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Unit 160 - 1101 Kingston Road Pickering, Ontario, L1V 1B5 (view map)

4 to 13 (Coed )
Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
Traditional (multi activity)
$275 to $475


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About this Camp

Idea Labs Kids Pickering

IDEA Lab Kids provides campus enrichment classes, before and after-school care, summer camps, birthday experiences, workshops, open labs, and mobile birthdays for children ages 4-13. Children can take a variety of classes, including coding, cooking, game design, robotics and virtual reality. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone.

The 2021 Experience at Idea Labs Kids Pickering

The 2020/2021 Experience at Idea Lab Kids Pickering

IDEA MEASURES: Your health and safety is our priority!

1. We're sanitizing everything on our campus upon arrival (door handles, toilet handles, water fountains, sink knobs, tables, chairs) and de at departure. Hands will be washed frequently throughout the day and when switching classes.

2. To ensure your health and safety we are doing forehead temperature checks upon entrance. Anyone with a temperature of 99 degrees will be sent home. There would be zero tolerance for any cold/flu-like symptoms including allergies.

3. We will require pick-up and drop-off of children outside of the campus to minimize health risks, unless there is a legitimate need for you to enter.

4. We are only running classes with smaller capacity students (10:1, or 8:1 at the very smallest).

5. All students must register ahead of time to ensure you have a spot when arriving onto campus. A table is set for check ins/check-out.

6. We're keeping social distancing a priority - students will sit every other chair and there won't be direct touch/play with other students

7. Food Sharing is not going to be allowed.

8. Our floors and tables are re-designed for dictated traffic flow and workspace.

9. Washroom/water fountain use will be one at a time. We suggest to bring a water bottle to avoid using the fountain.

10. Our staff will be wearing masks and face shields and students 6 years old and older will be required to wear face masks.

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Programs and Sessions Calendar

Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; currently 12 programs available.

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Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Instructor lead (group)|Nutrition
Arts & Crafts|Cartooning|Comic art|Drawing|Painting|Papier-mache|Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Instructor lead (group)|Nutrition
Instructor lead (group)|Health science|Medical science|Nutrition
Robotics|Aviation|Instructor lead (group)|Makerspace|Math|Architecture|Engineering|Health science|Marine Biology|Medical science|Space|Skilled Trades Activities|STEAM|STEM
Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Instructor lead (group)|Nature/Environment|Marine Biology|Zoology/Animals
Instructor lead (group)|Engineering|Health science|Marine Biology|Medical science|Space|Nutrition
Instructor lead (group)|Engineering|Health science|Marine Biology|Medical science|Space|Nutrition
Storytelling|YouTube vlogging|Playwriting|Cartooning|Drawing|Photo/Video|Animation / 3D design|Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)
Day Camp
Ages: 5 - 7
Science (multi) $275 to $475
Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Instructor lead (group)|Nature/Environment|Marine Biology|Zoology/Animals
Instructor lead (group)|Engineering|Health science|Marine Biology|Medical science|Space|Nutrition
Robotics|Technology|Instructor lead (group)|LEGO|Makerspace|Math|Engineering|STEAM|STEM

Camp Address
Unit 160 - 1101 Kingston Road , Pickering, Ontario


Idea Labs Kids Pickering
Idea Labs Kids Pickering
Unit 160 - 1101 Kingston Road Pickering, Ontario, L1V 1B5 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

Great Camp Overall! (
Louanne P. — Parent

My son did the Pet Vet Hospital Tour iCamp and the activities were unique and fun. He loved baking dog cookies and making a toy for our cat. He also made blood (platelets, red/white cells, plasma) using assorted candy and oil. Ms. Nadra was fun, kind, patient and attentive. Short dance segments helped break up the 2 hour session. Great camp overall!

