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Fencing is an ancient discipline, the only European Martial Art and one of the few sports represented in EVERY Olympic Game since Athens 1896. The ultimate goal in this elegant, prestigious and traditional sport is to hit an opponent without getting hit. Challenging the body and the soul, the art of Fencing blends patience and determination with discipline and competitiveness.

As a combat sport, fencing calls on tremendous agility, reflexes, tactical smarts, discipline and hand-eye coordination. It improves coordination and posture while providing aerobic exercise and strength training.

This graceful sport combines strength, peace of mind and speed. It requires focus and discipline, and a lot of hard work. Fencing teaches you patience, self-control, balance and coordination. Fencing is often called physical chess because you need to be able to think in a split second, calculate risks and make decisions about your next move in every situation. Plus, fencing provides your child with the opportunity to develop character, learn unique skills, and make new friends.


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List of fencing camps and programs

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Camps that specialize in fencing

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  • Sport Western Summer Camps
    A premier march break and summer camp offering sport specific and academic based programming with over 25 camp options and a staff team, which consists of primarily Western University students and student-athletes.


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed, Girls, Boys
    • Day
    from $118/week
    Day Coed, Girls, Boys 118 4-18 0 London
    Camps offering fencing as an activity
    Adventure Valley
    Summer day camp for Toronto kids yearning for outdoor adventure. Sports activities include soccer, tennis, swimming and a variety of other outdoor activities.

    Throughout Greater Toronto Area

    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 4 to 15
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $325/week
    Day Coed 325 4-15 0 Throughout Greater Toronto Area
    Camp Tamakwa
    With an incredibly diversified program, campers develop important life skills, build self-confidence, foster lifelong friendships and return home with an enriched outlook - that there is life and fun without technology!

    Algonquin Park

    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 7 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight, family
    from $1,100/week
    Day, Overnight, family Coed 1100 7-16 1 Algonquin Park
    City of Markham
    Great camp experience right in your own backyard! See what the City of Markham has to offer you and your child for camps!


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 4 to 15
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $70/week
    Day Coed 70 4-15 2 Markham
    Camp Ak-O-Mak
    A traditional summer camp with over 26 sports and camp activities, including swimming, tennis, canoeing, biking and more.

    Parry Sound

    Sport (multi)
    • Ages 7 to 16
    • Girls
    • Day, Overnight
    from $850/week
    Day, Overnight Girls 850 7-16 3 Parry Sound
    Camp Med-O-Lark
    A Co-ed Arts Camp situated on a pristine lake. We offer an all-elective program where campers create their own schedule from a wide array of activities such as Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Circus, Photography & much more.


    Art (multi)
    • Ages 8 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $3,400/2 weeks
    Day, Overnight Coed 3400 8-16 4 Maine
    York University Lions Camps
    Choose from a multi-sport summer camp, focus on a particular sport or try one of our adventure camps such as circus, warrior training or superhero camp.

    Willowdale, Toronto

    Sport (multi)
    • Ages 6 to 15
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $195/week
    Day Coed 195 6-15 5 Willowdale, Toronto
    Camp Otterdale
    Traditional summer camp for kids and teens in Eastern Ontario offering many outdoor activities including music, theatre arts.


    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 7 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $750/week
    Day, Overnight Coed 750 7-16 6 Ottawa
    Camp Kodiak
    An integrated residential summer camp for children & teens with and without ADHD, LD, and high-functioning ASD. We provide a social skills program, academic program and 50+ activities.

    Parry Sound

    Traditional (multi activity)
    • Ages 6 to 18
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $1,239/week
    Day, Overnight Coed 1239 6-18 7 Parry Sound