Camp session: Book & Movie Club - The Witches (Focus Learning Academic Centre)
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Book & Movie Club - The Witches

By: Focus Learning Academic Centre  []

Focus Learning Academic Centre

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Virtual program


Traditional (multi activity)

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7 - 9 (Coed)



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To practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

What is it about? - An in-depth book reading program that connects students with the stories. 

Who is it for? - Students who love to read and watch movies.

Why do we offer it? -To practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

How is it taught? - In class: reading together, discussions, presentations, and comparison between the book to the movie; Homework: vocabulary and reading comprehension.

ABOUT THE BOOK - The Witches
Author: Roald Dahl                                         Lexile Rating: R - 740L

Book Summary: 
A newly orphaned boy is left in the care of his aged grandmother. In spite of her warnings, her grandson accidentally wanders into the English witches annual meeting and overhears the horrifying plans for every child in the country. But before he can escape, he is turned into a mouse...


1. Identify characteristics & character development
2. Write Plot Summaries
3. Identify text to media connections


1. Reading comprehension questions
2. Creative depictions of significant chapters of the book
3. Re-write the end of the story with YOU as an additional character

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Activities at this Session:

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  • Instructor lead (group)
  • Reading
  • Writing / journalism
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