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6 to 16 (All Girls )
Overnight Camp
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Camp Ouareau

Ouareau focuses on creating a positive girl community in an environment where mistakes & efforts are celebrated. Campers build self-confidence, self-reliance, communication & problem-solving skills. Our linguistic program with its cultural exchange aspect gives French & English campers opportunities to improve their second language. All activities are selected individually.

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Jaqui Raill, director of Camp Ouareau, says that at camp girls “can talk about pressures, body image, appropriate role models, and nutrition with healthy young women [camp staff] who are active, eat well and not obsessed with their bodies.” While the offering are varied and broad, for many girls, if not most, that’s the benefit of camp: living, growing with others into a set of shared values around who they are and what they want to be. “It’s such a pressured life girls lead— university, school—[here] they can let themselves go because there isn’t that extra pressure of the opposite gender.” All decisions at Camp Ouareau are made with the girls in mind, including the all-female staff trained to help girls explore sensitive issues in healthy, beneficial ways. Camp Ouareau’s staff and alumni are inspirations to young campers who can look up to friends that become environmentalists, doctors, teachers, and spend their time volunteering and giving back to the world. As a staff member since 1975, Raill says that “the reason I’m still here and have the same passion I had when I arrived, is that so many of these girls leave camp with so much more knowing of themselves, so much more confidence, even if it’s just for one session.” If girls need a reason to go, that’s it.

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Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
All Girls
Ages: 6 - 16
First-aid/lifesaving |ESL|FSL|Archery|Basketball|Board Sailing|Canoeing|Hiking|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Soccer|Swimming|Tennis|Volleyball|Track and Field|Yoga|Diving|Rock Climbing|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Photo/Video|Painting|Jazz|Drawing|Pottery/ceramics |Wilderness Out-tripping|Rope courses|Wilderness Skills
Overnight Camp
Traditional (multi activity)
All Girls
Ages: 6 - 16
First-aid/lifesaving |ESL|FSL|Archery|Basketball|Board Sailing|Canoeing|Hiking|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Sailing/Marine Skills|Soccer|Swimming|Tennis|Volleyball|Track and Field|Yoga|Diving|Rock Climbing|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Photo/Video|Painting|Jazz|Drawing|Pottery/ceramics |Wilderness Out-tripping|Rope courses|Wilderness Skills

Camp Address
2464 Route 125, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec, J0T 2C0


Camp Ouareau
Camp Ouareau
2464 Route 125 Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec, J0T 2A0
Contact name:
Jacqui Raill

Phone number:
(819) 424-2662×
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Accommodation & Property Details)

Property details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Cabins
  • Platform Tent

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Archery Range
  • Basketball Court
  • Climbing Wall
  • Rope Course
  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis Court(s)


  • Beach
  • Forested Area
  • Lake/Pond/River
  • Open Field

Director's Message


Jacqui & Gabrielle Raill, Executive Director & Director

  • Jacqui began working at Ouareau in 1975, and has been the director of Camp Ouareau since 1994. In 2009, the Quebec Camping Association awarded Jacqui the Honour Award, which recognizes her exceptional contribution to the camping community and her commitment to Camp Ouareau. Jacqui’s lifelong camping experience has enabled her to contribute to the international camping world; she has been on the boards of the Quebec Camping Association (ACQ), the Canadian Camping Association (CAA), and the International Camping Fellowship (ICF). Part of Jacqui’s camp philosophy is building a partnership between parents and camp so that every camper’s experience is positive and unique.

  • Gabz’ energetic personality keeps camp exciting, from creating new games to teaching a camper how to roll a kayak. In 2007, the Ontario Camping Association (OCA) honoured Gabz with the Ron & Mickey Johnstone Youth Leadership Award. Gabrielle has volunteered her time to work with the Quebec Camping Association (ACQ) and the International Camping Fellowship (ICF), and for World Camps’ Camp Sizanani in South Africa. She collaborated with Dr. Raye Kass of Concordia University on a team-building program for NASA astronauts. Gabrielle holds a B.A. in Human Relations from Concordia University, and a certificate in Recreation from Humber College.

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $2,210 /2 weeks

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 12


Discount for 2nd child 10%
Discount for 3rd child 10%
Discount for 4th child 10%

Stories & Testimonials


Testimonials- Camperexpand

I started to go to Camp Ouareau because I had heard so many good things about it from my 2 older sisters. I keep going back because I love the people who go there. You don't have to make yourself pretty, and it's OK to dress all weird. No one insults you. My favourite activities are Archery, Drama and Pottery. I like the fact that in your cabin or tent at night you can hear the sounds of nature all around you. It's cool too that we get to decorate our tent or cabin to personalize it. The staff at camp are amazing. Each counselor is unique. I like that we get to practice a second language without it being a chore like it sometimes can be in school. The food is great. There's vegetarian food for vegetarians, and there's always fruit out for snacking. I'd recommend Ouareau to anyone. ...

Testimonials - Parentexpand

We found Camp Ouareau in an internet search for a camp for girls when my daughter Molly was 13. It sounded great and looked great and even though we had never heard of it, knew no one who had gone there and had never visited, she decided to go. What a great decision! And what a perfect camp choice for Molly. She loves the setting, the activities, the fabulous food (homemade bread!) and most of all, the people; both the other campers and the staff! The way the camp is set up with equal numbers of girls speaking French and English (and as it turns out, many other languages) and the rotating days of official English/French language really makes the Ouareau experience unique. Even without that it would be a great camp experience but the language component makes it really special. It has been a wonderful opportunity for Molly to improve the French she has taken in school. And meeting so many girls from other countries has increased her interest in learning other languages. From a parent's perspective I find the camp very organized, the staff enthusiastic and helpful and the owners terrific to deal with. When Molly talks about the staff it is very clear that they are happy working there - that makes all the difference in a camp experience for the child and it tells me that the camp is well run. It is reassuring to send my daughter away to a place where I feel she is safe and happy and where I know she feels the same. Camp Ouareau has been a great experience for Molly. Wish I were younger and could go too! ...

Testimonials - Alumnaeexpand

As I sit to write this I am getting teary eyed... I am waiting at the pool for my daughter Ainsley to finish one of her mandatory bronze med courses so she can return to camp as a CIT. They are celebration of life tears. Camp Ouareau has been a huge part of my life since I was eleven years old and thanks to Ainsley's love of Ouareau I am able to still spend part of my summer at camp with friends that I had at camp, and watch our daughters grow ... She is the third generation of Doig girls to enjoy camp. My Mum attended and my sister Lyndsay and I spent many happy summers there. The smell of the lodge stirs a flood of warm memories - opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, Sunday evening program, those silent hills, Bymph stories and skit night. I love the traditions but I appreciate how camp has kept up with the times. I find myself often telling someone that most of my dearest friends I met at Camp Ouareau. We live all over the world but are still close. The friendships you make at camp are true. There is no returning to mum and dad at days end. You must learn to solve problems and care for one another. I learned archery at camp and still love it. I learned to do a Bymph dive, I spent many happy hours in the craft shop, I slept at the Glen, I acted in plays, I wore a pringle, I ate Sunday buns - lots of them! - I loved Camp Ouareau, and I still do. I love, too, that our dear friends now own the camp. I love that friends that I had at camp now have daughters at camp and that our daughters are friends and love it as much as we did. I am so glad that I had a girl! ...

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April 25, 2016 - Open House

Visit camp before registering: Open House is on Sunday June 10th! ...

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