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Traditional Camps

Traditional camps

Traditional summer camps in Ontario and Quebec offer a wide range of sports, recreational, creative and social activities. From games, canoeing, swimming and hiking to arts, crafts, music and campfires, opportunities abound. Many residential camps and some day camps fall into this category.

Residential Camps

Residential camps

Residential and overnight camps allow children to live at camp for anywhere from one to several weeks or longer. These overnight campers benefit from rooming with kids their age under the supervision of older counsellors, either in cabins or in tents.

Day Camps

Day camps

Day camps have become increasingly popular in Canada. Kids go off for the day and come back home for the night. There are numerous day camps and they offer a dizzying array of activities and experiences for children in a variety of settings.

Quebec Camps

Quebec camps

Quebec offers many diverse and quality summer camps. There are many traditional recreational camps with a long-standing history. Many camps in the Province of Quebec were founded by individuals or families; some have religious affiliations; others cater to children with special needs.


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