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3 to 17 (Coed )
Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
Education (multi)
$50 to $70
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)


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Sylvan Learning Hamilton

At Sylvan Learning Hamilton our tutors use a personal approach and interactive technology to help our students learn math, reading, writing and more—turning bad grades into A’s and frustration into confidence! We offer a variety of programs for every skill level and need. Some of our programs include: • Tutoring (JK - Gr 12) • Full and Half-day Academic & STEM Camps

The Our Kids review of Sylvan Learning Hamilton


Sylvan Learning Centres were founded in 1979, and the company has grown to include locations throughout North America. Sylvan’s reputation has grown as well, principally through the visibility of the locations and their association with effective academic tutoring. Still, there is more to Sylvan than perhaps most people may know, and the seasonal camps and programs are included in that. Yes, the focus can look somewhat academic at first glance—engineering, STEM, robotics, coding—though the feel of the camps is less formal, less academic, and more geared to gather children around topics and activities that they are passionate about, in addition to having fun. They will learn a lot, no doubt, though often the empowerment that the camps can bring is, for many families and kids, their principal value, and the thing that keeps them coming back year after year.

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weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 4 - 18
Academic/Tutoring $195 to $500
26 Legend Court, Ste #7
Jan 01-Dec 31$195 - $500
Instructor lead (group)|Instructor lead (one on one)|ESL|FSL|Language Studies|Math|Reading|Engineering|LEGO|Robotics|STEM|Test preparation|Writing / journalism

26 Legend Court, Ste #7, Hamilton, Ontario

Sylvan Learning Hamilton
Sylvan Learning Hamilton
26 Legend Court, Ste #7 Hamilton, Ontario, L9K 1J3
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Reviews & Testimonials

  • Safe Environment
    Ian C. — Camp alumni

    I have been receiving tutoring from Sylvan for about 3 and a half months now. The tutors are amazing and incredibly friendly. Being able to ask questions in a safe environment where you feel comfortable learning and being able to learn without feeling inferior is very beneficial. I would recommend Sylvan to anyone!

  • Amazing Atmosphere and Child-Oriented!
    Stephanie S.P. — Parent

    Amazing atmosphere! Sylvan is very child oriented in their goals and approach. The educators are very encouraging in their directions. We are very pleased with our choice to attend Sylvan.

  • This place is awesome!
    Anne S. — Parent

    My 7 year old asked me to write this review. He says, "this place is awesome! I especially like robotics club." We have been going to Sylvan for over 2 years. We started when my oldest son was struggling with his letters and writing at the end of SK and we wanted to boost his skills before starting grade 1. It seemed like a long road, but by halfway through grade 1 he was reading and writing at his grade level (he was so far behind before), and now he is a full grade level ahead in his reading. When we started having the same trouble with my youngest son, I tried other options. We wanted something more convenient, closer to home, maybe less expensive. unfortunately none of the other options worked for us, and we are back at Sylvan again. The kids enjoy coming and the "rewards they get to earn provide incentive. I also like that the staff are always very friendly and always remember the kids names. I would highly recommend them.

  • Three cheers and five starts for Sylvan!!!!
    Paula C. — Parent

    Three cheers and five stars for Sylvan!!!! My son was frustrated with school in grade 3 and hated going. We would sit at the kitchen table and work on his homework for hours and hours and he wasn't understanding any of it. We brought him to Sylvan and within 3 months I never heard "I hate school" any more. He has just finished his first semester of grade 9 and his marks range from a B+ to A+. I can't thank Sylvan enough for helping him not only in school, but also in giving him the confidence to succeed in whatever he chooses to do!

Director's Message


Mubarak Thiwan, Executive Director & Owner

MUBARAK ALI THIWAN (Executive Director and Franchise Owner)

Mubarak Ali Thiwan an engineer by profession, whose educational journey had instilled in him a need of providing accessible and productive learning environment for all students. He has extensive business management and leadership expertise in previous ventures from around the world that allows him to manage/lead this center in a well-organized manner. Mubarak is also responsible for ensuring Sylvan high operating standards are met and that parents and students enjoy the maximum benefits from their Sylvan experience.

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $50 to $70 /day

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 2


Discount for 2nd child $25



Five Fun Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drainexpand

The temperature is rising, school is out of session and the kids are excited to ditch their backpacks and get back to having fun. For many parents, summer poses the age old question: Now that my children are home all day, what am I going to do with them? The summer slump–the learning loss that kids experience when they are out of school for an extended period of time, is also a big concern. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this from happening if you plan fun, hands-on activities throughout the summer months.

