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STEM Camp  

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    Day camp
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    $212 to $325/week
  • Ages:
    5 to 13
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    1 to 40
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    0 available; 4 TBD
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    STEM Camp answered our questions

    Who are you as an organization?

    STEM Camp provides hands-on learning experiences through fun, engaging activities in science, technology, engineering and math, that encourages campers to explore their sense of wonder, promote discovery and reward curiosity! A not for profit organization, STEM Camp has over 50 camp locations all over Ontario. Register today and join us for summer camp 2023, at www.stemcamp.ca

    • Special needs: Not available
    • LGBTQ+ friendly community

    What do you do differently or uniquely well?

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    Who are your staff and counsellors?

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    What do families need to know about registration?

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    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; STEM Camp currently has 0 program available; 4 TBD.

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    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 13
    $155 to $295
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    Harry Potter|Magic|Star Wars|Arts & Crafts|AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Animation|JAVA|Minecraft|Robotics|Scratch|Technology|Web Design|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership Training|Makerspace|Math|Nature/Environment|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Medical Science|Space|Zoology|Skilled Trades Activities|STEM|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Dodgeball|Hockey|Lacrosse|Soccer|Volleyball|3D Design|Web Development|Animals
    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 13
    Programming (multi)
    $155 to $295
    Choose location above to view sessions and fees.
    Harry Potter|Magic|Star Wars|Arts & Crafts|AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Animation|JAVA|Minecraft|Robotics|Scratch|Technology|Web Design|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership Training|Makerspace|Math|Nature/Environment|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Medical Science|Space|Zoology|Skilled Trades Activities|STEM|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Dodgeball|Hockey|Lacrosse|Soccer|Volleyball|3D Design|Web Development|Animals
    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 13
    $155 to $295
    Choose location above to view sessions and fees.
    Harry Potter|Magic|Star Wars|Arts & Crafts|AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Animation|JAVA|Minecraft|Robotics|Scratch|Technology|Web Design|CIT/LIT Program|Leadership Training|Makerspace|Math|Nature/Environment|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Medical Science|Space|Zoology|Skilled Trades Activities|STEM|Baseball/Softball|Basketball|Dodgeball|Hockey|Lacrosse|Soccer|Volleyball|3D Design|Web Development|Animals
    Day Camp
    Ages: 5 - 13
    STEM, Programming (multi)
    $156 to $295
    Choose location above to view sessions and fees.
    Star Wars|Superhero/Marvel/DC|Gaming|micro:bit|Minecraft|Robotics|Technology|Math|Architecture|Engineering|Health Science|Marine Biology|Medical Science|Space|Skilled Trades Activities|STEAM|STEM

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    Maximum installments available 1


    Discount if paid early $10
    Discount for 3rd child 5%
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of STEM Camp

    our take

    The simplest definition of STEM is that it’s an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But, as with so many things, the simplest definition doesn’t really do the object justice. The acronym really does refer to those disciplines, but STEM instruction is about much more, namely using those disciplines as a foundation for building a range of literacies while engaging collaboratively and thinking creatively. While we tend to think first of the stuff—the 3D printers and the makerspaces—STEM is more accurately thought of as a way of learning about the world, and of learning to work effectively with others. That’s what inspires passion in instructors, just as it did for STEM Camp founder, Kevin Cougler, who started the camps in 2013. To say that it’s been successful is an understatement. The camps are now run in nearing 50 locations, with 20 more likely soon to follow. In 2017, there were 8500 campers enrolled, and certainly that number has continued to grow in the summers since. What makes this program particularly unique is that it’s run as a not-for-profit solely to promote the benefits of STEM instruction in the lives of young people. There are francophone projects, as well as those mounted in First Nations communities. For all involved, the participants get to work hands-on, with their peers, on projects that are fun while also developing core learning and collaboration skills.

    Three Things: STEM Camp
    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at STEM Camp

    Questions for the Director of STEM Camp

    Kevin Cougler, Executive Director

    • 00:16 - What is unique about your camp?
    • 01:30 - What type of child is successful at your camp?
    • 02:11 - Is the schedule structured or is it more open?
    • 03:38 - How do you keep campers engaged?
    • 05:21 - What do campers value most about their experience at the camp?
    • 06:53 - What message do you have for new campers?

    • Read the full transcript

      Transcript of our interview with Kevin, Executive Director

      What is unique about STEM Camp?

