Camp session: 24/7 STEAM Learning Lab - Teens (Digital Media Academy)
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24/7 STEAM Learning Lab - Teens

By: Digital Media Academy  []

Digital Media Academy

Program and Sessions Details:


Virtual program


Computer (multi)

Age (Gender):

9 - 18+ (Coed)



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Unlimited access to 10 high quality digital arts and technology courses including 3D design, AI, game design, enmrepenurership, apps and more.

Develop in-demand tech skills... on-demand. 

Digital Media Academy’s STEAM Learning Lab for teens aged 13+ features 10 online technology education courses to continue the learning from home for $399 USD (approx $550 CAD). 

Program details: 

  • Courses provide up to 15 hours of instructional value, depending on a student’s experience, interest, and ability to grasp the material covered.
  • This special offer provides unlimited access until September, 1, 2020. You may purchase access after that but prices may differ.
  • As your child grows up they will have the opportunity to access additional courses.
  • Courses are available online anytime from anywhere on any connected device. Courses are self-paced and students are encouraged to complete the curriculum at a pace that suits their learning style and lifestyle.
  • All online courses make use of high quality, web-based software that works seamlessly on basic computers and tablets. Custom video content, interactive assignments, and projects give students a hands-on learning experience that starts unplugged and teaches students how to make technology not just how to use technology.

Courses include: (click here for details)

Analyze Data using Python ( A Beginning)- Learn how to program in Python, a very popular and versatile language for students in high school. This course will focus on using these programming skills to manipulate data as part of the Global Data Literacy movement.

Data Literacy in a Global Society - In today's Gig Economy business opportunities and careers are changing rapidly. Learn about why this is happening and how to get involved by understanding that Data Literacy is one of the powerful tools use in today's world economy.

Designing Play Spaces - In this course, you will combine your creative genius and 3D designs to create an original play space. You’ll start with simple structures and then use the design process to envision and start building a ‘world’ for fun, play, and exploration.

App Designer Studio - Even if you've never coded before, App Designer Studio will help you design and develop an app that you can share with others. You'll also learn how to pitch and market your app to a target audience.

Designing Urban Spaces - Cities are amazing, complex places. Helping so many people live healthy, happy lives in one place is part of the work of urban designers and architects. Use your talent and creativity to create unique urban spaces that make city living better for everyone.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - Ever thought about starting your own business? Wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is for you!

Game Designer Studio - You’re no longer the player, you’re the designer! Learn how to design and build your own game, even if you have no coding or design experience. You’ll learn hands-on how to create and import your own assets and how to build games that others like to play.

Introduction to 3D Modeling In Tinkercad - This course will introduce the students to how 3D Modeling has changed life and society and walk the learner through the basics of 3D modeling with Tinkercad. Students will explore a range of education paths leading to a career in the 3D Modeling industry.

Meet the Future: AI and Machine Learning - We’ve seen ‘smart’ robots and machines in science fiction for years - machines that can think and respond to unexpected information the way human beings do. In this class you’ll learn how computer scientists are helping machines actually learn, so that they can do everything from talking to us to driving our cars. You'll build and train apps using your own data sets and cutting edge industry tools like IBM's Watson to recognize images, make decisions, and understand text.

Mobile Journalism - Journalism isn’t just about news - it’s about giving voice to the events, people, and ideas that shape our lives. This course will give you the skills to find stories (about people, communities, sports, food, art, or music), to tell them, and to reach an audience. It’s your moment, it’s your world, so help shape it.

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Session Dates & Locations:

    Apr 03 - Sep 01, 2020
Virtual Program,
08:00 - 22:00

Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Animation / 3D design
  • Architecture
  • Computer programming (multi)
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Instructor lead (group)
  • LEGO
  • Math
  • Minecraft
  • Photo/Video
  • Robotics
  • STEM
  • Technology
  • Video Game/Web Design
  • Web design/development
  • Writing / journalism
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