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On this page, find acro dance classes led by trained dance instructors. As a fusion of dance and gymnastics, kids and teens gain skills such as balance, coordination, and rhythm while learning various flips, tricks, formations, and tumbles.  Read more

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    List of acro dance programs


    Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   
    Programs focused on acro dance

    Conservatory of Dance and Music   
    For over 30 years we have been inspiring our students to nurture their passion for the performing arts. Our certified staff and warm, friendly atmosphere make us unique. We offer camps, and dance and music programs.

    Willowdale, Toronto
    Arts: Dance (multi)
    • Ages 4 to 12 (Coed)
    • Day Camp, Program
    • from $20
    daycampprogramclasscoed 20 4-12 1Willowdale, TorontoOntarioNorth-York
    Generations Performing Arts   
    High quality, inclusive arts training that is accessible to everybody and every-body! We are committed to fostering a true love of the performing arts for all ages and identities with a strong growth mindset focus.

    Earlscourt, Toronto
    Arts (multi)
    • Ages 4 to 11 (Coed)
    • Day Camp
    • from $280
    daycampcoed 280 4-11 2Earlscourt, TorontoOntarioWest-End


    What do kids learn in acro dance classes?

    Aspiring acrobats acquire basic and advanced dance and gymnastics skills in acro dance classes. Kids and teens learn to move rhythmically while performing jumps, turns, tumbles, and other fun tricks in acro class. To excel, kids must acquire physical self-control. Beginner acro formations, choreography, and tricks are limited, to gradually build children’s skills. Teachers identify kids’ initial strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback accordingly. Advanced dancers get the opportunity to perform more elaborate routines, filled with cartwheels, handstands, and group pyramids. Kids and teens train their body to become flexible over the course of class.

    Jazz dance training may be combined with acro training in some programs. Though there are less gymnastics elements in this dance style, kids still perform jumps and turns as in acro. Important positions and moves children learn in class include pike position, skipping, plié, cartwheel, and handstand. Balance, flexibility, and coordination assist with performing these movements safely. Young dancers are even spotted during class by fellow dancers or instructors to prevent injury in class. 

    At more advanced acro dance classes, kids and teens learn skills necessary to progress to higher levels of dance. Classes teach children foundational skills such as self-control, spatial awareness, and poise. Perfecting these skills paves the way to learn complex tricks, turns, and formations. 

    Collaboration becomes more essential in advanced acro class. Often, routines are choreographed in groups, and young acrobats to learn how to support fellow dancers as they advanced. Acro programs include showcases or competitions for troupes to participate in. In this, kids and teens gain performance skills and confidence performing in front of an audience.

    How much do acro classes cost?

    Prices for acro dance classes typically rise above $100. Children must be five years old and up to enroll in class.

    Why go to acro dance class?

    Acro dance training cultivates essential life skills for kids and teens. Aside from acro skills, here are other benefits kids gain.:

    • General dance skills such as rhythm, coordination, and balance are not specific to acro dance, of course. Enrolling in acro dance classes opens up pathways for kids and teens to pursue other dance styles used in ballet lessons and hip hop dance
    • Inspire a future in acro dance. Acro skills are versatile in the professional world. Kids and teens have opportunities to pursue gymnastics and performing arts, with acro training. 
    • Improved personal discipline. Like all teachers, acro dance teachers expect all students to pay attention, listen to instructions, and be kind and considerate of others. Discipline kids gain through programs like acro classes improves their behaviour in classrooms, as well as other areas. As with all camps and programs, kids gain in character development. 
    • Experienced teachers are at the heart of acro dance classes. Trained in acro, gymnastics, ballet, or even yoga, acro dance teachers provide role models for young kids. Acro class dancers receive personalized feedback from their instructors and gain confidence. 

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