      I guess what makes Stem Camp unique is our approach to learning. So what I mean by that is that traditionally in the classroom, we teach children by giving them instructions. So you sit at your desk, and if we're doing an experiment, here's step one, here's step two, etc. And a lot of people can learn that way, which is great. But the secret sauce to Stem Camp is that we want kids to be curious, and we want them to use their imagination.

      So we adopt inquiry-based learning, which means that we have an end goal in mind. So if the end goal is, let's say, to build a solar-powered car, we give them parts and tools and some basic knowledge about solar power. And then we say, “Go and see if you can find out you know how to do this. Our instructors will be there to help you along the journey.”

      But we don't give you all of the answers upfront. We let you discover those on your own. And by doing that, we think that our campers have a much more enjoyable experience because they're prouder of their accomplishments.

      What type of child is successful at STEM Camp?

      Kids that like some freedom to explore and discover. We’re also eager to have girls join STEM camp. But if you have a child that is really curious about the world around them and they're not afraid to make a mess and get dirty and clean up and play around with experiments, they would really thrive in our environment.

      Is your schedule structured or is it more open?

      How boring would it be if you came to a camp where it was all structured all day long? STEM Camp is not about structure. We certainly have some guidelines that we give our counsellors, and we have some words of advice to them on how they can run different projects throughout the day. But we want to give the opportunity to kids that when they're excited about something, they can continue doing it So, for instance, if you have a child that, for whatever reason, is really gravitating toward robotics, and the time allotment for robotics activity is up after 45 minutes, you can let them continue working on robotics for longer to enable them to pursue their passion.

      If you make them move to the next activity, that can be really discouraging. So we build in an elective structure in which kids have a say in what they get to do. Part of the magic of STEM Camp is that if you really enjoy something, you can keep doing it. And maybe in the future, your child will grow up to work in robotics because they've been allotted extra time to work in this area.

      We want to create these environments for these kids to find out what they really like and what they're really good at, and then encourage them to continue with that much later on in their education and career path.

      How do you keep campers engaged?

      I want to say it's a little bit of magic, it's a little bit of luck, and it's a little bit of a secret sauce, too. And I always answer this question by telling my own story. My own story is you go through the school system and you're kept at your desk, and that's pretty much how you spend your day. But how boring is that? I would misbehave in class because I was sitting at my desk and I would chat away with the other kids.

      And ultimately, that wasn’t great for my learning. So what we try to tell our counsellors and staff is you have to find out ways to discover what makes these kids tick. What are they interested in? Can we keep them active? And how do we keep them active?

      If you don't keep them active, keep them engaged, and keep them inspired through imaginative and creative programming, then you're going to have behavioural problems and you're going to have to address those. And it's summertime: Parents don't want to have to address those. And neither do we. So we keep them inspired, keep them having fun. While STEM camp is educational, it’s not run like a classroom. It's about 99% fun. Whatever we're doing has to be fun. And if you can put a child in a situation where they're having fun and they're meeting friends, that's a great result.

      What do campers value most about their experience at STEM Camp?

      The kids, they just want to have an environment where it's not school; it's the summertime. So they don't want to be sitting in a classroom environment. They want to be outside in the sunshine or in the shade. And so we encourage our counsellors to get the kids outside as much as possible. That's great. So the way that we try to provide some value for kids is to let them have fun all day long, not just during recess or lunchtime.

      What message do you have for new campers?

      If you're coming to STEM Camp for the first time, what you need to be prepared for is an opportunity for you to be who you are. So, if what you really like is grabbing 15 things and trying to figure out how to do something, we will give you the opportunity to do that. What's really important is that at summer camp, you have to be free to make messes and make your spills and be that scientist who’s got the lab coat on with the glasses and trying things out. It’s okay to be as messy as possible, as long as you're having fun and learning something at the same time.

    Review(s) of STEM Camp

    Read all 10 reviews

    Katrusia P. (Parent)Review

    “Thank you to all the staff for an amazing four weeks! STEM was Simon's favourite camp and he can't wait for next summer!”

    Krista T. (Parent)Review

    “The hovercraft is too cool! So simple and so fun!”

    Melissa F. (Parent)Review

    “So much learning! Wish I could be there all day too!”

    Andrea S. (Parent)Review

    “Thank you for another year of awesome camp. my kids rave about it and I wish I was able to afford to send them to more. Looking forward to next year.”

    Adrienne F. (Parent)Review

    “My daughter is really enjoying STEM camp especially her teachers”

    Melissa H. (Parent)Review

    “First day was a hit; our daughter loved it!”

    Charlene L. (Parent)Review

    “My girls love this camp! They had a great week!”

