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  • Type:
    Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
  • Focus:
  • Cost:
    $150 to $450/program
  • Ages:
    8 to 18
  • Gender:
    Coed, All Girls
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
  • Programs:
    0 available; 32 TBD
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  • Summary Profile

    York University; Science Engagement answered our questions

    Who are you as an organization?

    Science Engagement Programs offers innovative and engaging programs designed to inspire youth to discover exciting topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Based out of York University's Faculty of Science, our programs use a discovery and inquiry-based learning approach that is focused on ‘learning by doing’.

    • Special needs: Yes, mild support.
      A few of our campers have special needs.

    What do you do differently or uniquely well?

    This information is not available.

    Who are your staff and counsellors?

    This information is not available.

    What do families need to know about registration?

    This information is not available.

    York University; Science Engagement - profile photo

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; York University; Science Engagement currently has 0 program available; 32 TBD.

    Filter activities :

    Animation|Technology|Web Design|Video Game Design|Engineering|Nature/Environment|Marine Biology|Robotics|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 15 - 18
    Science (multi), Medical Science
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 13 - 17
    Animals, Science (multi)
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Nature/Environment|Animals|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Space|Zoology|STEAM|STEM
    Math|Nature/Environment|Public Speaking|Animals|Marine Biology|Safari|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Medical Science|Safari|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 15 - 18
    Science (multi), Health Science
    Math|Public Speaking|Health Science|Medical Science|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 11 - 15
    Science (multi), STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Space|STEM
    Math|Health Science|Medical Science|Safari|Zoology|STEM
    Gaming|micro:bit|Python|Scratch|Robotics|Technology|Video Game Design|Video Game Development|Web Design|Web Development|Math|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 14 - 17
    Medical Science, Health Science
    Math|Health Science|Medical Science|Safari|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 9 - 11
    Programming (multi), Computer (multi)
    Gaming|micro:bit|Arduino|Python|Scratch|Technology|Video Game Design|Web Design|Web Development|Engineering|STEAM|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Technology|Virtual Reality|Math|Nature/Environment|Health Science|Medical Science|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 15 - 18
    Education (multi), Science (multi)
    Math|Health Science|Medical Science|STEM
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)|micro:bit|Arduino|Python|Scratch|Technology|Video Game Design|Web Design|Web Development|Engineering|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 14 - 17
    Science (multi), Health Science
    Math|Public Speaking|Health Science|Medical Science|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Robotics|Technology|Math|Nature/Environment|Animals|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Safari|Space|Zoology|STEM
    Math|Health Science|Medical Science|Safari|Zoology|STEM
    Math|Health Science|Medical Science|STEM

    Financial Aid & Payment Details

    Payment Options:

    Credit card payment Yes

    Scholarships & awards:

    • Financial Assistance Program

      Amount: 95% Deadline: Rolling annually
      Type: Need based
      Details: Legal guardians of children and youth who wish to register for a Science Engagement program are eligible to apply for a bursary. All applications will be assessed based on financial need and in accordance to Science Engagement Programs' Bursary Policy. While all eligible applications will be considered, the highest priority will be given to applications that have not received funding from the program in the past and that demonstrate financial need. Please note that applications that have previously received two bursaries from Science Engagement Programs within the most recent five-year period of application will not have their applications assessed on a rolling basis. Those applications will only be assessed after the first application deadline has passed and if funding remains for that program.
      Application Details: Complete application with supporting documents
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of York University; Science Engagement

    our take

    Science Engagement sessions engage with the outcomes of the provincial curriculum, extending them in a range of meaningful ways, through hands-on, cooperative learning. Students also work within a professional setting, and learn from student leaders that themselves are working in those fields throughout the year. The facilities, as you’d expect, are exceptional—a majority of the sessions take place within Faculty of Science at the Keele Campus of York University—as is the organization of the programs and sessions.

    Three Things: York University; Science Engagement
    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at York University; Science Engagement

    Review(s) of York University; Science Engagement

    Read all 15 reviews

    Anonymous Student (Alum)Why I Keep Coming Back

    I love the interaction with the instructors and love the fun atmosphere. That's why I come back year after year.

