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3 to 100 (Coed )
Day camp, After-school / weekend classes, Family programs
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Visual arts (multi)
$18 to $500
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)


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Wanda's Creative Clay

Wanda's Creative Clay is a group of caring and talented artists who value children and believe that our fun and educational programs are beneficial to "kids of all ages." We bring our talent to many of the schools in the GTA as well as offering camps, classes, workshops & parties in and out of our studio space-adults too! At Wanda's Creative Clay - "It's More Than Just Clay!"

3334A Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario


Wanda's Creative Clay
Wanda's Creative Clay
3334A Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, M4N 2M4
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Director's Message

Wanda Goodman, Creative Clay Genious

At Wanda's Creative Clay we say that it is "More Than Just Clay" and what we mean by that, is that with our fun/educational and gentle instruction, we encourage children to ask questions, to learn, be confidant, explore areas that might intimidate them and to dive into their imagination, without judgement..

We are a like minded, caring group of artists who love and appreciate children. 

There is a saying that we love, that is on our studio wall and it says "Speak to children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe, they will become" Brooke Hampton 

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $18 to $500 /session

Payment Options:

Credit card payment Yes


Discount if paid early 10%
Discount for 2nd child 10%
Discount for 3rd child 10%


Eden Worth, SickKids Hospital, Guinness World Record & Wanda's Creative Clay - How they all came together

In early 2004, I met a wonderful little girl named Eden Worth. She was funny and kind and loved clay! Eden was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5, and we quickly became fast friends. In 2013, Eden sadly passed away from cancer. We wanted to do something special for her, something that would keep her memory alive...so we attempted to break a Guinness World Record. On July 5th, on Centre Island in Toronto, Ontario, almost 1000 people gathered to break The World's Largest Clay Lesson, and we did, raising $30,000 for SickKids Hospital....all for our Eden, our daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, cousin and friend...Eden! 

Eden, a vivacious, loving, giving, caring, beautiful young girl was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 5, a few weeks after beginning a new school year in senior kindergarten.  8 hours of surgery, 3 weeks of recovery in the hospital, loss of voice for 4 months, 30 days of radiation, (instant hair loss), 16 months of chemotherapy, months of physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, gave us back our little girl, changed, yes, but our little girl nonetheless.

Years of follow-up, many hospital visits, more Xrays, MRIs, CAT scans, pokes and a slew of doctors and we are constistantly given the same wonderful news – Eden is fine, nothing to worry about, with a few adjustments, she will live a happy and healthy long life.  She adjusts at school, hobbies and other interests like other young girls.  But, fast forward 7 years and Eden starts to show similar signs of the symptoms.  Doctors say it’s food related, school related, this and that and finally  a MRI is scheduled to confirm my thoughts.  That one in a million chance, what everyone said could never happen again, is back.  This time it has progressed and spread. Sadly, not a year since her re-diagnosis, Eden passed peacefully at home just prior to her 13th birthday.

From a very early age, Eden loved her arts and crafts, especially her FIMO classes at the local community centre.  There she met Wanda and a very special friendship developed. After the chemo and radiation, FIMO gave her the ability to practice her fine motor skills.    When Eden had the energy, she continued attending her classes, when times weren’t so good, Wanda came to spend private time with Eden at home or the hospital. A special bond developed like no other, a true friendship.

When Wanda came to me with the idea of breaking the world record in FIMO modeling in Eden’s honour, I was touched beyond words.  There could be no better way to remember my precious daughter.  Enjoy the day, make memories, and as Eden would say, take each moment one “atta” time.


You have truly perfected

Dear Wanda,

Thank you so much for all that you did to help us celebrate Marley’s 6th birthday. It was wonderful and all the kids had a super time, especially Marley. Best of all, they got to take home a great fimo clown which was a result of their own creative work. Your step by step walk through the entire project was excellent and everyone felt capable and successful as a result.

I must tell you that working with you was a real pleasure. You made me feel that you were honoured to be helping celebrate my daughter’s birthday. As you stated so warmly, “you only turn 6 once!”

All our consultations before the party to discuss the details were effortless. You spent a lot of time and effort discussing with me potential projects and emailing me different pictures. You made me feel confident that with you there the party would run smoothly and it sure did; even tho we had approximately 30 six year olds and a few siblings.