    Angela W. (Parent)Review

    “The kids have had a blast this week. Everyday they come home full of excitement! Bursting to tell us what amazing STEM thing happens today. Thanks so much for making this week fun, interesting and educational!! Great Job!� ... Read More

    Rosaura R. (Parent)Review

    “Thank you.  It's his first year of camp and he loves it.  He doesn't stopped talking about it.  He just turned 6 so to do things he loves means the world to him.  You guys are amazing!  Thank you for making it so special for them!� ... Read More

    Tara F. (Parent)Review

    “My son just completed his 1st week-Transformer week, in Niagara, and he had the best time ever!!! So grateful for all that you have done to prepare for the amazing activities/experiments and projects that took place this past week. He wouldn't stop talking about his day each day and every morning, he was rushing me so he could get there as early as possible! He's signed up for Minecraft week, and he is looking forward to it! What a great camp!� ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Ontario (51)
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    Washrooms Facilities

    • Flush Toilets

    Is STEM Camp technology free? Technology is an integrated part of STEM. In 2021 campers are required to bring a laptop or a tablet to camp so they can participate in our new robotics and coding program. For details on these new programs please visit our website at www.stemcamp.ca.

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Kevin Cougler, Founder
    B.A., V.C.E., Coach, Triathlete, Youth STEM Advocate

    STEM education is important. It is estimated that 90% of Canada's future will require STEM education but there's a problem. We just don't graduate enough kids to actually fill these jobs now or in the future. I started STEM Camp in 2013 to address this problem by creating a fun learning environment for kids to learn STEM. It is my hope they will be amazed, be curious, be confident and mostly have fun with the STEM activities we create.

    Lastly, an appeal to parents if I may. PLEASE enroll your girls. Canada desperately needs more girls interested in STEM.

    Thanks for thinking about STEM Camp - have a great summer!


    In the News

    January 11, 2021
    Themes Announced for Summer 2021

    Themes for the summer of 2021 are now live for STEM Camp. Some old favourites are available and all new activities - great summer ahead!... Read More

    December 12, 2019
    STEM Camp announces the themes for 2020!

    Are you ready? Cue the Drum Roll…. It is now time to announce the themes for STEM Camp in 2020!... Read More

    June 7, 2018
    Women in STEM: Dr. Nadine Caron

    Our Women in STEM feature this week presents Dr. Nadine Caron, Canada’s first female First Nations surgeon.... Read More


    • STEM Camp COVID Plan Ahead of the Curve for Safety in 2021

      When does summer camp planning begin and when should STEM Camp COVID protocols for next summer start? A lot of people would be surprised to learn that STEM Camp starts planning for summer camp the day after camp is over the previous summer. In a typical year STEM Camp would lock in its 40-60 sites through meetings, site visits, negotiations, etc. starting in the fall. The rest of the fall is spent on operations review and making improvements for next year including activity development and recruiting between 300 and 600 summer staff.

      This year though there was a new task – that of preparing the Return to Camp guidelines document in preparation for the summer of 2021. To get a head start, STEM Camp Founder, Kevin Cougler, formed an expert committee comprised of one doctor, two nurses and two elementary school teachers. It took two months to fully research and develop the guidelines and Cougler expects more edits will be forthcoming as the pandemic situation evolves. The document was further vetted and approved by legal and insurance organizations.

      “I am extremely confident that the document developed, based on the health expertise of our health consultants and the real life experience of teachers in elementary schools every day, is an excellent plan to help keep children and their families as safe as possible while at STEM Camp in 2021.”

      As part of the plan STEM Camp is planning on hiring a health and safety coordinator at each of its locations tasked with ensuring regular hand washing is taking place, social distancing is being observed, protocols are being followed by staff, campers and parents, and materials are being disinfected regularly.

      “I believe that our plan calls for even more safety precautions to be followed than the school system and I will be sending my own child to STEM Camp this summer”. 

      Cougler believes STEM Camp was one of the first summer camps in Ontario to develop a plan for the summer of 2021 and has shared the plan with other summer camps to help them develop their own protocols.

      You can download the most recent Return to Camp guidelines document on our FAQ page.

    • 2019 themes announcement!

      Hello STEM lovers, we have a very important announcement to make: the STEM CAMP themes for summer 2019!!! 

      Find the closest location for you here!

