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Winter break in Canada, which usually takes place over December and January, can be a great time for your child to unwind from school. They can also be a great time for you to get a break from work

Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and across Canada.

Types of programming offered

Winter break camps, like March break camps, tend have very flexible scheduling and hours. Many have both full- and part-day programs. And many also have other convenient options, such as booking two, three, or any other number of days per week.

Winter break camps have a wide variety of programming for your child. Like other winter camps, they offer both indoor and outdoor activities. This includes sports programs, like swimming, skating, and taekwondo. It also includes educational programs, like debate, computers, and science, and arts programs, like dance (including ballroom, hip hop, ballet, breakdancing, and jazz) and music.  

Benefits of these camps

The winter or holiday break is usually at least two weeks. If your family isn’t going on an exotic vacation, a camp or program can be a great option for your child. Whether your child enrolls in a full- or half-day camp, or whether they attend for a full week (or two) or a few days a week, these camps can be a great way to “break up” the winter break.

Below, find a list of winter break camps in Canada. Most of these are specialized camps focusing on a specific activity, such as gymnastics. Others, though, offer a wider range of activities.



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  • Mayfair Clubs
    Mayfair Clubs offers a wide variety of camps at all four of our locations. With arts and crafts, karate, tennis, squash and much more, our camps offer something that all kids will enjoy!

    Markham; Bathurst Manor/Clanton Park, Toronto; Leslieville, Toronto

    Sport (multi)
    • Ages 2 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $70/day
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 70 2-16 0 Markham, Bathurst Manor/Clanton Park, Toronto, Leslieville, Toronto
    Kids n Bricks
    Minecraft, Robotics, Programming, Digital Media & LEGO Builders after-school classes & camps for kids 5-16 years, in Mississauga and Oakville. Kids develop skills for real life and discover that learning can be fun!


    Science: LEGO
    • Ages 5 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight, Program
    from $99/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight, Program Coed 99 5-16 1 Oakville
    A nature-focused exploration and adventure camp set within a beautiful urban green space. This hands-on camp helps children foster an appreciation for the the many wonders of the natural world.

    Rexdale, Toronto

    Science: Environment
    • Ages 5 to 12
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $235/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 235 5-12 2 Rexdale, Toronto
    Arts Unleashed
    Confidence. Creativity. Imagination. '100% kid-created' Performing Arts company where children build their own live plays! Painting, set design, characters and costumes. Sometimes Messy. Always exciting.

    Pickering; Ajax

    Art : Theatre Arts
    • Ages 2 to 10
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight, Program, family
    from $216/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight, Program, family Coed 216 2-10 3 Pickering, Ajax
    True North Climbing - Day Camp
    True North Climbing offers a fun and safe environment for children to rock climb, slackline, do crafts and a variety of indoor and outdoor games for Summer Camp, Winter Break, March Break, Passover Break and PA Day Camp.

    Downsview, Toronto

    Sport: Rock Climbing
    • Ages 7 to 12
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $225/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 225 7-12 4 Downsview, Toronto