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What camp would be suitable for my child who is 12 years old with sever disabilities. Down Syndrome and autism, non verbal, unable to feed themselves and is not toilet trained, operating on a 18 month old cognitive level.

We have information on our website devoted to camps that support children with special needs here:, which denote which... read more

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Bricks 4 Kidz - Mississauga - Oakville - Milton - Burlington
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InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific
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The Wylde Swan
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Wilderness Tours Adventure Resort
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ESL Summer Camp at Pickering College
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Exceed Robotics
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Actually this is for my nephew from China age 10 who can speak some English. I would have him attend English learning summer camp first this summer, which will be the best one for him? Thanks.

We have information on our website devoted to camps for English as a Second Language (ESL) listed here:, which...

What is a family camp?

Family camps bring parents and kids together. Camps offer many of the same features as traditional camps. Counsellors engage children...

is transportation provided - meals, before and after care

The easiest way to search for camps in your area or in a specific location you’re interested in is with...

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