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Mississauga Code Club

205-3195 Erindale Station Rd mississauga, Ontario, L5C 1Y5 Locations: Virtual Program (view map)

8 to 18 (Coed )
After-school / weekend classes, Family programs
$250 to $300


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About this camp

Mississauga Code Club

Mississauga Code Club (MCC) works with children age 8-16 to grow as producers of technology instead of being passive consumers. MCC offers after school and weekend STEM courses focused on coding, digital media, and robotics. Children acquire a wide range of 21 century skills including,critical thinking, collaboration, team building, coding, electronics and robotics.

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Available Sessions:

weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 10 - 14
Computer (multi) $240 to $270
Computer programming|Technology|Robotics|Makerspace|STEM
weekly or weekend class / kids programs
Ages: 12 - 17
Computer (multi) $240 to $270
Computer programming|Technology|Robotics|Makerspace|STEM

205-3195 Erindale Station Rd, mississauga, Ontario
Other locations: Virtual Program


Mississauga Code Club
Mississauga Code Club
205-3195 Erindale Station Rd mississauga, Ontario, L5C 1Y5 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

Mississauga Code Club
Laura Thompson — Parent

I had registered my son in various coding classes at Mississauga Code Club for the past five years and it has been an increasingly rewarding experience. He started going while in grade 6 and now he is in grade 10. The teachers are amazing, very friendly people who know how to teach the kids and make it fun and interesting at the same time. My son had learned so much computer programming from just regularly participating in these classes. With these teachers support he is now teaching coding himself. So rewarding! I totally recommend this place.

Director's Message

Suha Islaih, Mississauga Code Club co-founder

My name is Suha Islaih I am a co-founder of Mississauga Code Club, computer science educator and the program coordinator at MCC.  I have many years of experience in teaching computer science for people of all ages in Canada and abroad. I believe that coding is not only the top skill in the 21st century, but also as a universal language that allows people to cooperate with each other across physical and geographical boundaries. For young learners, I believe that coding helps young learners cultivate other benefits such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, persistence and determination. 

At MCC, we work with kids to help them grow as producers of technology instead of being passive consumers of technology. To achieve this mission, we have developed effective approaches for teaching coding to young learners. For example, we use physical computing as an exceptional approach to introduce kids and youth to the world of coding and computer programming. This approach allows young learners to learn the basic concepts of coding, and robotics through fun, and excitement. Then, they start moving in the journey to learn different coding languages for different purposes. They might learn python to design games, or Java to make apps, and Java Processing to make animation, and C to code an electronic circuit.   

Learning to code is a life- long Journey, we facilitate this understanding among young learners at MCC in many ways: Firstly, we offer quarterly after -school and weekend programs to offer MCC young learners opportunities to continue and grow in their learning pathways. Secondly, we ask students to bring their laptops so they can take their work and learning home so they continue their learning and exploring. Lastly, we rely on open-source materials to help kids grow as independent life-long learners.

Finally, our focus is not only tech skills. We focus on helping kids grow their human potential by offering them to volunteer, teach and lead at various events organized by MCC on our site or within schools, libraries, and other community facilities.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit MCC website or call us at 416-992-6102 if need more information about our classes and programs.

I look forward to working  with your children on our site.


Mississauga Code Club - Story

A few years back when my youngest son Ibraheem was in grade two, he was like many other children into computers and gaming. I was thinking about how to turn this passion for games, into something positive. I wanted to help him improve his skills in computing, and take him to the next level in computer programming. I went to his school, and I talked to the vice principle to ask her about any available opportunities in Mississauga to help my son learn more about computers and information technology.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t aware of anything in Mississauga. At that moment, the idea came to me: “Why not create a space for kids to teach them coding?” I’m a computer science specialist with high honors in Interactive multimedia from Sheridan College. I taught computer science in Jordan, and Palestine. I also have a limitless passion for teaching and learning with kids.

After a few months, I started Mississauga Code Club (MCC).  I remember the first code club we ran had a small group of four children including my son Ibraheem. Over the last three years, the MCC name has spread in the city, and more children not only wanted to join, but they also wanted to continue the journey to learn code. With the collective effort of our young coders, their committed parents, and passionate facilitators and helpers; we have created a wonderful and healthy learning environment for everyone. MCC has now 3 classes running all year long with more than 40 kids.


In the News

December 10, 2019 - Registration is open for Winter2020- Start Jan 10

MCC launched new courses for Winter 2020. The new courses is designed to discover passion and grow kids's interest in coding & robotics. ...

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