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3155 Line 13 Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 3P7 (view map)

7 to 15 (Coed )
Day camp, Overnight camp
Traditional (multi activity)
$400 to $956


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Hollows Camp

Located 1 hour from Toronto on a private nature preserve, Hollows Camp is a traditional camp providing a wide range of outdoor activities including: archery, boating, paintball, horseback riding, drama, arts, trampoline, aerial silks, bushcraft, and tennis. Family operated for 39 years, we push the limits to make every camper's experience at Hollows exciting, fun and memorable.

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The Hollows is a traditional camp with all of the traditional activities on offer, from watersports to adventure, to mindfulness training. The property is a draw, comprising 87 acres of green space. The size of the camper population is as well, which is limited to 70 participants. It’s a unique combination, allowing for a very personal relationship with the camp and the other campers, and a clear sense of inclusion. Founders Stephen and Janet Fine continue to run the camp, as they have done for nearly four decades. They bring a dedication to promoting healthy, active living, and developing strong social bonds.

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Overnight Camp
Ages: 7 - 15
Traditional (multi activity) $813 to $1,100
3155 Line 13
Jul 12-17 $813 - $1,100
3155 Line 13
Jul 19-24 $813 - $1,100
3155 Line 13
Jul 26-31 $813 - $1,100
3155 Line 13
Aug 02-07 $813 - $1,100
Wilderness Skills|Arts & Crafts|CIT/LIT Program|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Canoeing|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Paintball|Soccer|Sports-Instructional and Training|Tennis|Trampoline|Ultimate Frisbee|Volleyball|Yoga
Overnight Camp
Ages: 7 - 15
Traditional (multi activity) $1,805 to $2,400
3155 Line 13
Jul 12-24 $1,805 - $2,400
Wilderness Skills|Arts & Crafts|CIT/LIT Program|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Canoeing|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Paintball|Soccer|Sports-Instructional and Training|Tennis|Trampoline|Ultimate Frisbee|Volleyball|Yoga
Day Camp
Ages: 7 - 15
Traditional (multi activity) $350 to $400
3155 Line 13
Jul 13-17 $350 - $400
3155 Line 13
Jul 20-24 $350 - $400
3155 Line 13
Jul 27-31 $350 - $400
3155 Line 13
Aug 03-07 $350 - $400
Wilderness Skills|Arts & Crafts|CIT/LIT Program|Mindfulness Training|Archery|Canoeing|Hiking|Horseback Riding/Equestrian|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Paintball|Soccer|Sports-Instructional and Training|Tennis|Trampoline|Ultimate Frisbee|Volleyball|Yoga
Overnight Camp
Ages: 13 - 17
Entrepreneurship $1 to $1,150
3155 Line 13
Aug 17-21 $1 - $1,150
Instructor lead (group)|Instructor lead (one on one)|Entrepreneurship|Social Justice/Empowerment|Public Speaking/Debate|Skilled Trades Activities|Archery|Canoeing|Kayaking/Sea Kayaking|Paintball|Soccer|Swimming|Tennis|Trampoline|Volleyball|Yoga

Camp Address
3155 Line 13, Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 2A5


Hollows Camp
Hollows Camp
3155 Line 13 Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 3P7
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Reviews & Testimonials

