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UTS: Experience Innovation

30 Humbert Street Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1M5 Locations: South Annex (view map)

11 to 18 (Coed )
Day camp
Education (multi)
$585 to $1,170


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  Makeda Daley, Director of Outreach Programs
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UTS: Experience Innovation

University of Toronto Schools offers a wide range of unique March Break and Summer Programs. From our Music program for beginner and intermediate players to the scientific exploration of Bright Lights in the Lab to our Junior Speech and Debate program – and more – Experience Innovation @ UTS delivers enriching experiences led by exceptional teachers and university instructors.

The Our Kids review of UTS: Experience Innovation


UTS is remarkable for all kinds of reasons, including an alumni that boasts two Nobel Laureates, twenty Rhodes Scholars, eleven Olympians, and three ambassadors. In the century since it was founded, UTS weathered some interesting times, including student protests in the 1960s. (At one point a student presented the headmaster with a blank sheet of paper saying "this is a list of our demands.") For many years, the school was at the centre of the debates that would, in time, bring some important advances to public schooling in Canada, including the abolition of matriculation exams and a 4-year secondary school program. In that and in so much else, UTS has marched to the beat of its own drummer, charting an innovative path through everything it has done. That’s true of the summer programs as well. They are of a kind that only UTS could supply. The sessions are unique, and uniquely inspiring, and lead by experienced school faculty. Kids who take part will find themselves in a group of peers who share their perspectives, their curiosities, and in many cases, their academic inclinations. That’s a lot. And it’s fun, too, all taking place in the heart of the country’s most diverse metropolis, and within one of the country's foremost academic institutions. 

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Available sessions:

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Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 14
Sport (multi) $585 to $585
Instructor lead (group)|Mindfulness Training|Strength and Conditioning
Day Camp
Ages: 10 - 12
Science (multi) $585 to $585
Instructor lead (group)|Animation / 3D design
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 14
Science (multi) $1,170 to $1,170
Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 15 - 18
Science (multi) $1,170 to $1,170
Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 11 - 13
Video Game/Web Design $585 to $585
Video Game/Web Design
Nature/Environment|Engineering|Architecture|Instructor lead (group)
Nature/Environment|Engineering|Architecture|Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 11 - 14
Education (multi) $585 to $585
Leadership training|Entrepreneurship|Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 11 - 13
Public Speaking/Debate $585 to $585
Public Speaking/Debate|Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 16
Education (multi) $585 to $585
Instructor lead (group)|Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|STEM
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 16
Computer (multi) $585 to $585
Video Game/Web Design|Technology|Animation / 3D design|Web design/development|Computer programming
Math|Instructor lead (group)

Camp Address
30 Humbert Street, Toronto, Ontario
Other locations: South Annex


UTS: Experience Innovation
UTS: Experience Innovation
30 Humbert Street Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1M5 logo

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Director's Message

Makeda Daley, University of Toronto Schools

UTS’ “Experience Innovation" programs provide a fresh approach to the March break and summer experience. They offer students and parents a unique opportunity to explore what can be accomplished in a short period of time through creative learning experiences that combine education and fun, for an innovative experience that is second to none.

Our dedicated Program Leaders and Operations team work hard to make these experiences meaningful and enjoyable for all participants. All of our programs are run by UTS teachers in collaboration with our partners, including University of Toronto faculty and staff, and not for profit community organizations such as the Firefly Foundation. These partnerships open doors for participants to stretch themselves through inspired engagement.

If you’ve participated in one of our programs in the past, we look forward to welcoming you back! If you want to experience something that will stimulate and motivate you…look no further! We look forward to having you join us. 

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $585 to $1,170 /session

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 4


Discount if paid early $50

Scholarships & awards:

  • General Financial Assistance

    Amount: $1,170 Deadline: Rolling
    Type: Need based
    Details: Experience Innovation @ UTS GATE Initiative Gaining Access Through Enrichment University of Toronto Schools (UTS) welcomes interested students to attend our Experience Innovation programs in the summer of 2020. Sometimes families need a little help, and UTS would like to lend a hand! Eligible students could receive one of a limited number of grants available for summer programs, which may include the cost of lunch and transportation. Interested? Apply online now. If you are not able to use the online application, please send an email to [email protected] to be sent a hard copy application form or call 416-946-5334 to make a request. The application deadline is Friday, March 27, 2020. Successful applicants will be notified by at a later date.

    Application Details: Applicants are required to submit a copy of their most recent report card no more than one week after submission of the online application. As well, the teacher listed as a reference on the application will be contacted for said reference directly by our staff.


Praise for Maximum City

~“I used to think that wherever I was living, I should just accept it and I never once thought that I could change my community. Now, wherever I’m walking I think about how that place can be improved.”


Praise for Integrative Thinking

~“I thought our challenge would be simple to solve, but I was wrong! This is a program where we really learned to solve complex problems.”


Praise for Bright Lights in the Lab

~“Bright Lights has given me the unique experience of true scientific research, and all the challenges and responsibilities that come with it, preparing me for future scientific endeavors.”


In the News

November 27, 2015 - Bright Lights in the Lab

For two weeks in July, our science labs became research stations ...

November 27, 2015 - Maximum City, a Unique Summer Experience

The Maximum City summer programs offer a unique, hands-on learning experience to students ...

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