Fun & Lots of Giggling.

Our girls programs are designed for the girl who wants to discover how to love and nurture the body, develop inner strength through movement and creativity, and find the courage to follow her passions.

Although each program we run is personally designed for the group, we follow 2 simple principles for empowerment: Everyone has inner wisdom that needs to be heard & trusted, and taking care of your body and emotions is the foundation for wellbeing. Our events focus on these core values: leadership, courage, kindness, gratitude, positive thinking, and self care, all the things that make a girl radiant.  

Although each week is different, we will be following a theme for each of the days in our summer camps. This will form the foundation for the activities and lessons we will be teaching each day. The themes include:

Inner Beauty Spa Day

Strong, Brave & Proud Divas

Creative Genius Self-Expressionist
One with Nature Goddesses

Nutritious & Delicious Culinary Queens 

What Makes Radiant Girls Special…

A day in the life of a Radiant Girl's camper looks like this... Activities include at least 2 hours of movement exposing girls to a variety of fitness activities, like pilates, yoga, zumba, nature hikes, and outdoor fun.

Girls will learn about nutrition through hands on, interactive cooking classes, making healthy food fun. We’ll make smoothies in the morning, a fabulous lunch, and an afternoon dessert each day.  Our cooking incorporates teamwork, creativity, and nutrition.  We will make everything from scratch, using local organic ingredients when possible.  All of our meals are kid friendly, and we can accommodate food allergies and preferences. 

The art projects always involve meaningful and thought provoking self reflection activities like dream boards, painting, journals and meaningful jewelry.  These art projects are designed to solidify new concepts, and changes in perspective from the day’s lessons/learning.

Our activities range from a professional ropes course, to board breaking, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, leadership games and team building events.  Each one of these activities is built on teaching choice, communication, resourcefulness, confidence, and life lessons.  

Our week will be based on the following themes: strength, courage, leadership, independence, kindness, gratitude, inspiration, positive thinking, self care, and all the things that make a girl radiant. 

Our program is designed to facilitate transformations in thinking, understanding, and unconscious behaviour.  Each activity has a purpose that leads to the next.  Some with more instruction for a specific outcome, others with less direction to support creative, independent thinking.   These experiences involve movement, games, group chats, guest visits, team building, and leadership activities.  Each one of these helps us to evoke an environment for rapport, trust, observation, questioning, creative thinking, discussion, and self refection.   

With all of this packed into a week, you can be confident that our camp will change the way your daughter sees the world, and delivers many of the tools and skills required to help her grow into a self-assured, healthy and loving young lady.

Camp includes fresh organic smoothies, lunch and snacks, all art supplies, an apron, and everything required for the fitness & yoga components, and the spa services. Food allergies can be accommodated during registration.

Spaces fill up fast! We recommend you reserve your space before May 15th. If your thinking about our camp, we can hold a space for you for 7 days. Our camps size is very small. Our groups range from 12-18 with 3-4 staff for each week.

Who Attends Radiant Girls Programs

These programs where designed because we meet far too many girls who seemed to be happy go lucky girls on the surface but once we got to know them, we discovered there was something more impacting there ability to thrive.  Some of the girls who attend our programs suffer from anxiety, depression, or poor self confidence.  Some really struggle with making friends, trusting others or communicating easily.  Others have anger or resentment bottled up.  The transition from child to young adult is a tough one.  Girls are stumbling through this stage learning how to relate to themselves and the world around them with little skills and often times no self awareness.  All of these hot topics are incorporated into our teachings, providing strategies and awareness to overcome their limiting thoughts.  

We consistently get calls and emails before camp with concerns about their child being shy, anxious, withdrawn, or picky about eating.  We have develops great strategies over the past 8 years to address these concerns on day 1, so that everyone is comfortable and happy right from the start! 

Our Team

Our team of leaders consists of a professional coach, child therapist, and a mindfulness expert.  We also bring in leaders who have been trained to support our group with special training in wellness, leadership, or camp skills.  Visit our team webpage to find out more about who we are and our credentials.

We have a minimum ratio of 1:6 in our programs at low times, however during activities our average the ratio is 1:4.  In addition, we provide each girl with one on one coaching during the week.  

What Will She Do at Camp?

