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Do some of the camps offer a peanut/ tree nut free facility?

Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have severe or life-threatening allergies,... read more

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Camp Mini-Yo-We
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Frontier Trails Camp & Outdoor Education Centre
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Town of Oakville camps
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Actually this is for my nephew from China age 10 who can speak some English. I would have him attend English learning summer camp first this summer, which will be the best one for him? Thanks.

We have information on our website devoted to camps for English as a Second Language (ESL) listed here:, which...

Looking for camps for children with autisum

We have information on our website devoted to camps that support children with autism here:, which denote which type...

Is it really better for my child to go to a longer, say two-week, session?

Camp Directors offer the following as some of the top advantages to a longer stay or multiple sessions for your...

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