Hollows Love
Angie Shiner — Camp alumni

At a young age of 9, I was one of the first handful of campers that kicked off the inaugural year in 1981. I started as a day camper at the Hollows Camp with my best friend along with 5 or 6 others. We quickly became friends and enjoyed the wide variety of activities the camp had to offer from waterfront boating activities, arts and crafts, archery and drama. However, my favourite was the ability to learn how to ride a horse in the English discipline. It was here at camp, that I fell in love with this sport and continued my development outside of camp for many years in lessons and competing on the trillium circuit with Janet as my coach. Each and every summer I returned to camp which quickly moved from only a day camp to offering residence camp, meeting up with my friends from the previous year and being introduced to new ones every year after. I developed and amazing relationship with Janet and Stephan as if they were my second family, so much so, that they offered me my first job as a mother’s helper looking after their son Morgan in their home one summer. The following summer and every year after that for many years, I was a camp counsellor and working with other amazing staff members, I now had the honour of taking on the amazing task of leading the campers in their daily activities as they experience what I had in my previous years as a camper. I was a riding instructor developing the young minds with a love of horses and teaching them from the basics of horse care and stable management to jumping. Every summer I now looked forward to meeting up with my counsellor friends just as I did as a camper, one in particular stood out....Rob Côté. After many years at camp as a counsellor I had moved away and could no longer be a part of camp but never lost touch of those memories of laughter, friends, campfires and talent shows. I decided to drop in one afternoon around lunchtime with my youngest daughter Jordyn to show her where I spent many summers. After being invited to stay for “Mac and cheese” day, a camp favourite I remember well ...Janet offered myself and Jordyn a tour to show us all the incredible changes the camp has made over the last 30 years. It was after this tour that my daughter was excited to start her camp experience and enjoy all the things (and more) that I had. A proud moment for me to be able to share this with my second generation. It was during this time, fellow alumni Rob Côté was also bringing his children to camp reuniting us again. I am happy to announce that we are now engaged all because of our experiences as young adults at the Hollows Camp. Of course we have chosen the camp to be the venue of choice to exchange our wedding vows. The Hollows Camp was something that created a love of the outdoors and fun as a child, a love of friendships and experiences as a counsellor, and a lifetime of happiness with the love of my life!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Best Staff
Liza Paul — Camp alumni

Best staff. Maximum fun... Had a blast

Thank you!!
Kim Hambly — Parent

"Thank you for such a wonderful season. My daughter had a blast and can't wait for next year! We love the variety of activities offered, the beautiful location and the incredible staff. Thank you again, see you next year!!"

Beautiful Facility
Michelle Sky-Walker — Parent

"Absolutely beautiful facility and the staff are phenomenal."

Mariana Ruelas
A wonderful camp for international children — Parent

We are a French family, and I was looking for a full English camping immersion experience for my three kids (12, 8 & 5 ). So they went this summer (first week on day camp and second overnight except our 5 years old) to Hollows Camp, and it couldn't have been a better experience for the three of them. They just loved it to the point that they want to go back next summer. The family that owns Hollows Camp is lovely; they pay attention to every little detail concerning the kids' well being. They have a wide range of activities, and the children can choose every day what they want to do (swimming, trampoline, field sports, paintball, arts and crafts, canoeing among others) this is great because it allows children to try new things every day if they wish. The food is homemade, and according to my kids, it is delicious! Last but not least, The Hollows Camp is a breathtaking place with beautiful views and a lake, the perfect place for kids to enjoy nature and have fun.

Forever Grateful for The Hollows Camp
Judy Hillmer — Parent

My two children went to Hollows (overnight) Camp every summer for many years. I never worried about them. The programs offered varied to include so many interests. They made life-long friends. The family that owns Hollows Camp helped me as a single mother shape the genuine and productive adults my children grew into. Forever Grateful

Awesome Camp and Memories
Tara Macmunn — Parent

My daughter was there for a week. She came home with so many good memories. The food was amazing, the staff was awesome with her. Only positive things to say

Camper, Staff Member, Mother
Bettina Heimrath — Parent

I grew up at the Hollows - from my first experience at sleepaway camp to my first summer job as a counselor. It’s where I fostered my love and appreciation of the outdoors and learned the importance for moments of solitude and self-reflection. I often find myself reflecting back on those experiences and lessons to navigate through life. Now as a mother, I see the wonder and excitement in my children’s eyes and know deep down that their fun filled days at Hollows will one day translate into the same lessons that they can carry forward.