She'll become soul sisters with a small group of incredible girls. She will explore, laugh, contemplate and bend. She'll spend time in nature, and find her inner strength. She will taste new things, try new ways of moving, and express herself in ways she never imagined.

Most days begin with a yummy smoothie and a discussion on our daily positive focus. Next we’ll head out for our morning adventure to enjoy the beauty of the escarpment or head upstairs to take part in a yoga or pilates class. After a delicious lunch that we create, we’ll have a fun discussion about food, relationships, or emotions. In the afternoon we’ll come together for project time, usually an art project that gives you a chance to learn more about yourself through creative expression. We’ll finish the day with another experiential activity to further solidify our daily theme. The day concludes with a handmade healthy treat. But most importantly, throughout the day, we’ll revel in just being girls.


Each week our offerings change based on the needs of the group, guest speakers, and creative ideas from our students and staff. Here is just a list of some of the amazing things we’ve incorporated at previous camps:

Splatter paint party

Partner yoga
Manicures and pedicures

Learning how to meditate


Hiking and nature exploration
Making smoothies, lunches, tea parties, and desserts
Journal creation, and writing
Pilates, yoga, zumba classes 

Board breaking


Releasing Chinese lanterns

Team obstacle courses 

Making a movie
Chocolate facials

Dream boards
Bracelet making
Photo shoot
Inspirational special guests
Skin care rituals with an esthetician

Wildlife demonstrations

Organic Farm tours

More about Radiant Girls Philosophy & Teachings:

Self Image

Even though young girls today seem to have more opportunities, many girls are less confident, happy and satisfied with their lives. And it's no wonder – girls are constantly given the message by media that they don't measure up. The resulting pressure and negative reinforcement they face during this critical period in their lives can derail their self-esteem and judgment and shake the foundation of their future. During our movement component we spend a great deal of time discussing self talk, loving what you've got, and achieving personal bests.


In our weekly camps, we work to uncover each girl’s true passions, discover the values they have created, and the beliefs that are currently limiting them. Through group coaching, journaling, and self reflection exercises, girls develop a better understanding of who they really are and how to stay true to themselves. These strategies are based on Coach U's (the top coaching school) philosophy's on developing confidence, empowering beliefs, and smart goal setting. The intent is to help each Radiant Girl transition into their teen years with strong communication and leadership skills.

Healthy Relationships 

Through a variety of activities designed to help the girls learn more about themselves and their emotions, the girls will also learn to build healthy relationships. We'll discuss the importance and value of creating healthy relationships, and we'll experiment with skills and actions that teach young minds how to nurture relationships so they can grow and flourish. We will weave these discussions in our activities, and provide a forum to discuss issues (one-on-one or in a group) that are important to the girls.

Self Discovery 

As we integrate the message of a healthy mind, body and soul through the week, we’ll have the girls explore their thoughts and feelings through scrapbooking, journal writing, creative art activities, photography, and crafts. This creative expression component allows them to reflect, and listen to their inner voice. Coaching tools and techniques will be used to open them up to new ideas and discoveries that are unfolding daily.


Through research based education, we will explore growing food, preparing nutritious meals, and trying new foods. Each day will consist of a visit to the garden to pick foods that we will include in our lunch. Girls will help to prepare the meal, while the nutritionist leads them through cooking tips and techniques. The group will sit down and enjoys their meal together, and discusses the nutritional value and importance of eating well. Juicing, sprouting, smoothies, and healthy snacks are often part of this program. Our goal with nutrition is to expose girls to new and healthy options, and have them discover a love for nutritious foods. Our lunches resemble a buffet style approach so they can pick and choose from a variety of options. We take great pride at the end of the week to winning over even the pickiest of eaters. Based on the requests of previous camp attendees, we now send our recipes home with each girl.


There is a strong physical component to our camps. Each day the group will be involved in at least 2 hours of structured activity. We’ll try to spend as much of it outdoors as possible. Hiking the bruce trail, a visit to a local organic farm, spending some time in our vegetable garden, or participating in an outdoor fitness class are just some of the activities we have planned! Indoors girls will get a chance to try pilates, use bosu's,

bands, balls, and rollers and learn about their core, posture and balance. We’ll have a yoga class component to improve flexibility, improve mental focus, and relieve stress. We’ll shatter some preconceived ideas about what they like, how it feels to be a leader and what they really feel about their amazing bodies. Our activities are always centered around feeling safe, comfortable with the exercises, and testing the boundaries to discover new personal bests. This component is guaranteed to inspire girls to get involved in a regular exercise program following the camp.

