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My child has special needs. Is there a camp for her?

A range of camps meets the needs of children with physical, emotional, behavioural or medical challenges. Some focus on children... read more

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How do the camps (day or overnight) accommodate children with anaphylaxis (severe allergies)? What safety measures are in place? Are all camps peanut/tree nut free? Do children bring their own food or is it supplied by the camp? Are there any camps or programs with a camp specifically for children with anaphylaxis?

Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have severe or life-threatening allergies,...

Are there any camps for children with special needs?

We have information on our website devoted to camps that support children with special needs here:, which denote which...

Do camps need to be accredited or certified?

Camps are very conscious, attentive and responsive to the fact that children are in their care. Camps see responsibility for...

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