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special needs camps and camps for focusing on academics (reading, writing, math) as well as science.

Thank you for your inquiry! We have a section on our website devoted to special needs camp listings that you may... read more

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InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific
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Sports Discovery Camp
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Northwaters & Langskib Canoe Tripping Programs
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Encounters with Canada
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Jack of Sports
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I can only afford to send my child to camp for one week each summer. Is it still worth sending her?

Yes. Whether you are sending your child to camp for one day, one week or the whole summer, they will...

looking for subsidized full day educational summer camp/school

We have information on our website devoted to paying for summer camp, including subsidies, here: as well as...

We are a Canadian company CANADIAN PROMOTION GROUP and we are focus to promote all kind of camps to Mexico, can I have more info of the camps before this event runs?

Information on all of the exhibiting camps at the Camp Expo can be found here: You may like to use...

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