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I do not want any over night camps for my 10 year old but I also have a 13 year old that can have over nights if need be. Also I'm not sure if you have anything for a 2 year old (program) that I can part take in as well

We have information on our website devoted to day camps here: which list where they’re located, age range, and... read more

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Brick Works Academy
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Valencia CF Canada
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The Hoop Factory
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Canadian Contemporary School of Art
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The Maker Bean Cafe
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International students

We have information on our website devoted to international schools, including boarding schools, here: You may also be interested...

What is a residential camp?

A residential camp is a home away from home. Children live at camp for anywhere from one to several weeks...

a French-speaking active outdoorsy day camp for non-immersion students

We have a section on our website devoted to French language camps specifically here: including information on the the...

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