Wonderful Experience!
Nakia F. — Parent

I enrolled my 9 year old son in the Coding, Programming + Minecraft iCamp. He was a little hesitant at first but it turned out very well. He was engaged the whole time and had so much fun. It was great to see him submerge himself in the class as coding is one of his passions. It was such a wonderful experience he took a second coding camp. The instructor was also great and experienced. She really encouraged the kids and allowed them to express their knowledge of the course.

My son literally woke up bright eyed everyday to get started!
Tammy W. — Parent

Makhi was eager to take the Culinary course! He enjoyed making the delicious snacks. He made tasty bruschetta, cheese and chive scones, strawberry shortcake snacks and pizza on skewers. The instructor, Victoria, was so much fun, thorough and patient. Makhi literally woke up bright eyed everyday to get started! He took a lot of pride in serving all of what he created!

Teachers are patient and encouraging
Alison C. — Parent

My 7 year old just completed a week of coding and engineering camp. He enjoyed the classes and stayed engaged throughout. The teachers were patient and encouraging. Thank you Idea Lab.

I highly recommend
Marie R. — Parent

My six year old really enjoyed the Time Traveller Amazon virtual camp and loved the arts/crafts. it was also nice that my three year old could also participate in the lessons and crafts when was interested. Their teacher, Nadra, was wonderful and was able to keep them engaged. I highly recommend this virtual camp.

I would highly recommend Idea Lab Kids to any and all parents
Manzeel P. — Parent

My boys did the Minecraft Coding and Cooking camps. Both classes were very well run. The instructors were fantastic and kept the kids engaged. I would highly recommend Idea Lab Kids to any and all parents.

My kids loved it!
Lisa R. — Parent

The camps are awesome, instructors are even better and my kids loved it!

Idea Labs were great and professional!
Nino S. — Parent

Idea Labs were great and professional! My daughter enjoyed the online kinetic science class so much that she was sad that it was going to end. She always showed us what she made everyday and had so much enthusiasm going into class! The teachers are very patient, clear when instructing and so much fun! I highly recommend Idea Labs for your children!

I would highly recommend this camp and other camps from Idea Lab Kids
Kiran R. — Parent

I enrolled my younger brother in the Kinetic Art - Where Engineering Meets Art camp last week and he had a blast. The activities were engaging and thought-provoking. We were extremely happy with the instructor Ms. Nadra as she was experienced in the subjects and made the activities super fun. I would highly recommend this camp and other camps from Idea Lab Kids. Thanks so much!

Director's Message

Tina Francis, Owner, Idea Lab Kids Pickering

Tina is an experienced business development professional with over 20 years history working in the banking and mortgage industries. An entrepreneur at heart, she wanted to create something innovative, fun and unique for children through advanced S.T.E.A.M education programs. After researching S.T.E.A.M education for her son who has been displaying immense curiosity and advanced learning abilities, she decided to partner with IDEA Lab Kids which is based in the US to open a few locations in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Tina has a successful track record as a mortgage professional and has been recognized by the Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine as one of 50 key influential people in the mortgage industry and has been recognized within various publications for her contributions to the mortgage industry. She earned her Executive Master of Business Administration and was the first place recipient of the Small Business Institute’s Experiential Project of the Year International Award in 2018.

Tina has always prioritized quality in everything that she does and plans to bring that same level of passion to her IDEA Lab Kids franchises along with the help of her team. According to Tina, "kids are learning at lightning speed and as leaders of tomorrow, we need to equip them with the tools and resources to help them explore and feed their curiosity and imagination. IDEA Lab Kids offers a wide variety of cutting edge technology and resources to do just that - from graphic and video design, robotics, 3D printing, engineering, physics in motion, coding, chemistry lab, movie studio, puzzles, logic, cursive and cooking classes and more.”

In the News

March 14, 2021 - How Female Business Owners Succeed in STEAM with IDEA Lab Kids

It was clear that our area didn’t have any enrichment academies that came close to offering the experience that IDEA Lab Kids offers. ...

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