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Online Personal Development Program

By: Swiss Education Academy  []

Swiss Education Academy

Program and Sessions Details:


Virtual program


Leadership (multi)

Age (Gender):

15 - 18 (Coed)


$95 to $350

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Do you want to get better at public speaking, gain trust and be more confident? Join our Online Personal Development Program!


At Swiss Education Academy we know how competitive – and daunting – school and university applications can be. Our series of online sessions will give you the soft skills you need to make a positive impression during your application interview, along with the tools required to present quick and creative solutions to problems. During this online personal development program our team of experts will conduct four sessions, each lasting two hours. The sessions will be available throughout July so you can choose the dates that suit you best. All of the talks will be interactive, giving you an opportunity to engage with our industry experts, and ensuring you gain the skills you need to succeed. Enrol today, and unlock your full potential!


The importance of soft skills and how to use them to your advantage. 

How to identify your strengths and leverage them effectively. 

How to use technology to become a creative thinker and problem solver. 

Gain key insights into human behaviour, etiquette and business protocols and learn how to present yourself in a positive light.


SESSION 1 | Monday 5/12/19/26 July TOPIC: Good manners make good business: gaining a world view of etiquette and business protocols. OUTLINE: Learn how to make a strong and lasting impression on others through the way you communicate. Lindsey will give you an understanding of the importance of etiquette, and the know-how to engage with confidence and gain respect in a global world.

SESSION 2 | Tuesday 6/13/20/27 July TOPIC: Develop your soft skills. OUTLINE: Soft skills are not about what you do but how you do it. University and high school admissions typically look for soft skills as they make a student stand out. In this interactive module, participants will discover how to unlock their full potential.

SESSION 3 | Wednesday 7/14/21/28 July TOPIC: How to become a creative thinker and problem-solver using technology. OUTLINE: Gain an understanding of upcoming technologies – including web technologies, cloud services, data management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – and how to use them to think creatively and mastermind solutions.

SESSION 4 | Thursday 8/15/22/29 July TOPIC: How smart are you? OUTLINE: Have you ever wondered, “Am I smart enough?”, “Do I have what it takes to be successful?”. Well, these questions are wrong. You should rather be asking yourself, “How smart am I?”, “What is my type of intelligence?” This interactive and personalized session will help you leverage your intelligence in an authentic and meaningful way.

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Session Dates & Locations:

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Virtual Program,
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Character Development:

  • Interpersonal skills: Also called soft skills. We have a complete interactive module dedicated to unlock the full potential of the participants.
  • Self-regulation: Our module about business etiquette teaches the good manners and know-how to engage with confidence with people.

Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Instructor lead (group)
  • Leadership Training
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