      Are you ready? You asked, and we heard you. The amazing and unforgettable most popular themes are back this summer, check it out: 

      STAR WARS: Robotics will be featured this week in activities such as “Programming an Edison (small robot) to help the Jedi” while campers will also enjoy STEM activities such as designing their own Millennium Falcon from simple materials, protecting space with the Naboo N-1 Starfighter, Levitating Objects using The Force and working with Molten Lava Slime.  There are also many activities focusing on engineering including building rocket launchers, robotic arms and pod racing. Boys and girls will have tons of FUN this week! Enrol early to secure your place at camp for STAR WARS week as this theme typically sells out fast! May the force be with you!

      TRANSFORMERS: On no! Bumblebee lost his hand in a battle with the Decepticons, and we  need campers to help develop a new one for him! Can you help? Come this week and you can. While you are here, you can help Optimus Prime escape the Decepticons by building a STEM-powered boat and/or a Propeller-Powered Autobot Vehicle while avoiding corrosive slime created by you. Since you are now a valued member of the Autobot Team, you will also develop your own personalized Transformer Insignia! You will also be introduced to coding using Ozobots, featured this week as part of our robotics unit. Your child will be amazed by the world of Transformers and STEM!

      MINECRAFT: Watch out for the Hostile Spider! But no need to worry, come this week and you will learn how to build a STEM-based web to catch those spiders! If you prefer not to be one of the ‘good guys,’ you can design your own Creeper pin and wreak havoc inside your own Minecraft world. Other activities this week include a Grass Block Challenge, Minecraft Swamps, TNT, Mine Carts, Cannons and much more. There is something new and cool to discover every day! 

      SUPER HEROES: Have you ever wondered if you have Superhero DNA? Come this week and find out! While at STEM Camp you can Catch a Super Villain, Build your own Bat Cave, learn about Superhero strength and build your own BatMobile. Superheroes we focus on this week include Wonder Woman, The Flash and Batman. Come dressed as your favourite Superhero and make tools and gadgets that a Superhero might use. Your super power is your curiosity!

      Personally, we think Moms and Dads are the unsung Superheroes of today by helping their kids with homework, driving them to early morning practices, making sure they have lunches and making sacrifices, so their kids can have things in life (like a week at STEM Camp!).

      We can’t wait to see you all next summer, can you imagine the amazing time we will have? There will be tons of fun while learning about STEM through hands-on experiments. What could be better than keeping your mind active during the summer, while making new friends and being amazed by the world of STEM?

      Stay tuned: Registration for Summer 2019 opens on January 3rd and will fill up fast, don’t miss out!  Follow STEM Camp on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels and stay updated with our latest contests, promotions and news. 

      Chick HERE and find the most convenient location for you and join us in July and August! 

      Don’t forget to check our website for more information on themes, weeks, pricing, etc. Still have doubts? Contact us!

      Next year will be a blast, see you soon!!!

    • Women in STEM: Biologist Samantha Yammine

      Our featured Woman in STEM is Samantha Yammine, a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. A lot of people use social media to talk about their passions; well, so does Yammine, who loves to share her discoveries on her Instagram page.

      Her academic research is focused on studying the brain cells. In her words, “I study brain development and stem cell biology; in particular, the lineage relationships of the earliest cells of the brain during development, and how stem cells maintain the adult brain and can be activated for repair.” Samantha is developing her research under the supervision of renown scientist Dr. Derek van der Kooy.

      Like many scientists, she started her interest in science when she was a kid. At first, she thought she would be a chemist since she always loved chemical reactions. But later on, she was fascinated with the human brain, and when she was 14 years old, she already knew she wanted to pursue neuroscience studies. 

      Her research, her speech abilities and most of all her passion about STEM, has opened a lot of incredible doors for her. She has teaching experience from high school to University, she is a very requested speaker and appeared on TV as a guest science expert in various programs. 

      Yammine has a piece of advice for girls interested in STEM: “don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something if that’s what you want. Sometimes the number one thing that holds us back is ourselves, so beware of any depreciation or ego that might be weighing you down internally. If people try to drag you down, replace them with others who are wise enough to be champions for you because you deserve more champions and less haters”. Well said Samantha Yammine, STEM Camp agrees completely!

      Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your curiosity and passion about STEM. Learn more HERE.

      Next week: Have you ever heard of Jenise Lee? Don’t miss next week “Women in STEM”!

      STEM Camp’s new segment “Women in STEM” features prominent female Canadian STEM Champions. It is part of STEM Camp’s ongoing passion for, and commitment to, helping parents entice young girls to pursue their dreams in STEM-related fields. It is our hope that parents will read this feature with their girls each Monday from December 11, 2017 until June 25th. Go STEM girls!



