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There are camps throughout the northern United States and Canada that offer skiing. Ski camps focus on activities and training in specific courses like the Slalom or Grand Slalom. There are also camps that offer skiing or cross country skiing as an activity in the curricula of the year round, winter, winter break, or March break camp. Read more


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  • Camps that specialize in skiing

    Camp Ecolart   
    A premium summer and winter camp for boys and girls 4 to 17 years old offering more than 15 different programs in their summer overnight and day camp, and a skiing/snowboarding program in the March break camp.

    Montreal; Vancouver; West Vancouver

    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 4 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $240/week
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight Coed 240 4-17 0 Montreal, Vancouver, West Vancouver
    Kandalore is the finest traditional summer camp in Canada, providing the best of both canoe tripping and in-camp activities. Specialized leadership programs for 16 and 17 year olds.


    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 6 to 16
    • Coed
    • Overnight, family
    from $2,585/2 weeks
    sessions & dates
    Overnight, family Coed 2585 6-16 1 Minden
    French International Language Camps   
    English students learning French mix with French students learning English in this innovative program in the French Alps. Sports and other activities are an important part of the experience, along with language lessons.


    Education: Language Studies

    • Ages 6 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $2,400/week
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight Coed 2400 6-17 2 International
    Lakeridge Resort Limited   
    Adventure Camp, for young adventurers to challenge themselves and build leadership skills. Mountain Bike Camp, this is a fun and safe program where campers ride the Oak Ridges Moraine by bike.


    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 6 to 14
    • Coed
    • Day
    from $77/week
    sessions & dates
    Day Coed 77 6-14 3 Uxbridge

    Camps offering skiing as an activity
    Lovell International Camps   
    Canadian run camp in the Swiss Alps. Offering a host of sports and activities including: Language, Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Hiking, Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Cultural Excursions & Overnight Expeditions.


    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 6 to 18
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $3,800/3 weeks
    Day, Overnight Coed 3800 6-18 0 International
    YMCA Wanakita Family Camps   
    A traditional overnight camp with a twist, it's fun for the whole family! We offer all the classics like swimming, boating, hiking, sports, crafts and so much more. You'll be sure to find something for everyone to enjoy!

    Haliburton Highlands

    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 1 to 99
    • Coed
    • Overnight, family
    from $430/week
    sessions & dates
    Overnight, family Coed 430 1-99 1 Haliburton Highlands
    Camp Mère Clarac   
    Located on the banks of Rivière Ouareau, we have a magnificent site of 115 acres of land with unique and safe facilities, making it one of the most beautiful camp sites in Quebec.



    • Ages 4 to 16
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $444/session
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight Coed 444 4-16 2 Saint-Donat
    Kids in the Spotlight   
    Kids in the Spotlight is an evidence-based performing arts organization helping children and youth develop self-confidence, social skills, and harmonious relationships with family and friends.

    Gabriola; Jasper; Montreal

    Education: Musical Theatre

    • Ages 3 to 18
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight, family
    from $500/week
    sessions & dates
    Day, Overnight, family Coed 500 3-18 3 Gabriola, Jasper, Montreal
    Stanstead College Summer Camps   
    Summer Camps for local and foreign students. Wide variety of camps offered such as Language, STEM, Cultural, Hockey Specific and much more!


    Traditional (multi activity)

    • Ages 11 to 17
    • Coed
    • Day, Overnight
    from $1,000/session
    Day, Overnight Coed 1000 11-17 4 Stanstead
    1-UP Leadership Programs at Ernescliff College   
    Leadership program and summer camps for boys 9-13 years-old, focused on character formation, service and friendship.

    Quebec City; South Annex, Toronto; Bancroft

    Reading: Leadership training

    • Ages 9 to 18
    • Boys
    • Overnight, Program
    from $150/week
    sessions & dates
    Overnight, Program Boys 150 9-18 5 Quebec City, South Annex, Toronto, Bancroft

    Ski camps will also offer all the other benefits of summer camp, including swimming, rope climbing, hiking, and skiing, in addition to ski activities. Most of these camps are overnight kids' camps, where young skiers receive round the clock supervision creating a safe environment. Counselor-to-camper ratios are very reasonable, although this ratio varies.

    You can learn everything you need to know about programs and curricula from the ski camps listed here.

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