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How do kids get to and from the camp?

There are both neighbourhood day camps and faraway overnight camps that provide bus transportation to and from camp. Sometimes there's... read more

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ESL Summer Camp at Pickering College
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Discovery Day Camp
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Town of Oakville camps
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Wilderness Tours Adventure Resort
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My 9 year old son is an advanced tennis player. We are from Mexico and during the summer we intend to visit Toronto for 3 weeks. Would it be possible to enrol him in a camp or tennis school for exclusively tennis week practices ( 3 or 4 hours during the morning) in order for him to learn from your experience? My daughter will be attending an ice-skating course in Markham therefore we are looking for nearby tennis courses.

The Toronto area has many tennis clubs and programs. If you want to enrol your son in a Tennis Camp,...

Interested in technology camps

We have a section on our website devoted to computer and tech camps specifically here: including information on the...

overnight camp

We have information on our website devoted to overnight camps here: Clicking on any of the camp names will...

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