      Jacob, W. (2017, November 21). #STEMSpark: Biologist Samantha Yammine shares her fascination with the natural world through social media. Retrieved April 22, 2018, from https://www.hervolution.org/stemspark-biologist-samantha-yammine-shares-fascination-natural-world-social-media/

      Samantha. (n.d.). Retrieved April 22, 2018, from http://www.samanthayammine.com/about

    • Women in STEM: Simone Charron

      Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) have a massive impact on society’s welfare and development. Simone Charron found her chance to make a positive impact on the world through her career as an engineer.

      As a student at Carleton University, she participated in impactful programs like Engineers Without Borders Canada. “I liked the idea that a background in engineering could bring value to projects that are outside the traditional engineering box”, said Charron.

      As a Project Officer working at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Charron has had many challenges during her career. She worked on the sustainability portfolio of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) project in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Established


      in 2007, CHARS is a world-class hub for science and technology research in the Arctic, which brings an enhanced level of research and analysis to Canada’s North.

      When Charron started this project, she was completing her last co-op placement as a student. She credits this project for keeping her interested and challenged by engineering when she faced doubts about her career. Moreover, she had opportunities to impact other students by mentoring them through their co-op experiences.

      Simone is an inspiration for those who want to leave a legacy and use STEM as a tool to do so. There are so many opportunities to be discovered and so many inspirational moments to be discovered. The world needs people like Simone Charron!

      Don’t miss the opportunity to expose your children to STEM by providing them with a fun and unique summer camp experience at STEM Camp. Learn More.

      Next week: Have you ever heard of Alice (Allie) Vibert Douglas? Don’t miss next week “Women in STEM”!

      STEM Camp’s new segment “Women in STEM” features prominent female Canadian STEM Champions. It is part of STEM Camp’s ongoing passion for, and commitment to, helping parents entice young girls to pursue their dreams in STEM-related fields. It is our hope that parents will read this feature with their girls each Monday from December 11, 2017 until June 25th. Go STEM girls!

    • Women in STEM: Melisa Gumus

      Science, technology, engineering and math are such important fields, which lead to meaningful innovations and development. Imagine all the discoveries that come to life when we combine these fields. Melisa Gumus does and this is why her work is so interesting.

      How do oysters eat? Why do dogs blink but cats do not? Curiosity was the source of my questions when I was a kid although I did not know that a career in science was an option”, said Gumus.

      Melissa is doing a double major in Neuroscience and Mathematics with a minor in Physiology at the University of Toronto. She has already made relevant discoveries on the human brain and is combining both areas of math and science, to keep developing her research in computational neuroscience. She affirms that her curiosity about human brain determined her path in life.

      Pay attention to her advice for you, curious girl: “Please, always remember that there is nothing that can stop you from going after your curiosity and passion!”.

      At STEM Camp, children are introduced to hands-on, engaging STEM activities that promote discovery, reward curiosity and leave children amazed at what they can do. Don’t miss out! Click here and enrol now!


      Next week: Have you ever heard of  Simone Charron? Don’t miss next week “Women in STEM”!

      STEM Camp’s new segment “Women in STEM” features prominent female Canadian STEM Champions. It is part of STEM Camp’s ongoing passion for, and commitment to, helping parents entice young girls to pursue their dreams in STEM-related fields. It is our hope that parents will read this feature with their girls each Monday from December 11, 2017 until June 25th. Go STEM girls!


      Branch, C. A. (2018, January 22). Canadian STEM Femmes. Retrieved February 26, 2018, from http://www.science.gc.ca/eic/site/063.nsf/eng/h_97413.html#5

    • Fact or Fiction Week

      Each year, STEM Camp offers 4 different themes that will guide children’s imagination, curiosity and sense of wonder through the summer. One of the 2018 themes is Fact or Fiction and we are super excited about what we will learn together during this week.

      The Fact or Fiction Week will be full of wild and crazy (but really cool) stuff in the world of STEM that may be fact or may be fiction such as beavers being relocated by parachutes or the existence of quicksand. Campers will be challenged to build or re-create the parachutes and the quicksand and through these challenges, determine for themselves what is fact and what is fiction!

      We see so many intriguing things on movies, cartoons and the internet. Are they real? Are they possible? Are they a fact or a fiction? There is no better way to know than to test it! 

