Taekwondo classes

Taekwondo lessons and programs for kids

What is taekwondo for kids? In a taekwondo class, your child will receive training from certified instructors. They’ll also have the opportunity to interact and learn with kids of similar ages and levels. All in all, this can a great way for your child to expand their horizons.


What will my child learn in a taekwondo class?

Taekwondo classes for kids teach basic self-defence. They also teach specific fighting techniques, such as punching, kicking, striking, and blocking. In addition, your child will learn some of the basic principles of taekwondo, including focus, discipline, self-control, patience, perseverance, and modesty.

Like other martial arts classes and sports camps, taekwondo can be a great way for your child to improve their physical fitness, strength, and gross motor skills. But it can also improve your child’s confidence, sense of self, and physical and mental health. And finally, taekwondo classes can be interesting, challenging, and fun.

What types of taekwondo classes are there?

There are taekwondo classes for kids of different ages and skill levels. For instance, there are toddler classes, classes for three year-olds (sometimes called "tiny tiger" or "tiny tot" classes), and classes for older kids, such as preteens and teenagers.

As far as levels go, there are plenty of taekwondo lessons for beginners (for those who have no experience with taekwondo). But there are also lessons for kids at the intermediate and advanced levels (who have taken lessons in the past).

At each level, kids can receive a taekwondo belt reflecting their level of proficiency. These belts range from white belt—for beginners—to black belt—for experts.

Taekwondo classes might take place after school, at night, or on the weekend. They also might take place during the summer as part of a camp program, or during winter or March or holiday breaks.

You should look for a taekwondo program that’s the right fit for your child. This means finding a program that’s suitable to their level, fits your family schedule, and is consistent with your goals (and your child’s goals).

Above, we list taekwondo classes and lessons in Canada, including in Toronto, Guelph, Orangeville, and Ottawa, Ontario. Find a taekwondo class near you.

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