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Toronto Brigantine

240-585 Dundas St. E. Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2B7 Locations: Kingston, Parry Sound, Virtual Program (view map)

13 to 18 (Coed )
Overnight camp
Adventure (multi)


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About this camp

Toronto Brigantine

Experience life aboard a Tall Ship and leave with memories and friends that will last a lifetime... Join our vessel, The TS PLAYFAIR, for a 5-10 day voyage sailing the Great Lakes. Challenge yourself by taking the wheel, working sails, climbing the rigging and enjoying star filled nights. Build leadership and independence skills. No sailing experience required, we'll teach it all!

This Summer

1: Kingston to Port Colborne (June 27 - July 2) 2: Port Colborne to Goderich (July 4 - 12) 3: Goderich to Midland (July 14 - 21) 4: Midland to Parry Sound (July 23 - 29) 5: Parry Sound to Collingwood (Aug 2 - 11) 6: Collingwood to Kincardine (Aug 13 - 21) 7: Kincardine  to Sarnia (Aug 23 - 28)

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Resiliency, teamwork, confidence, stewardship, empathetic leadership—time spent aboard a tall ship as part of crew is a means growing a range of skills and attributes. Certainly, the program was launched in 1962 with precisely those goals in mind, and they’ve been achieving them ever since. Participants become part of a crew of up to 28 members, and they travel to destinations within the Great Lakes. There’s a lot to see, and while Brigantine perhaps doesn’t lead with it, geography and history are always close to hand. It’s exciting and unique, to be sure. It’s also expertly managed, the product of more than five decades of experience running youth programs in the region.  

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Camp Address
240-585 Dundas St. E., Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2C7
Other locations: Kingston, Parry Sound, Virtual Program


Toronto Brigantine
Toronto Brigantine
240-585 Dundas St. E. Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2B7 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

From Trainee to Crew Member
Hannah MacLeod-Kerr — Camper

I’m not sure why I became interested in sailing, much less sailing tall ships, but after a year and a half I can honestly say that I don’t regret it one bit. In November 2018, I joined Toronto Brigantine Inc. as a winter program trainee. It was hard in the beginning because everyone knew each other from the previous summer and I felt like an outsider. However, because of the amazing community at TBI everyone, including the captain, made me feel included as a member of the team. After a winter of getting Playfair ready for the upcoming summer, learning parts of the ship, the basics of sailing, knot tying, and some navigation, I became a Petty Officer. The summer is when I learnt the most about not only sailing, but also leadership and life skills. I helped trainees become accustomed to life aboard a ship and learn how to be a member of a crew. By stepping out of my comfort zone and joining Toronto Brigantine Inc., I find that I have become more confident and independent outside of the program. Now that your sails are filled with interest, I leave you with this; Knot sure what to do this summer? Try something new, don’t get tide down and sea where it takes you.

Bonnie's Journey
Bonnie Aukema — Camper

I was a trainee on Brigantine two summers ago. Last summer, I was a Petty Officer and Cook. I like Brigs mostly because of companionship and the friends I made. You go through tough situations with many different personalities. You talk, you do watch together, you have tough times together, and you get through it. You are confined to close quarters and you have to work closely together, kind of like a family. Being part of a crew meant I had duties, responsibilities and a new kind of family. I learned about teaching people, taking care of people, and helping others become competent. It is easier to work with people if you like them. I’m a bit introverted, but as a Petty Officer, I needed to get to know new trainees, because I would live with them and work with them. As the more experienced one, I had to take the first step, even though it was not in my nature. I tried to develop a bond by finding something--a common interest or factor between us—to talk about with every new person. Even the shy ones or quietest ones can form a bond and I made friends with all types of different personalities. Now I’m more capable of taking that first step, I hardly hesitate. Being the cook was hard. You have to keep people happy and fed because if they are hungry, they get grumpy and don’t have enough energy to pull the sails. At first, people were hesitant to eat, but they get hungrier. I knew how to cook before I was the cook on Brigs, but now I know how to cook in a tilted kitchen using industrial sized pots on a propane stove. Some days, I had to get up at 4:30 to make breakfast for 7:30. I had to feed 20 people three meals a day and most meals were made from scratch. Once I made brownies, the boat was tilted, and the brownies came out tilted. One end was thin and hard, and stuck to the pan, the other end was thick and soft—but everyone loved them anyhow. I love Brigs because it’s like stepping into the past. It’s the same type of boat sailed hundreds of years ago. The problems we faced were the same problems sailors faced a 100 or 300 or 500 years ago--weather and wind. We can’t control these. Going aloft while sailing and seeing how high I was, was amazing. You can look down and see people laughing and talking and sailing. You look up and see clear blue sky forever. You look forward and see a billowing sail. If you look beside and behind, you see the distance you have come. Sometimes you see land, sometimes only water. We also saw many windmills!