      Here is a challenge to get you warm while you wait for Fact or Fiction week at STEM Camp:

       ➡️➡️ Have you ever heard that cows' gas (that's right...gas) are largely responsible for global warming? You tell us. Is that fact or fiction? Go to our Facebook page and share what you discovered with us, we are curious!!! ⬅️⬅️


      We still have a spot for you, hurry and enrol today at stemcamp.ca

    • Ask An Astronaut!

      February 16, 2018 (Embro, ON) — Have you ever dreamed of being able to ask questions of astronauts when you were growing up? We know we did. And guess what? STEM Camp is super excited to provide an opportunity for your child to do just that. Ask an astronaut…a question! This pre-camp activity is part of Space Week this coming summer and part of our partnership with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).  STEM Camp and the CSA have developed a mechanism for these questions to be asked and answered by one of Canada’s astronaut’s! But you need to move quickly. Questions need to be posted now in order for them to be received and answered in time for summer camp. Our astronauts are really busy training for exciting missions in space including this November with astronaut, David Saint-Jacques!

      Here’s what to do:

      Go to the brand new Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/STEMCampCSA2018/) that we have created just for Space Week. Read the information we have posted for you and your children and ASK YOUR QUESTION!

      During Space Week at STEM Camp your child will get the answer.

      Have fun!

    • STEM Camp looking for girls to help with Dragons’ Den pitch

      February 16, 2018 (Embro, ON) — Canada’s largest educational summer camp is looking for exceptional girls between the ages of 5 and 13 to help in an audition for CBC’s the Dragons’ Den.

      On March 7, 2018, STEM Camp will be auditioning for CBC’s Dragons’ Den in Waterloo, Ontario. As part of their pitch, STEM Camp is providing an opportunity for a girl between the ages of 5 and 13 to assist with their audition.  The lucky winner (plus a parent or legal guardian) will have the opportunity to participate in the “pitch’” and ultimately a chance to appear on the Dragons’ Den (if selected by CBC).

      STEM Camp is a not for profit with a mission to inspire youth in the science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields of study by providing fun activities in these subject areas at their summer camp (located at 77 locations across Ontario and Quebec).

      If selected by CBC to appear on the Dragons’ Den, the lucky winner has an opportunity to be viewed by millions of viewers across Canada as a “girl in STEM”; thereby encouraging other girls to participate in STEM Camps in their area, or in STEM-related activities themselves. This is part of STEM Camp’s commitment to finding ways to increase the number of girls who are inspired to enter into STEM education, and ultimately STEM-based careers.

      STEM Camp CEO and Founder, Kevin Cougler, says that the statistics regarding women in STEM education are alarming.  He notes that a 2013 study published by Statistics Canada revealed that most university STEM graduates are men. “STEM Camp is constantly looking for ways to change that trend, and was formed as a not- for- profit that same year to address the issue,” he says. Through initiatives such as this, STEM Camp’s ratio of boys to girls attending summer camp continues to make gains toward gender parity which continues to make gains each year.

      To enter the contest, families are asked to visit STEM Camp’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SummerSTEMCamp for details.

    • STEM Camp and Canadian Space Agency Team Up

      January 5, 2018 (Embro, ON) — Canadian not for profit summer camp provider, STEM CampTM, is teaming up with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to bring exciting space activities to STEM CampTM during the summer of 2018.

      Here’s a sneak preview of what we are developing thus far as well as some super resources that parents have access to online.

      Ask an Astronaut! – Throughout the spring of 2018 we will be asking STEM Camp parents, via social media channels, to submit questions from their children attending STEM Camp this summer for a Canadian astronaut to answer. STEM Camp will share his or her responses this summer across all 77 locations via video. For more information on Canada’s active astronauts you can learn more here.

      Canadian Space Inventions – Did you know there have been several Canadian inventions for space, not just the Canadarm and the Canadarm2?  One of them is the new AstroSkin, which is a smart shirt for space that is headed for the International Space Station in 2018.  Learn more about AstroSkin here. And learn about other Canadian space inventions here.

      At-Home Activities – The Canadian Space Agency has a wonderful list of at-home activities for parents and children to do together.

      Space Weather – We hear about the weather in our local towns and we hear about events that affect different regions of planet Earth. But we don’t spend a lot of time looking at how space weather affects our own weather. Did you know you can access the Canadian Space Agency’s AuroraMAX site which broadcasts the aurora borealis live from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, during the aurora season?

      Predictions are made using the following websites:





      And check out the CSA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for alerts when the aurora are visible.

      Canadian Space Agency activities will take place during the Space Week.

      See the impact STEM Camp can have on your child and Register today!

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