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special needs camps and camps for focusing on academics (reading, writing, math) as well as science.

Thank you for your inquiry! We have a section on our website devoted to special needs camp listings that you may... read more

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The Wylde Swan
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Frontier Trails Camp & Outdoor Education Centre
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UCC Summer Life
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Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre
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Onondaga Camp
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Which camps cater for vegetarians?

Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have special diets. If parents...

What is the price of the summer camp in Toronto?

The price of camp depends on a few factors, including whether it’s a day or overnight camp and how long...

Please specify how is it arranged for international campers the travelling process,including transits in airports. I have a daghter 9 years old, living in Albania/Europe and intrested for a residential camp. She does not speak neither English nor French, only some words in English. Your information will help me for a final decision. Regards, Arben Zenelaj.


It's very exciting that your daughter would like to have a summer camp experience in Canada. Most camps can help...

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