Camp session: Glendon Leadership/Public Speaking and Fitness/Strength Summer Camp (TAC Sports - Toronto Athletic Camps)
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Glendon Leadership/Public Speaking and Fitness/Strength Summer Camp

By: TAC Sports - Toronto Athletic Camps  []

TAC Sports - Toronto Athletic Camps

Program and Sessions Details:


Day Camp


Traditional (multi activity)

Age (Gender):

13 - 16 (Coed)



Special needs support:


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Leadership and Public Speaking

TAC Sports’ Leadership-In-Development and Public Speaking Program is designed to provide participants ages 13-16 with opportunities to build self-development and leadership skills and receive mentorship training from the TAC Sports coaches.

The program, consisting of one week of camp training and one week of camp volunteering designed to be a perfect mixture of skill training designed towards high-performance, leadership training, volunteer experience (40 community service hours), and exposure and knowledge self-development and training. The camps are full day designed for maximum exposure to the teachings.

Participants will have the opportunity to plan and lead their own group activities, under the supervision of experienced TAC coaches. They will have access to groups of various ages to gain an understanding of how to deliver age-appropriate activities and in order develop comfort in multiple scenarios.


Students ages 13-16 will learn the following in the STAR Leadership in Development Program:

  1. Leadership Skills:  Work ethic, delegation, mentorship, teaching, and developing programs.
  2. Self Development Skills: Learning how to take control of one’s own training and development by building your own plan and skill-tracking system.
  3. Sports Specific Skill Training: Build a self-training plan in the sport of choice. Students will learn how to build a daily training plan learning fundamental to advanced skills.
  4. Mental Skills and Character Traits of the Great Athletes:  Goal setting, creating burning desire, and building a routine.
  5. Public Speaking: Students learn principals of speech making, body posture, vocal tonality, delivery, how to create logic and passion when delivering in front of people.


  • Certificate of Leadership and Self-Development from TAC Sports
  • Leader in Development – Be Extraordinary T-Shirt
  • Letter of Recommendation from Directors


Week 1 – Training

  • 15 Hours: Physical Skill Training and Development
  • 15 Hours: Public Speaking, Mental Skill and Principals of Success Training
  • 5  Hours: Leadership Skills and Testing
  • 5 Hours: Learning to Lead

Week 2 – Volunteering 

  • 40 Hours: Assigned groups in different age groups and positions, given leadership positions. Students must use initiative, help 2-3 individual campers achieve their goals for the week.


  • Ages 13-16
  • Full-Day Only
  • Not only able to observe but also gain hands-on experience in multiple activities
  • Opportunity for their supervisor to act as a reference for future job applications of participants

Our coaches are passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and will mentor each LID participant individually. They will provide comprehensive assessments at the end of the program and can act as a reference for job applications upon successful completion. Participants will also gain access to future TAC job postings.

TAC Sports’ LID program will improve participants’ confidence in group settings and provide them with the skills necessary to become future leaders.


Our flagship strength and fitness training program delivers the latest knowledge in building core and functional strength, nutritional principals and self image. Students learn how to design their own training regime, eat for maximal health and nutrition. Students work on body strength, fitness, and a confident self-image

Students also learn mental sports psychological techniques. This is for all students, whether they are looking to learn about health and fitness or who already play competitively on a sports teams.

It is our mission to teach students how to build a body they are proud of, be confident in the knowledge of how to maintain an active lifestyle, and how to increase self-image while creating a positive vision for their future health and relationship goals.

The primary pillars and learnings of the program are:

  1. Body weight training and muscle strengthening
  2. Stretching and body maintenance
  3. Learning the concepts of basic nutrition and meal planning
  4. Understanding metabolism, body structures and different body types
  5. Understanding how to create a training plan with proper environmental factors
  6. Mental health and self-image training
  7. Journaling, hunter-gatherer mediation, and the gratitude mindset

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Session Dates & Locations:

Date TBD
Hogg's Hollow, Toronto, ON
2275 Bayview Avenue
Time TBD
Cost TBD

Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Leadership training
  • Public Speaking/Debate
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