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Focus Learning Academic Centre

Focus Learning is a leading academic centre with exceptional programs in STEM and language. This summer, we are offering exciting specialized and intensive programs for each student’s areas of interest. Campers to teacher ratio is below 8:1. In these immersive environments with our experienced and certified teachers and counsellors, the only limit is your child’s imagination!

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Shelly Zheng founded Focus Learning in 2010 with a group of passionate educators who shared her perspective on teaching and mentorship. The key approach taken is based in the belief that by sparking curiosity around the core content, rather than just disseminating it, teachers can more meaningfully engage students as active, motivated learners. It’s style of learning that posits students as equals, in an environment of equals. Further, it’s not about marks so much as  growing each child's personal relationship with learning. In the years since it began, Focus Learning has grown to comprise a series of afterschool, weekend, and camp programs, offered out of three locations: North York, Don Mills, and Markham. There are courses based in STEM concepts, including robotics and programming, as well as the core curricula, but Zheng was keen also to build out the full range of curricular areas. Some programs, such as BizKids, are unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. All sessions are crafted to offer students opportunities to engage their core talents and interests in an environment that supports and prizes them. Adoption of leading edge programs, such as the Beast Academy math curriculum, is indicative of the desire to continually develop best practices and to use them to full advantage.

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Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 12
Robotics $0 to $380
Robotics|ESL|Engineering|Instructor lead (one on one)|Instructor lead (group)|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Soccer|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Track and Field|Yoga|Video Game/Web Design|Technology|Animation / 3D design|Web design/development|Computer programming
Day Camp
Ages: 6 - 7
Computer (multi) $380 to $380
Robotics|ESL|Engineering|Instructor lead (one on one)|Instructor lead (group)|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Soccer|Volleyball|Sports-Instructional and Training|Track and Field|Yoga|Video Game/Web Design|Technology|Animation / 3D design|Web design/development|Computer programming
Day Camp
Ages: 6 - 12
Public Speaking/Debate $380 to $380
Instructor lead (group)|Public Speaking/Debate
Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 9
Traditional (multi activity) $380 to $380
Computer programming|Technology|Instructor lead (group)|LEGO|Robotics|STEM
Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 12
ESL $380 to $380
Instructor lead (group)|ESL
Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 12
Traditional (multi activity) $420 to $420
Leadership training
Day Camp
Ages: 6 - 12
Math $380 to $380
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 15
Public Speaking/Debate $380 to $380
Leadership training|Public Speaking/Debate
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 15
Computer programming $420 to $420
Computer programming|Technology
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 15
Traditional (multi activity) $380 to $380
Language Studies|Writing / journalism
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 15
Computer programming $420 to $420
Computer programming|Technology
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 15
Entrepreneurship $420 to $420
Entrepreneurship|Financial Literacy|Leadership training|Skilled Trades Activities

41 Scarsdale Road, Unit 7&8, North York, Ontario
Other locations: Don Mills, Markham


Focus Learning Academic Centre
Focus Learning Academic Centre
41 Scarsdale Road, Unit 7&8 North York, Ontario, M3B 2R2
Contact name:
Shelly Zheng

Phone number:
(416) 519-3285×
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Director's Message


Shelly Zheng, Director / Founder

Today, most kids see school and learning as a burden – a chore that they have to do before being allowed to play with their iPads. I believe that by sparking children's innate curiosity, by channelling their imaginations towards the infinite horizon of possibility, learning can be regarded – not only as fun, but as fundamental.

Fostering life-long learners was the reason I founded Focus Learning. Teaming up with a group of passionate and professional educators, we instituted a series of “Edu-tainment” programs that facilitate substantive learning in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Our small class sizes allow teachers the chance to give individualized attention to each student – allowing for their progress and success.

In all candidness, sometimes I feel as though I have one of the best jobs in the world. Seeing a child's face light up – full of brightness, full of life, full of wonder and curiosity – is not just a reward to educators, but to our global community.

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $304 to $600 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 2


Discount if paid early 10%
Discount for 2nd child $25
Discount for 3rd child $25
Discount for 4th child $25

Scholarships & awards:
Total annual scholarship fund: $180 CAD

  • Camper of the Year Award

    Amount: 50% Deadline: Rolling
    Type: Merit based
    Details: Camper of the Year should have been enrolled for at least half of the summer and have the following qualities: respectful, helpful, caring, excellent team work and creative.

    Application Details: Email [email protected] to apply.