Accommodation & Property Details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Dorm or Building


  • Toilet in Sleeping Area

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets


  • Lake/Pond/River

Upcoming Events

upcoming events
  • July 25, 2020Summer Program
    Toronto Brigantine, 413 - 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
    Register by Saturday, July 25 from

    Registration and fees must be taken care of 14 days before the start of the selected course.

Director's Message

Greg Campbell, Program Coordinator

Toronto Brigantine can be so much more than an overnight sailing camp. It becomes a year round leadership development experience for those young people that the program touches and ignites a spark of passion in. It is honestly one of the most beautiful things to witness, when you see a young person get excited about a healthy hobby and it transforms them into a purpose-driven individual who gets encouraged by helping others and being part of a crew, while making personal accomplishments and developing character along the way. You don't have to take my word for it though, the best teacher is experience itself. You start by having them join us for an adventure this summer and if a flame of ambition takes hold please contact us about continuing through our winter program and becoming part of the crew.

Each year we have a variety of adventures to choose from where you can be immersed in the life of a sailor aboard a Tall Ship, our 72' vessel, the TS PLayfair. Trainees come along to learn many terms, skills, and practices as they become Deck Hands. They are given a Log Book and go through various activities daily improving on their seamanship and interpersonal relationship skills along the way. An unforgettable journey is waiting for them with the opportunity to continue for years to come.

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $175 /day

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes


Discount if paid early 10%

Scholarships & awards:

  • Toronto Brigantine Bursary Fund

    Amount: 100% Deadline: Rolling
    Type: Need based
    Details: Financial Aid is available to qualified youth through our bursary program based on need. Please contact us directly for assistance in this area.

    Application Details: The application form is two parts, one must be completed by the youth and the other by their parent or guardian.


Comments from Trainees (campers) after their Tall Ship Adventure

"I thought all the staff were helpful and good natured. They demonstrated their knowledge in a clear fashion along with good leadership and organizational skills."

"I liked my course very much. I liked the fact that I was able to help steer and maneuver the boat. I enjoyed the people I met along the way. I found that the ship's staff were very helpful and friendly. Their skills and combined efforts made it into a great trip."

"I really loved the whole experience. I love sailing and thought that going aloft was really awesome! I also liked that we really helped crew the ship. I thought that the crew were all really amazing and helpful. Food was really good. I want to come back and will recommend it to a friend."

"It was fun times and lots of work, I loved the people and going and doing something I'd never done before."

"I think the course was great. Although challenging at times, it taught us about teamwork and trust. My favourite part was the staff, how funny and easy-going they were. Petty Officers were great at what they did, Watch Officers were great leaders. They taught us and prepared us rightfully for what was to be thrown at us."

"I would DEFINITELY recommend Toronto Brigantine to friend."

"Best trip ever! You guys shouldn't change a thing, good job, I'll miss you all!" "I would recommend the Toronto Brigantine to a friend because it's fun and always exciting."

"It was amazing, I learned so much, can't wait for more. Everyone was super nice and awesome."

"Officers were very good, funny, very knowledgeable and good at sailing."

"The staff was always there to help out and willing to teach you things you didn't know. They all had great leadership skills and each one was respectful and enjoyable to be around. The crew made the trip a great and fun experience, the food was also great!"

"I definitely would recommend this to a friend, it's a great experience and I would love to come back."

"I have definitely become a stronger person and made a lot of friends, which was nice."


In the News

February 12, 2020 - Spencer's Journey

The experience with Toronto Brigantine gives me confidence and skills I never thought I could have at my age. ...

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