Learning loss is more likely to happen with math more than any other subject. Your child’s ability to interpret and calculate math problems is typically most affected with a loss in spelling coming in a close second during the summer. If you are struggling with what to do to prevent this, here are a few easy ways to engage them without the anticipated eye rolls.

1. Take an educational road trip.

Whether it’s a trip to the water park, a local exhibit or a fun day at the zoo, summer field trips open up a ton of activities that are tied to math, science and social studies. The car ride there also provides an opportunity to create an engaging experience for your kids.

2. Stock up on story books.

Generate excitement about reading by helping your child create a reading list at the beginning of the summer or ask for recommendations from your local librarian. If reading is a struggle for your child, take turns reading a story to each other and talk about the story to get them excited to finish the book the following day.

3. Connect in the kitchen.

Kids love to experiment with food. By inviting them to choose a favorite recipe and prepare it with you in the kitchen, they will learn science along with fine motor skills, math and direction following.

4. Let them play!

Children engaging in unstructured play over the summer months strengthen their language development, social and physical skills. They frequently set their own challenges, problem solve and learn from their experiences and mistakes. Let them express themselves through play and catch up on being a kid while they are out of school.

5. Enroll them in fun summer classes.

If your child is not going to camp this summer, they may enjoy taking a class that is focused on STEM-related activities. Sylvan’s EDGE classes provide children an advantage with hands-on, cutting edge classes that focus on programs like Robotics, Engineering, Coding and Math Edge. Best of all, they’re fun! Select the image below to get started with Sylvan!


How to Get Ready for Summer Campexpand

How to Get Ready for Summer Camp


If summer camp is in the future for your child, spring is the perfect time to start planning and preparing! Whether your kids are interested in day camp or sleep-away camp, there’s no denying the educational and social benefits summer camps can have. However, some kids find it easier to adjust to the new routine than others.

For children returning to a camp they’ve attended in the past, the process can be exciting! They’re looking forward to seeing old friends, practicing sports, arts and crafts, exploring interests, and discovering talents. For other kids, especially if they’re attending a new camp, the idea can be stressful. What can they expect? Will they make friends? Will it be scary? If it’s a sleep-away camp, will they be homesick? What if they don’t like it?

Now’s the time to address these potential issues and put them to rest. Here are some tips to consider.

Decide together.

When your child has a say, it’s more likely they’ll be invested in the selection process. This will also help build their confidence that camp will be a positive experience. Talk about what kind of camp your family is interested in. Would they prefer a day camp or sleep-away camp? Would they like one with an emphasis on sports? Computer skills? The arts? Church-affiliated?

Emphasize the positive.

Talk about the fun things that will be a part of the daily camp life, such as doing new and different activities and spending loads of time on a favorite sport or hobby.

Be realistic.

Camp is like real life. Some days are fantastic. Some days aren’t. It’s what we make it. Teach your kid to recognize and appreciate the good things and to learn from setbacks, not to dwell on them. If you have happy memories of summer camp, share them. Kids want to be independent, but they need a little help. Learning from your experiences can be helpful.

Give your child opportunities to talk about concerns.

Listen and stay positive. Don’t let them worry about the “what ifs.” (“What if a monster’s in the lake?” or “What if everyone hates me?”) Bring the conversation back to the promising “what ifs.” (“What if you make a great new friend!” or “What if you finally crush that difficult soccer move?”)

Visit ahead of time.

Plan a short trip to campgrounds with a friend or co-camper if possible. Seeing what the place looks like and being familiar with it will help your child feel less surprised on the first day. If you can’t visit, look at brochures and videos together. You could also talk with other kids who’ve been to the camp before and hear abut their experience.

Get a camp buddy.

If your child can go to camp with a friend, that’s great! If not, encourage them to make new friends early. Socializing skills lead to friendships.

Keep in touch.

If it’s a sleep-away camp, promise your child you’ll keep in touch as often as the camp allows. Keep the messages upbeat, supportive, and friendly. Express interest in what they are learning, the experiences they’re having, and the talents they’re developing.

Help the camp counselors.

They want your child to succeed and have an enjoyable experience. If your child has allergies or special medications, for example, make sure you’ve communicated that to the counselors. They don’t know what you don’t tell them.

Get yourself ready.

If this is the first time your child will be away from home, realize that you’ll need some period of adjustment, too. Plan some time to enjoy the change in routine, and catch up on chores, reading, or your own on-hold interests.


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