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Summer Programs

Summer programs keep kids active during the long summer months; your child(ren)'s physical and mental health is certain to benefit from time spend in a summer program. Thanks to our affiliation with private schools and Montessori schools from across Canada, is able to offer a wide variety of academic summer programs, in many cases held at the schools.


This offers you and your child the opportunity to get a glimpse inside (a taste test of) private schools you might not otherwise get.

There are also summer programs held by other institutions, such as museums and zoos. These types of programs are sure to be fascinating and educational for your children. While we do have a focus on summer programs in Ontario, we offer summer camps from as far away as Connecticut and British Columbia.

The benefits of summer programs

Summer programs help kids develop leadership skills, along with artistic and athletic abilities. Kids keep minds sharp and build their physical fitness at summer camps and summer programs offered by libraries, museums, schools or other organizations. There's one benefit that rides over all others: they have fun socializing with peers and forming new friendships.

Just like kids, summer programs come in all shapes and sizes. Heading off to a summer program is the highlight of many kids' summers. Check out our list of summer programs above, head on over to the program's listing and learn all about the summer camp's offerings.

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