The Hollows Spirit
Rob Cote — Parent

“My first introduction to camp life came as a councillor in 1987, the Hollows camp became my home in the summer for 5 years. The family atmosphere of the Hollows allowed for everyone to interact together in all the activities, developing lifetime friendships and lifelong memories. One of those friendships being with the directors Stephen and Janet. Thirty years later I am now offering my children the “Hollows”experience. Without fail the one question I get at the end of their camp stay is “Can we come back next summer?” That’s when I know the Hollows spirit is as strong as ever.

Great First Time Camp Experience
Tania Walsh — Parent

Kids went to mini-camp for their first overnight camp experience. They loved it! Crafts, swimming, camp fires, hikes. We sent the kids with their cousins and the camp allowed us to have them in the cabin.

5 Star Day Camp
Chris C — Parent

5 star rating from the kids for a great local day-camp-camp.

The Hollows is...
Grace Pauletto — Parent


My Happy Place
Rachelle Heller — Camper

I love The Hollows Camp because I have made so many amazing friends and memories there. From the daily activities, to singing around the campfire at night, I always think about camp as my happy place, and I can’t imagine spending my summers anywhere else.

Accommodation & Property Details

Sleeping Accommodations

  • Cabins

Washrooms Facilities

  • Flush Toilets
  • Outhouses
  • Showers (indoor)

Sports facilities

  • Archery Range
  • Gymnasium
  • Horseback Riding Arena (indoor/outdoor)
  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis Court(s)


  • Beach
  • Forested Area
  • Lake/Pond/River
  • Nature Trails
  • Open Field

Director's Message

Stephen and Janet Fine, Owners and Directors

The Hollows Camp has been our passion for over thirty years. We built our home and raised our family here knowing that a close connection with the natural world is of immeasurable benefit to the health, well being and positive development of children and young adults. Our sincere intention to share the social and environmental benefits inherent to camp community is what motivated us to established The Hollows Camp and nurture it over the years. We like to think of our camp is being an enjoyable and relaxing adjunct to everyday life. A place where kids can just be kids while learning how to live with, co-operate with, and respect one another. At The Hollows Camp you will find a small camper population and one that we, as owners/co-directors, are actively engaged with during the day to day routines of camp life. We are readily available to both our campers and all on our team of counselors and instructors at The Hollows Camp.             

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $400 to $956 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 6


Discount if paid early $270


Best Pony in the World

"For the past five summers I and my two sisters have been coming to The Hollows Camp from our home in Italy to improve our English speaking. We love Canada and have made many friends here. I especially love to jump fences and take care of the horses and ponies at camp. This is a picture of me and Strawberry, she is my favorite because she is a talented pony and I can improve my skills with her. Both my sisters rode excellent horses and ponies at camp as well. There are so many exciting things to do at camp. My sisters, who are now counselors, are very proud of the program they developed, called "Survival." They teach the outdoor skills they learned at Scout Camp in Italy and it has been very popular."


Paintball Enthusiast!

"I didn't think I wanted to go to camp because they didn't have any activities I wanted to do. But I came to The Hollows Camp because they had my favorite - paintball. Paintball is awesome and it's a real sport and a lot of fun. We do capture the flag paintball, target paintball, and all kinds of games. Everybody plays, even the counselors! After I got here I made a lot of friends and found out that there's a lot of other great stuff to do at camp. Now I like kayaking and drama!. These are two things I've never done before. If you've never tried something before then you really don't know if you like it or not. That's why The Hollows is a cool camp - you never get bored."


Camp is our second home

"My kids literally live The Hollows Camp ten months of the year. Then they return to their "second home." This is the way it's always been since they first went to The Hollows. I sent them when they were just little kids nine years ago and now they are all staff members. The Hollows Camp has been an extremely important part of their lives and a big factor in their learning to become responsible and caring people. Now I am one of the ambassadors for The Hollows Camp and I talk to many parents about the benefits of going to a camp where your kids can learn life skills and become independent within a thoughtfully supervised community. The Hollows Camp has a special significance within our family and I know it has been the same for many other families as well."



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