As well, you were tremendously helpful in setting up and disassembling tables, a real help and certainly not your responsibility. Finally, you took such care in helping the children, but at the same time allowing them to do their own work. It is a fine balance that you have truly perfected. It is evidenced in your weekly classes as well. Your concern over the baking of each individual piece of fimo shows yet again, your true devotion to these children and the treasures they create.

We, especially Marley, want to thank you so much for facilitating such an incredible birthday party. The success was fully due to you and your enthusiastic and wonderful way with kids.

Yours very truly,




Even when you struggle

“I love Wanda’s Creative Clay. Wanda’s Creative Clay is where Wanda shows you how to make your own mini sculpture and she helps you when you struggle. She is very nice about it. The characters that we make are sometimes cute, sometimes cartoonish and sometimes very real. I met her at my school as a lunch time program and I liked it so much that one year I decided to have my birthday party at her studio.  I can’t get enough of Wanda’s program.  I have been doing it for 4 years and the projects are always new.  That is why I love Wanda’s creative clay.”    Mitchell, grade 4.


A Billion Creations

“Wanda's clay class is awesome. I have gone there since I was 4 years old and I am currently 9. Wanda is creative, fun and kind. She has something like a billion creations in the place. My favourite class is the half-a-day winter session. We all make a display, one for each of us, out of clay, wood and some other things lying around. I've made a display of a castle complete with a troll, king, dragon, castle, dog, robber, lowering drawbridge, rock path, palm trees and a crocodile. I've also made a "winter wonderland" with an igloo, moose, some slopes, a skating rink with skates, a sled, polar bear, a LOT of penguins wearing hats, scarves and mittens and riding skis, walruses, snowballs and icicles. Sometimes Wanda will bring in her pugs and (not as often, though) her bird. She has a room for us kids to play in, full with pillows and, once in a while, balloons. On the last day of winter session, Wanda will let us watch a movie and eat cheezies and pizza. About after-school sessions, if you added up all the days I went there, you'd get about one or two months. I have made Garfield, Scooby Doo, Pink Panther, a multi-coloured monkey, a woodpecker on a tree, a unicorn, a ninja turtle, Harry Potter and so much more. I also went to Wanda's for my birthday. At the party we played games, made our own dogs out of clay and ate more pizza and cupcakes. I have to say, it was one of the best birthday parties I ever had. Over all, Wanda's Clay Class is indescribably amazing and I LOVE going there either after school or in the winter.”


Clay Expert

From Eric, clay expert. Wanda is a joy as my teacher in clay. She makes everything so much fun. Wanda gets her clay and tells us what to do step by step. Your clay will be great in just one hour! It is such a joy being with Wanda. If you can’t go for programs you could still have a party. I had a party and I loved it! So go to your parents and ask if you can do Wanda’s Creative Clay. Thanks, by Eric


Our Programs

Wanda and her Creative Clay Program are a favorite with everyone at our school’s annual 8-week Winter Extra Curricular Program! We (the program coordinators) love Wanda because she has been creative, reliable, and a pleasure to deal with for the past four years. The parents love Wanda because their kids come home every week with a huge smile on their face and a wonderful project to cherish for years. The children absolutely love Wanda because she is so warm and caring - it comes through in every class. Wanda has a unique talent for teaching with clear, step by step instructions on how to make wonderfully intricate clay miniatures, so that the children have fun and gain self-confidence at the same time!

Aviva & Itka

Project Coordinators, Extra Curricular Sunday Programs


Thank You!

Dear Wanda,

I wanted to write you a note to say thank you for introducing us to Fimo.  I would never think that a little mound of modeling clay could transform into such works of art.  Above all though, is your unbelievable patience and creative talent in teaching the kids to roll, mold and decorate for themselves.  You have an amazing gift. 




Thank You!

Dear Wanda,
I just wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal job that you did at my son Ty's 6th birthday party.  Ty was insistent on having you come again after the incredible response that we got last year. You have really made his last two birthdays very special.  Over the past two years at Armour Heights Community Centre, you have inspired my son's creativity, have continued to improve his fine motor skills and have shown a genuine love of all of the children in your classes.  It continues to amaze me that in spite of the fact that my son has been enrolled in the last 6 consecutive sessions with you, you have never repeated a project.  Your creativity is amazing.  I look forward to enrolling my daughter in your classes next year.  You are truly special.


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