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Online Flight Academy Camp

    The Flight Academy online camp has been the best extra-curricular online program my son has joined so far (and he's joined many!) He's been eager to get online and see what you'd be doing every day. The facilitators are very well prepared, engaging, explaining in just the right amount of detail and "seeing" and encouraging every kid's contributions. He's learned a good amount of science, and he's been flying rockets in our backyard all week. Thank you, you are amazing ... Read More

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Online Summer 2020 Programs

    Your camps are just fantastic! Educational and fun, best we've found out there. Congratulations and Thank You!

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Online Summer 2020 Programs

    The program was fantastic - my son was familiar with Arduino and had been using code from a book to do projects already. However, with your program, he said he really understood how to code on his own! He enjoyed each day and already asked if there’s a next level he can sign up for! Would be fantastic if you had a continuation ... Read More

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Online Summer 2021 Programs

    Kudos to you and your team on a successful summer! Great work on the engaging sessions where the staff were very professional and also equally charismatic and where guest speakers were very relevant and informative. [My Child] spoke very highly of the person who had worked to provide COVID vaccines this year, and also spoke of all the anecdotes of the speakers, and also the lead students; he recalled fondly current and past years' speakers and team leaders of the sessions, such as the nursing speakers and other students who instructed these sessions both this current and last year. Also, great work on the pre-planning of the experiments (what a great box of experiments, stickers/ baggies/ notes, and organization of all the materials!!!) and the early follow-ups with participants and parents to gauge how the sessions were progressing (online and with the students directly).Your team surpassed itself this year, despite the many challenges of schedules, the virtual context and all the uncertainty that COVID brought to the sessions both last year and this year ... Read More

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Pandemic Learning

    Exactly what my child needed after a long year of distance learning from the pandemic... He's re-inspired and excited about learning. Thanks!

    Anonymous Parent (Parent)Fantastic Instructors

    I just want to say a big thank you to you and your instructors Justin and Vanessa. This is the best virtual camp that our children have attended so far! ... The instructors are constantly engaging the students and making sure they are understanding and following the instructions, and of course, the instructors were being extremely patient and helpful. They kept reminding the students that it’s ok to make mistakes and we may not get things perfect the first time. They are always encouraging the kids to try their best and praising them when they have good attitudes. It was a great learning experience and the kids had fun! Thank you ... Read More

    Anonymous Student (Camper)Connecting with Mentors

    This is my first time doing this camp and I really enjoyed it! The camp counsellors were VERY nice and friendly! They made this camp a lot of fun and enjoyable! It was also really nice to meet a University student, Marishia, who has similar career path ideas as me and answered my questions about it as well. Thank you for an awesome week! ... Read More

    Anonymous Student (Camper)Will Definitely Come Back!

    Thanks you so much. This program was really fun and I will definitely come back ;) The camp instructors where very engaging and made the game just that much more fun. They listen to everything I had to say and gave me feedback based on what I was doing. I would rate them 11/10. Thanks, so much ... Read More

    Anonymous Student in Pathobiology and Microorganisms (Camper)Research Course Student Review

    Through the research course that I took at [Science Engagement], I learned a great deal. It provided me with the opportunities to learn more complicated and challenging concepts that I desire and it was really nice meeting and working with like-minded peers. It also gave me more insight into what it would be like to student science in university, and has helped me with making decisions concerning my future. ... Read More

    Anonymous student in Marine Biology (Camper)Research Course Student Review

    I had a great experience at [Science Engagement Programs]. The course was very interesting and I not only go tot learn the material, but had the chance to have hands-on experience. This course was a lot more than I was expecting. The instructor was very helpful and interesting and did a great job of teaching the course in a way in which we could learn easily. Many of the questions I came here with have been answered ... Read More

    Anonymous Student (Camper)Discussion with Friends

    It was an amazing journey and I loved every minute of it. It didnt even feel like a classroom, more like a friendly discussion with my friends. I learned so much and Im never gonna forget this.

    Anonymous Student (Camper)My Favourite Thing...

    [My favourite thing about camp was...] that my enstroters were very nice and helped me when had a qwesten. -- Camper, aged 8 years

    Anonymous Student (Camper)Love it Too Much

    I want to say keep it how it is I love this program just leave it I love it to much for u to change it

    Anonymous Student (Camper)Online Summer 2021 Space Science camp

    This program was very exciting and entertaining and I learned a lot of new things! My instructors were very nice and helpful whenever I had difficulty doing something. This program was amazing and I honestly couldn't think of anything that could have made this program better. Thank you for an amazing week at Space Science Camp! ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Bathurst Manor/Clanton Park, Toronto
    334 Lumbers Building , 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3
    Sentinel Park, Toronto
    334 Lumbers Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3


    Sleeping Accommodations

    • Dorm or Building


    • Electricity in Sleeping Area
    • Shower in Sleeping Area
    • Toilet in Sleeping Area

    Washrooms Facilities

    • Flush Toilets
    • Showers (indoor)

    More details about accommodations: Residence option available for high school programs only. Students staying in residence will be provided with a meal card and will have the opportunity to participate in trips across the GTA.

