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Minecraft camps extend the learning aspects of the game to a summer camp setting. They are also a lot of fun, of course! Minecraft themed camps listed below create an environment that allows your child to expand their love for the game and apply it to real-world activities. Here, they can further develop the math skills, coding skills and intrinsic to the game. Read more


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  • Camps that specialize in minecraft

    A hi-tech maker space for curious hands-on kids. We use the latest tools and technologies, like 3D printing and laser cutting, to help your child bring their ideas to life.

    Downtown West, Toronto

    Education (multi)
    • Ages 6 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Program
    from $10/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Program Coed 10 6-17 0 Downtown West, Toronto

    Camps offering minecraft as an activity
    The Cube, Coding, Robotics & Video Game Design School
    A technology camp that offers kids the opportunity to touch on a full range of fun and engaging technology classes and activities that encourage kids to use their creativity to be the technology makers of the future.

    The Beach, Toronto

    Computer (multi)
    • Ages 6 to 17
    • Coed, Girls
    • Day
    from $195/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed, Girls 195 6-17 0 The Beach, Toronto
    Hatch Canada Camp
    Our coding program and camp is packed with exciting, innovative coding lessons and project/portfolio building. Kids learn how to code and make amazing crafts! Our final day includes a tech industry excursion!

    North Toronto, Toronto; Richmond Hill; Oakville

    Computer (multi)
    • Ages 7 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Program
    from $430/week
    sessions & dates
    Day, Program Coed 430 7-17 1 North Toronto, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Oakville
    KNB Learning
    Minecraft, Robotics, Programming, Coding, Media Studies & LEGO after-school & weekend classes & camps for kids 3-16 years, in Oakville. Kids develop skills for real life and discover that learning can be fun!


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 3 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Program
    from $275/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Program Coed 275 3-16 2 Oakville
    Innovation Camp Thinnox
    Technology,Engineering & Design Programs for kids & young adults.Animation,Game Programming,Architecture, Robotics,UI/UX Graphic Design,Full Stack WEB Dev,Fashion...try Innovation Camp & Programs Thinnox in Mississauga.


    Computer (multi)
    • Ages 6 to 18
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $250/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 250 6-18 3 Mississauga
    Bricks 4 Kidz
    We Learn, We Build, We Play with... LEGO® Bricks! Join Bricks 4 Kidz camp and explore the world of creativity and imagination while building motorized models using LEGO® technic bricks. Join March Break & Summer camps!

    Oakville; Burlington; Milton; Mississauga

    Science: LEGO
    • Ages 5 to 10
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $155/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 155 5-10 4 Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga
    Genius Owl
    This camp introduces children aged 10 to 13 to applications and principles of computer programming. The program approach is very hands-on and children learn practical skills in areas such as robotics, and programming.

    Richmond Hill

    Computer (multi)
    • Ages 6 to 12
    • Coed
    • Day, Program
    from $130/month
    sessions & dates
    Day, Program Coed 130 6-12 5 Richmond Hill
    Brock Youth University
    A unique program experience right on the Brock University Campus. Over 95 programs to choose from including +40 STEM Camps. Choose from: class day and overnight trips, summer camps and after-school programs.

    St. Catharines

    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 8 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight, Program, family
    from $178/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight, Program, family Coed 178 8-17 6 St. Catharines
    Stanstead College Summer Camps
    Summer Camps for local and foreign students. Wide variety of camps offered such as Language, STEM, Cultural, Hockey Specific and much more!


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 10 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $1,000/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight Coed 1000 10-17 7 Stanstead
    Science and Technology Summer Camps UOIT
    Get a unique science and tech education in this program by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, including LEGO Robotics, Makerspace, Coding, Minecraft. Girls only sessions, Family Camps, Educator sessions.


    Science (multi)
    • Ages 7 to 15
    • Coed, Girls
    • Day
    from $300/week
    Day Coed, Girls 300 7-15 8 Oshawa

    Benefits of sending kids to a Minecraft camp

    Minecraft kids are typically eight to thirteen, an age range when kids shape career interests and develop learning passions. The good news in this is that Minecraft can be more than just a video game, since it develops analytics skills, architecture interests, and creativity.

    Minecraft summer camps take learning functions of the game and add social elements, like face to face interaction, and some real world building activities. These cooperative aspects of the game are enhanced in a summer camp or March Break camp environment. Shyness or introversion (which some think are exacerbated by video games) is undercut through kids' mutual love of the game. Social skills are thus doubly encouraged in camp, where the game's collaborative aspects (kids build together) are improved upon by real-world interaction in a camp setting.

    Educators and other observers may have their doubts about the value of some video games, but Minecraft is often praised for its development of skills. A minecraft camp for kids is beneficial in that it encourage them to further explore the game's educational and cooperative aspects. Take a deeper look at its educational value: 

    • Minecraft develops math skills as kids construct towers, castles, roads and other parts of their world. They need to learn to read numbers, use addition and subtraction on the fly, and apply multiplication and division in the creation of elements of the Minecraft world.
    • The game is also well-suited to all four types of learners. Visual learners may benefit the most, but Minecraft also appeals to auditory learners, reader/writers and kinesthetic learners.
    • It encourages visualization skills, as kids must use their imagination to map out how to create virtual structures.
    • Mods within the game add educational aspects that further extend children's learning in a summer camp environment. For example, there is a mod that teaches coding.

    Finally, Minecraft kids' camps benefit children facing special challenges:

    • Kids who are under stress due to difficulties at home or through peer problems (such as bullying) benefit from the control they feel when playing the game. Kids gain confidence by building structures and other elements within the game.
    • The game offers a calming release from many childhood pressures.
    • For kids on the autism spectrum, Minecraft camp has been shown – at least anecdotally – to help these kids engage others socially and steer their "obsessiveness" in a positive direction. 

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