Arrowsmith School Cognitive Intensive Program

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8 to 88 (Coed )
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Arrowsmith School Cognitive Intensive Program

Arrowsmith’s Cognitive Intensive Program is an 8-week online program proven to change the brain. Suitable for children as young as 9, our trained staff offer real-time support throughout the 8-week program. Plan for your child to dedicate several hours a day to cognitive training and for them to emerge with a stronger, more capable brain. Registration begins this spring.

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The Arrowsmith School was founded in 1980 by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young to provide support for struggling learners. The school has been an object of interest ever since, due to the concept that Arrowsmith-Young built her program around. "If we look at a lot of special education programs, the majority assume the learner is fixed," she said. "What my program is saying is that we can change the learner so they can learn." While there are many things that set the school apart, that sense of what is possible is prime among them. The Cognitive Intensive Program extends the work of the school, based in a like model and similar goals. Each year it hosts both adults and school age students who arrived from literally from around the world--as close as the US, and as far as Australia. They come because of the success of the program as well as its uniqueness—there is literally nothing like it in terms of approach and outcomes. And the outcomes are these: taking struggling learners, specifically around cognitive function and symbol relations, and helping them develop as learners and growing into a more accurate understanding of their academic abilities and what they are capable of. It’s life-changing in every way. The program promises a lot, and it consistently delivers all of that and more. 

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Ages: 9 - 18+
Academic/Tutoring $5,000
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Ages: 8 - 18+
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245 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, Ontario
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Arrowsmith School Cognitive Intensive Program
Arrowsmith School Cognitive Intensive Program
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Reviews & Testimonials

Cognitive Intensive Program - Week 3 Improvements
Adult student — Camper

“I’m noticing that my reading comprehension is better. I’m studying at night while here in Toronto, so I don’t get too far behind. I’ve always struggled with Latin. I need to have it for my degree and it’s been a real challenge up till now. This past week I’ve noticed that I am getting about 60% of my translation correct on the first try, compared to about 5-10% before doing the CIP. That is very satisfying. I’m reading my text books faster and not as much as I did before. I have more energy. And, my roommate tells me that I’m talking more and making more sense when I talk. So, I think that is all good. I’m really pleased to see what has taken place in the first three weeks, and can’t wait to see what will happen in the next three.”


Open House Presentations

Wednesday Evening Open House Presentations for Parents and Families at Arrowsmith School in Toronto We invite families who have a child with learning difficulties and others who are interested in learning about our program to attend one of our Wednesday evening Open House Presentations that are held throughout the year. All of our Open Houses begin at 7:00 p.m. with a presentation describing our program following which visitors will have an opportunity to ask questions, tour the school and meet some our teachers and observe demonstrations of some of our exercises. It is not necessary to call ahead, please just drop in. We also welcome visitors who may be considering enrolling their child in the Arrowsmith Program in one of the independent schools that offer the Arrowsmith Program. Please call our Admissions Coordinator, Janet Scott, at 416 963-4962 if you have any questions about our admissions process or if you would like to speak further with someone at Arrowsmith School about your child's learning needs.


Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is based on the application of neuroscientific research and for 40 years we have worked to help students strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying a range of learning difficulties. Our goal is to help students become effective, confident, and self-directed learners. For children and youth, this includes enabling them to return to a regular school after a three to four year program. Our program is offered at schools throughout North America, the Cayman Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Spain, and Switzerland.



Arrowsmith School Toronto and Arrowsmith School Peterborough are privately owned co-educational and non-denominational day schools that are dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities. Arrowsmith School in Toronto was established in 1980 and Arrowsmith School Peterborough opened in 2005. The Arrowsmith Program is founded on neuroscientific research and 40 years of experience demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions through a program of specific cognitive exercises. The Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning. Students are able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and after a three or four year program can function without special education assistance or program accommodations.


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