    Is York University; Science Engagement technology free? Please note that we encourage campers to leave all electronic game devices at home, as we are not responsible if they are lost. If your child carries a cell phone with them, we ask that it be put on vibrate during camp hours.

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Cora Reist and Kimberly Tran, Manager, Science Engagement Programs
    OCT certified

    Dear Friends,

    We are thrilled that you are considering Science Engagement Programs for your child! We have had an exciting journey as we pivoted to meet the needs of our little Science Engagement community. We have introduced our online STEM programs, in the form of week-long camps, weekly STEM Clubs, and now online March Break workshops to amazing reviews:

    • This is my first course I have ever taken at York during the summer. I thought this program was great and i enjoyed it very much. It was much more than I expected. Thank you for the experience. -- Participant, Human Anatomy 2022
    • My child was excitedly... concentrating on the experiment at hand with a focus I hardly see during the summer, all the while having fun! She has developed an enthusiasm for science experiments and plans to continue on her own. -- Parent, Body Systems 2022
    • I found visiting the human anatomy lab and talking to the kinesiology professor very informative and insightful, and... very beneficial in inspiring students to study human anatomy in university. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience as I adjusted to dissecting specimens, as well as developed my understanding of animal/human physiology and anatomy. Both the instructor and counselor were very enthusiastic and friendly which made the camp experience more engaging, and the small number of campers allowed the experience to also become more friendly and comfortable. I hope that the human anatomy course will continue to take place in future summers so that my sibling and friends can attend this camp as well. I am very grateful for being able to attend this summer camp and will recommend it to others. -- Participant, Human Anatomy 2022
    • My son loved the camp and wished we found this camp sooner. He will definitely be returning next summer. this is an absolutely wonderful idea and great space for children to explore. I wish they had camps like this for adults :) The staff was wonderful with him. He felt comfortable. -- Parent, STEM Camp 2022
    • This was a very fun program and I enjoyed it a lot, the councilors and instructor were welcoming, friendly, nice and funny. There were many interesting projects to do. Overall, I would recommend and come back. I look forward to seeing other councilors and instructors soon at other YU camps! Have a nice rest of your summer! -- Participant, Animals and Veterinary Science 2022
    • I really enjoyed the camp and the lessons, they were so educational! And the projects really associated with the lessons and deepened my understanding of them! I really enjoyed the camp. -- Participant, Infection and Immunity 2022
    • Because of this camp I want to become a CT/trauma surgeon. -- Participant, Mini-Med School 2022


    ​We couldn't say it better ourselves!

    We are working with the University to return to a full in-person program on the York University Keele Campus once again during Summer 2023, in addition to our online STEM Camp programs. More information about our Summer 2023 camp offerings will be posted at the end of February. Thank you for your patience and consideration, and we hope to see you soon!


    Cora and Kimberly

    Managers, Science Engagement Programs

    In the News

    September 30, 2021
    Boo Bubbles Experiment on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet

    Ziya Tong, co-host of Daily Planet, and Cora Reist, Manager of Science Engagement Programs, demonstrate a dry ice Boo Bubble experiment... Read More

    November 27, 2018
    Budding young scientists will enjoy YorkU's Science Saturdays

    Explore topics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at York Science Saturdays for students in grade 3 to 8.... Read More


