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Special needs camps

We have information on our website devoted to camps for children with special needs listed here:, including information on... read more

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Encounters with Canada
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Rotherglen Summer Camp
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Hatch Coding Camps
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Frontier Trails Camp & Outdoor Education Centre
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Bot Camp - Specialty Robotics Programs
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how do camps handle specific child needs such as nut allergies, multi-religious (ie. cant eat pork or gelatin)?

Camp can be a safe place for a child with even the most severe allergies, as long as camp staff,...

A friend told me that the York Regional Police Force were running a camp for troubled teens this year at Algonquin Park. When is this taking place?

The York Regional Police Force does hold Youth Opportunity (for grades 6 and 7) and Youth Leadership (for grades 4...

Are they full day ?

There are a number of exhibiting camps at the Camp Expo that are day camps with full and half day...

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