Stress Management 

In a world full of multi media, technology, working parents, school pressures, social pressures, and busy schedules, it’s no wonder our young girls are in need of tools and techniques to unplug from the world. These camps will help to teach them about relaxation, breathing, meditation, self care, and relationship strategies to better deal with the difficulties that come with being a girl. These skills will be extremely valuable for the years ahead. We will introduce them to being mindful of their thought patterns, how to quiet the mind, and introduce them to the many forms of meditation. Our favourite is the gratitude meditation, that teaches them to contemplate all that they have to be thankful for.

Creative Arts 

Each day the girls will have some time to play with a project that allows them to express themselves. The activity will be guided with questions to encourage self refection, expression, and focus. Each day will be filled with a new art project. Here are just some of the activities they will be involved in: create dream boards, make meaningful jewelry, design a personal journal, create treasure boxes, design a family gratitude game, personalize an apron and so much more.

Food Philosophy 

Our nutrition philosophy is grounded in the latest health research. Our food program will revolve around whole foods with a focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat. We will limit our intake of dairy, grains and sugars and encourage minimal use of processed and refined foods. We are mindful that young palates need familiar foods. And we are aware that food likes and dislikes are sometimes stressful situations. We accommodate picky eaters with lots of choices at each meal, and have great strategies and games for trying new foods. We are proud to say that we have never had someone go hungry because they did not find something yummy to fill their belly. In fact, the recipes we use at camp are requested by just about every child at the end of the week. We love great food and we want girls to love it too!


Additional Support Before & After Camp

For most girls attending our camp, this will be the first time staying overnight with a group of people they don't know.  Often times the hardest part of this kind of camp is overcoming the fear of the first day.  For this reason we will be providing a tour of the facility in June, and a live group call “meet & greet” to go over the essentials to pack, and prepare for a fabulous week.  The tour and call will take place in early June. 

It's been our experience, that encouraging healthy eating, and positive lifestyle choices is better received when it comes from an outside source. Once a safe, comfortable environment has been established, young girls tend to open up and be more responsive to us. During camp we encourage self awareness and examining new perspectives.  Sometimes changing thinking and behaviours takes time, and support is needed to fully integrate new learnings.  If you feel your girl would benefit from private coaching, these can be arranged following our camp experience.  These sessions can be done in person, or over live camera calls. 


For more information or to reserve a space in one of our Girls Wellness Camps please download a registration package or contact Gina: [email protected] or 905 335-9591. Please indicate the week you'd like to book, along with your daughters name and age.  *Registration is complete when your registration package and payment has been received.

Campership Fund & Sponsors

Every year we offer campers a credit of $375 towards a day camp program, and an overnight retreat.  Campers requesting this scholarship must send in a request and include an recent experience where they have given back to someone in need in their community.  Photos, short video or supporting documents explaining the event and the impact  it has had will contribute to who receives this scholarship.  The camper and/or a family member should also include some information about why this program is of interest to them. 

We regularly have people in our community who want to support us in creating these amazing experiences for girls.  These people believe in what we do, and want to be a part of uplifting our girls with us.  These special people sponsor a few girls each summer to attend one of our events.   If you know a girl who would greatly benefit from our program, but may not have the financial means to attend, please reach out to us.  We may be able to send her to camp!

More info can be found at


Request information

Session Dates & Locations:

Burlington, ON
5100 Appleby Line
Jul 15-19, 2019 $429 - $479
Burlington, ON
5100 Appleby Line
Aug 19-23, 2019 $429 - $479
  • Session starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:45 pm.
  • Before care is available starting at 8:30 am (fee extra). After care is available ending at 4:15 pm (fee extra).

Special Needs Support: (Not all campers have special needs)

Mild Support       Specialized programming

  • Troubled Teens
Mild Support       Specialized programming

Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Hiking
  • Leadership training
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Painting
  • Photo/Video
  • Public Speaking/Debate
  • Social Justice/Empowerment
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Swimming
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Writing / journalism
  • Yoga
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