    • Helix Summer Science Institute Parent Reviews
      • "I have never seen my son come home so excited by everything he did during the day. Not only was the camp a tremendous amount of fun, but it was educational at the same time, covering things far more professionally and at a more advanced level than he would ever cover in school at his level. I am completely impressed by the depth of knowledge that comes out of this camp." - Anonymous Parent
      • "My son attended the AI program and he enjoyed it a lot. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, the facility was great, the team were friendly and organized and more than anything it was all about learning. My son found this program very educational and informative and was very happy to select this course. Thank you Helix team for offering such a wonderful program. This program makes a difference in our community as it builds and prepares our youth for future. We will definitely return and strongly recommend this program!" - Anonymous Parent
      • "My son learned a lot in his 2 weeks at Helix. The first week, he came home telling me all about proteins and some things he learned about medications and titration. Impressive! In the second week, he learned some university level math that helped him design a computer game. He was very excited about this field and even worked till 11 pm on night on his game design!" - Anonymous Parent
    • Helix Summer Science Institute Student Reviews
      • "The participants of the course were like-minded individuals who were genuinely interested in the subject at hand. The teachers were great at feeding us knowledge and the fast-paced dynamic learning environment was fit for students to thrive in. The course was the perfect combination of lecture-based and hands-on learning. The experience was quite unique to the typical high school learning atmosphere. It was refreshing to be surrounded by people who were passionate about teaching & learning science." - Anonymous Student
      • "The only camp where I made aspirin and conducted the Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Thin-Layer Chromatography. 11/10 worth breaking the scale. - Raf, student in Medical Pharmacology
      • "It was very good as the teacher was great, and the material was taught in a way that grabs the attention of someone. I especially enjoyed the sports and feminism topics on Wednesday as they provided helpful insight on how to calculate things such as weighted average or using venn diagrams to solve word problems." - Anonymous Student
      • The teacher made sure that the environment was friendly and comfortable for everyone (huge shoutout to Andrew). When one of our feeder fish died, he played a sad song as he dramatically threw the fish into the garbage and as he did that, some students were laughing while others were pretending to cry. In that moment I saw how comfortable the class was with each other and the teacher. We forgot to take pictures throughout the week so in the last day Andrew was staging pictures and the whole class was joking around (this was the best day). This program helped me understand "deeper" marine biology and therefore giving me an idea of how it would be to work as a marine biologist. There were plenty of hands-on experiments (which the whole class enjoyed). - Anonymous Student in Marine Biology
    • Science Explorations Summer Camp Parent Reviews
      • "A mix of hands-on experience and lectures, this unique introduction to the medical field beats all our expectations! It is one-of-a-kind, this seems to be the only camp that really talks about medicine and sciences which is fantastic! Coming home from camp, my children go on and on about what they've learned and they talk about how they can discuss science with counselors who are studying science in university. My children will continue to delve into their science interests every summer with York University's camps." - Anonymous Parent about Mini-Med Camp
      • "My daughter's main focus is dance. It's all she cares about. Wasn't sure how she much she would enjoy Mini Med 2.0. She was hooked from the first day. It was refreshing to hear her talk about everything she learned and how much fun she had!" - Anonymous Parent about Mini-Med Camp
      • "Biophysics of physical therapy camp was a wonderful experience for my daughter - being a young athlete and gaining this knowledgeable is crucial. She is excited to come back for the mini meds and pharmaceutical ones as well to continue to grow her skills and interest in post-secondary studies. Thank you" - Anonymous Parent about Biophysics of Physical Therapy (All-Girls camp)
      • "Without exaggeration, this was a life changing week for our daughter. She arrived with a curious spark about science and left with a brightly burning passion. Her instructors Vanessa and Vanessa inspired her like no other educators. She would leave camp totally energized. Some nights she spent 2 hours recreating her day and sharing what she had learned. Then she would spend another couple of hours researching sigma and pi bonds, chemical reactions and brainstorming ideas for next year's science fair. This was the summer camp she had been wanting her whole life to be part of. It wouldn't surprise me if years from now she will look back on this week and the impact it had on her" - Anonymous Parent
      • "My son came home happy every day after camp telling us all the different things he learned. He asked to come back next year and that says a lot. He was engaged, informed and interested in learning more. We are happy we chose your camp for him." - Anonymous Parent
    • Spark Lab Program Reviews
      • "My child had an amazing time at the spark lab program, she would always come and tell me the many things she'd learned that day. This program I find is very engaging to her and I would recommend going next year." - Anonymous Parent
      • "I really enjoyed how engaging the program was. I personally love science and to have myself immersed into the world of Science was fascinating, and at such a young age too." - Anonymous Student
      • "This experience at Spark lab program was phenomenal. It was greater than I expected, I learned so much without realizing and I gained a great passion regarding science. All in all it was very enjoyable and I would come back next year!" - Anonymous Student in Nutrition Science


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