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240 Akomak Road Ahmic Harbour, Ontario, P0A 1A0 (view map)

7 to 16 (All Girls )
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Sport (multi)
$900 to $975


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Camp Ak-O-Mak

Camp Ak-O-Mak the world’s first swimming and sports camp for girls. On Ahmic Lake in the Parry Sound region, we offer girls ages 7 – 16 competitive & instructional programs in swimming, open water swimming, triathlon, cycling, running, sprint canoe/kayak racing & many other land & water sports. Our campers come from Canada, the US, Mexico & other countries from all over the world. While we are all about sports, our campers also enjoy fun-filled traditional camp activities. At Ak-O-Mak, campers will make new friends & bond with counsellors at campfires, sing-songs, skit nights, through cabin living, canoeing, team competition, and day trips. Time to share the excitement & the laughter of these treasured moments.

The Our Kids review of Camp Ak-O-Mak


Camp Ak-O-Mak is a truly a great Canadian camp, and it shares a pedigree with another great Canadian camp, Camp Chikopi. Both were formed as sports-centred camps at a time when that really didn’t exist in any tangible way. They were created by Matt Mann, a professional swimming coach who, among many other things, served as the coach of the US Olympic team. Swimming, naturally, was an initial focus, and it remained a highlight of the camp program, though other sports were added, all of which Mann saw as sympathetic to the program’s ideals: endurance, strength, character, and participation within a cooperative environment. Rosemary Mann Dawson, daughter of the founder, took on the directorship of the camp in 1941 and served—brilliantly, astonishingly—for the next 50 years. Her career in swimming soon became as notable as that of her father, including starting a program at the University of Michigan. While running the camp, she coached there, as well as at the University of Western Ontario. In all of that and more she was a pioneer in women’s sport, demonstrating through example what young women could accomplish and the place that sport might take in their lives; in a time when female empowerment wasn’t as central to the culture as it is, thankfully, today, Mann Dawson lead the charge. That legacy remains at the heart of the camp today. It’s a place where girls grow into a sense of their abilities in all areas of their lives, are encouraged to find their voices, and are inspired to the benefits of living active, healthy lives.

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Overnight Camp
All Girls
Ages: 7 - 16
Sport (multi) $1,900 to $6,230
Parry Sound,ON
240 Akomak Road
Jun 26-Aug 14 $6,230
Parry Sound,ON
240 Akomak Road
Jun 26-Jul 23 $3,900
Parry Sound,ON
240 Akomak Road
Jul 24-Aug 14 $2,925
Parry Sound,ON
240 Akomak Road
Jul 24-Aug 07 $1,990
Parry Sound,ON
240 Akomak Road
Aug 17-31 $1,900
Travel|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership training|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Badminton |Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Canoeing|Cycling|Diving|Gymnastics|Hiking|Karate|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Martial Arts|Mountain Biking|Ping Pong|Rugby|Sailing/Marine Skills|Soccer|Sports-Instructional and Training|Swimming|Tennis|Track and Field|Ultimate Frisbee|Volleyball|Yoga|Fencing

Camp Address
240 Akomak Road, Ahmic Harbour, Ontario, P0A 1A0

Camp Ak-O-Mak
Camp Ak-O-Mak
240 Akomak Road Ahmic Harbour, Ontario, P0A 1A0
Contact name:
Dianne Young

Phone number:
(416) 427-3171× logo

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  • Archery Range
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer Field
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Director's Message


Dianne Young, Executive Director

Why choosing an all girls’ sports camp is the best choice.
Today, more than ever, the benefits of an all girls’ sports camp are apparent. And best of all, girls of all ages can take part. Above and beyond the clear benefits of athletics and sports, an all girls’ camp environment allows for relevant life experiences and valuable rewards:

•  an opportunity to build self-esteem and personal confidence
•  an atmosphere with less focus worried about how one looks at trying sports and more about doing sports
•  a supportive environment that is positive and encouraging
•  an ideal setting to explore issues that are sensitive to women
•  a camp experience that encompasses inspiring role models

Camp Akomak, an all-girls sports camp based in Ontario, Canada, incorporates all of the above in an effort to build individual empowerment and personal character. We promote leadership skills through sports, while our campers build meaningful friendships for years to come. Most importantly, our girls cultivate their talents.

At Camp Akomak, campers learn the fundamentals of their chosen sport, with an element of the competitive spirit. Our girls are coached and trained by professional coaches and retired athletes. These are professionals who know how to inspire young women; who understand what it takes to be a champion; and who appreciate the essence of sportsmanship.

Our campers enjoy the full extent of Ontario’s amazing wilderness. We believe that nature can inspire. There’s no electricity at camp; we have beautiful rustic cabins; traditional bunk beds; and a Doctor right on staff (24/7).

Camp Akomak offers all the popular athletics, as well as more specialized sports like biking, archery, fencing, and lacrosse.  We also incorporate the traditional fun-filled camp activities into the mix, and inspire the girls to nurture their creativity and enrich their talents.

Akomak campers enjoy a style of home-cooked food that is both healthy and flavorful. Our professional chef is well known for preparing food dishes from scratch. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, and to focus on nutrition throughout the camp day.

Our philosophy at Camp Akomak is that a competitive sports environment builds character. We focus on goal setting, on leadership skill building, and on personal empowerment. It’s something quite unique amongst camps, and a good reason to choose an all-girls’ camp.

With amazing staff and magnificent campgrounds, our sports camp is ideal for those who are looking for an all girl environment. Without today’s electronic “distractions”, and with a total focus on sports and competition, body and mind share a different kind of growth.

The lifeblood of an all girl environment is the supportive energy of the whole. It’s an ideal setting for both children and teens, with appropriate role models, where they can flourish without the distractions and anxiety of impressing the opposite sex. Our girls feel liberated to address important issues that face women, and our staff is an integral part of the entire process. It’s just another reason for choosing an all girls’ camp for your special camper.



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Dear Dianne :

By the way, Marni had a great time and RAVED about the food…though she noted that because the menu is now “healthy “, there were lots of vegetables and no grilled cheese sandwiches etc...:)…she also said one of the chefs has a Facebook page but she couldn’t remember the name of the chef …can you tell me ?? We are always looking for new ideas/recipes . 

Thx and all the best until next year


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Hi Dianne
You've all built a truely amazing place for girls to learn values and how to grow into wonderful young women, and for that I can't thank you enough. There are so many challenges these girls face it's really nice to know they can go to camp have this time and influence from such great role models. Please pass my gratitude to the other councillors as well as Catherine and Jocelyn. Have a great winter!! See you next year.


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I wanted to share this piece of fun / good news with you and I hope you can pass it on to Jocelyn.

My daughter attended Ak-o-mak for the final 2 week session last summer did her school speech on Jocelyn and her very inspiring story.  She won for her grade 7 class, and today won for her whole school.  She now gets to present the speech at the City of Toronto finals. 

This is just one example of how Ak-o-mak and all the wonderful coaches and counsellors have such a positive impact on our daughters.  Many thanks to Ak-o-mak and many thanks to Jocelyn!





In the News


November 17, 2015 - Jocelyn Saunders Swimming and Triathlon Coach

Jocelyn was the 1982 World Champion in Marathon Swimming. In 1981 she became the youngest swimmer to swim the 32 miles across Lake Ontario. ...


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