Stories & Testimonials


A Story About Jacob Zhang expand

A Story About Jacob Zhang 

Focus Learning Summer Camp is a wonderful experience for all young learners. We know this professionally – as a leading afterschool centre and effective Summer Camp for over 7 years. On countless arrival days, we greeted many cautious, apprehensive, and wide-eyed new campers. Nine weeks later, we wave goodbye to confident and happy young students. This summer, Focus Learning had the pleasure of working with numerous international students from all over the globe. One student, in particular, who stayed with us for all nine weeks of summer camp, experienced a remarkable transformation. 

Jacob Zhang, a six-year-old newcomer from China, took ESL and Robotics camp programs this summer. Coming from a different culture, Jacob spoke very little English and had-a hard time following instructions. This led to a series of behavioural issues.  At the start of the Summer, he was causing so much disruption to the camp that some teachers wanted to dismiss him. When Jacob was told by the principle that his behaviour was leading to a permanent dismissal, his reaction to leaving was sincere and reflective. Jacob did not want-to leave the camp and took steps toward trying his best and following the teacher's instructions. 

As camp went on,  Jacob spent his days engaged and challenged in a number of play-based activities that led to many positive changes within his character. Jacob's love for baseball and his high energy was centred into Focus Learning's outdoor activity time, where Jacob made new friends and changed physically. His transformation is shared among staff member as-the positive memory and a reminder of the impact Summer Camp makes. Jacob parents inform us that he will be returning to Summer Camp 2019 to expand his love for learning at Focus Learning. We look forward to to-yet another successful year of happiness and growth.


Focus Learning's First Annual Spelling Bee!expand

In the beginning of the year, many of our students disliked spelling and dreaded spelling tests in school and at Focus. In November they demonstrated a HUGE transformation by proudly standing in front of their friends and family to participate in the SPELLING BEE at Focus Learning! Win or lose, we are SO proud of all that our students accomplished by preparing for, and competing in, the Spelling Bee. Special thanks to our MPP David Zimmer for preparing an inspirational welcome speech and certificates for our students!!


A Focus Learning Experienceexpand

My name is Lucy. I'm in grade 5. I moved to Canada 6 months ago. I started taking classes at Focus Learning one month after I moved here. I take Art, Science, Robotics, and Writing at Focus Learning. The teachers show me lots of things you can do. I like building robots and making websites. I want to learn more English so it can help me in my future. 


Lights, Camera, Action!expand

The stage is set, the lines are memorized, and everyone is ready to amaze the audience with their performance of the play Little Red Riding Hood! The Focus Learning Drama Production students have prepared every aspect of this show. They have written the script, planned and created the scenery and costumes, and even directed their fellow actors and actresses.

When they began class a few months ago, they were not aware of the many details that contribute to a successful performance of a play. However, last week at their dress rehearsal, I was blown away by not only amazing performances from all the actors and actesses, but also the profressionalism each student had for all the other aspects of the show. Students were putting last minute touches on scenery, while others were helping their fellow classmates with memorizing lines. It was a transformation I, as the director of the play, was extremely pleased to see. 

Not only was this class a learning experience of theatre, it was a series of important life skills lessons in teamwork and determination! The students began each class with a team building lesson and game in which they learned strategies for working together. They applied those skills later in our class to create a true masterpiece of a play. 

This Saturday, June 13 the students will take the "stage" to show off their hard work, and they will take with them all the memories and lessons learned throuhgout the entire process of Drama Production.



Express Yourself expand

Summer Camp 2013 was truly a time to remember for the staff and campers of Focus Learning. Not only was Toronto under a heat spell, but we were joined by new students from various areas in Toronto and even from across the ocean!

Our camp programs offered students from various ages, backgrounds and countries to express themselves through art, creative writing and engineering.

We had a camper named Jane, who loved drama, writing and drawing, spend her summer with us. She had travelled to Toronto to experience the city and, well take a break from her home town. She spent a month at Focus Learning developing her drawing techniques and fell in love with writing poetry. Jane even debuted on the Focus Learning Theatre's stage performing with her cast mates a rendition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

As the summer winded down and Jane was getting ready to return to school, she said to me that this summer had been her best camp experience and she was so proud and happy of all her accomplishments! And well, so were we! Jane had done some amazing things including inspiring other campers to pursure their artistic ambitions.

The image above is part of a larger comic book concept that Jane worked on while taking our Comic Book Writing Program, as well, I have a left a snippet below from one of her poetic pieces she had submitted to the Focus Learning student archive.

Please Enjoy & We Welcome YOU to Express Yourself at Focus Learning this March Break or Summer!

The Sign Of Springtime Bloom

By: Jane

Golden sunshine creep through the window.

casting a morning light.

Rainbow flowers grow their petals,

the buds say good-bye.

Clear blue streams flow with delight,

fish a blur in sight.

Yes, these are the signs of the springtime bloom.






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