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Camps offer an exciting array of water sports

A big part of the summer camp experience is getting outdoors and enjoying an environment that campers are not normally exposed to. A lot of summer camps are set in beautiful wilderness environments located on gorgeous lakes and rivers. These camps have the special privilege of being able to offer a variety of fantastic traditional water activities such as sailing, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, waterskiing and more. But there are many more water activities that camps are now offering to the adventurous camper who is looking for a little more thrill out on the water.


Over the past 8 years a variety of action water sports have been popping up at camps around the world. These cater to the camper that wants a bit more excitement on the water than what is offered by a tranquil day out on the canoe. Check out some of these new sports that can be found at some Basecamp partner camps.

wakeboarding at ontario summer camp

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