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On this page, find after-school karate programs, lessons, and classes that teach kids and teens self-defense and self-control. Programs that specialise in karate instruction are listed first, while programs offering karate within a wider syllabus follow. Sort through each program’s age range, price, and location to find the right class for your child. Below the list of programs, parents and kids can find information about karate lessons’ benefits and more.  Read more

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    List of karate lessons programs


    Special Needs Support: Mild    Specialized   
    Programs that specialize in teaching karate

    The Academy of Martial Arts   
    We are a Martial Arts school running classes and camps online and in-person. Our in-person classes are back at with limited spacing to allow for social distancing while maximizing learning. amadojo.net/brampton

    Sport: Karate
    • Ages 3 to 16 (Coed)
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program
    • from $140
    daycampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed 140 3-16 1BramptonOntario
    YMCA of Eastern Ontario   
    We offer a full range of youth rec programs such as basketball, cycling, karate, swimming & school-break & summer day camps. These are offered in safe environments to help children develop self-esteem & confidence.

    Brockville; Kingston; Prescott and Russell
    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 1 to 18 (Coed)
    • Program
    • from $1
    programclasscoed 1 1-18 2BrockvilleKingstonPrescott and RussellOntario


    What do kids learn in karate lessons?

    Self-care, wellness, and physical strength are fundamental in the dojo. Children participate in drills and exercises that work their upper and lower body. Senseis teach and inculcate leadership, and respect during class. Children are encouraged to use self-defense techniques in nonviolent ways. Classes are available online or in-person for children ages 5-16 years old. An age-tailored curriculum is found in all programs so kids work with others at the same skill level.

    Children progress from a white to black belt in karate classes (six colours in all). Strong self-discipline and commitment are required to reach higher levels. Balance, concentration, and full body strength are a karate student’s biggest assets, strengthened as children progress through belts. While some karate programs are entirely free, while more intensive programs can cost between $100-$150.

    About advanced karate programs

    As kids progress through more advanced belts, they learn increasingly sophisticated moves and katas. There’s a concomitant improvement in mental clarity and physical fitness. Senseis educate students on how to be respectful and calm, and guide them to increasingly and appropriately improve their physical karate skills. Anti-bullying is part and parcel of these programs, and children learn proper self-defense techniques to know when and how to act in such situations. 

    The fundamental movements, or kihon, learned in advanced karate programs include punches, kicks, and open or closed hand strikes. Conditioning is commonly practiced as well, such as training with wood equipment. Similar to aerobic exercise, these practices maintain and improve children’s cardiovascular and respiratory health.

    Why enroll in karate programs?

    Karate practice, especially for young children, helps develop well-rounded individuals who are both mentally and physically strong. Here are some things kids can expect from karate classes:

    • Kids learn to manage their emotions in karate training. They learn to control anger, specifically. As with all martial arts, there is a focus on humbling yourself before others, and over time, kids and teens lose tendencies to selfishness and vanity.
    • Feedback is critical to improving children’s skills and, of course, to keep them safe. Children learn to take feedback with a positive attitude and focus on self-improvement. 
    • Children learn self-discipline, through their commitment to learning katas and karate moves. This will translate to other areas of their lives, such as academics. 
    • Karate training reduces stress and anxiety. It provides meditative methods with which children use in times of anxiety. Through intense exercise and class time with others, it also redirects children’s focus away from things that may be giving them stress.
    • Mature interactions amongst children and between Senseis and children exist in the dojo, as children practice conversing with other respectful and dignified individuals.

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