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SV Robotics Academy

SV Robotics Academy is a project based learning program for bright and curious students! We run weekend and weekday sessions during the year to help students find their love for learning, innovate and participate in numerous events year round! This year we are partnered with institutions for summer camps across the GTA to provide exposure and experience in technical skills and entrepreneurship! Notably we are working with Yamaha Music School (Markham) to provide an innovative  Music & Robotics Summer Camp, the University of Toronto with an innovative entrepreneurship and programming course, and the City of Brampton to create a technical programming/robotics summer camp. 

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Animation / 3D design|Computer programming (multi)|Technology|Web design/development|Video Game/Web Design|Robotics|Instructor lead (group)|Makerspace|Engineering|STEM
Animation / 3D design|Computer programming (multi)|Technology|Web design/development|Video Game/Web Design|Robotics|Instructor lead (group)|Makerspace|Engineering|STEM
Virtual program
Ages: 8 - 18
Virtual Program,
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Animation / 3D design|Computer programming (multi)|Technology|Web design/development|Video Game/Web Design|Robotics|Instructor lead (group)|Makerspace|Engineering|STEM
Guitar|Jam Camp|Piano|Vocal training / singing|Animation / 3D design|Computer programming (multi)|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Robotics|Instructor lead (group)|Makerspace|Engineering|STEM

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YSpace, 3rd Floor - 169 Enterprise Blvd, Markham, Ontario
Other locations: Brampton


SV Robotics Academy
SV Robotics Academy
YSpace, 3rd Floor - 169 Enterprise Blvd Markham, Ontario, L6G 0E7 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

Student Review
Ryosuke Minakami — Camp alumni

Very well constructed curriculum. Way more advanced than what you can learn at school.

Parent Review
Samantha C — Parent

SV Robotics is such an amazing program. My son really enjoys going each week. The founders Glenn and Mayu are professional, kind, engaging and knowledgeable. I have tried a few other robotics classes around the city but I found SV Robotics to be the most well-rounded and interesting. Thank you so much Glenn and Mayu. I am so glad that my son has place to go to that is fun AND educational.

Parent Review
Adrian Ranganathan — Parent

I found SV Robotics through a friend and the types of projects they offer to the kids are very practical, such as solar panel that automatically follows the sunlight. Definelty would recommend for teens who are interested in STEM and robotics.

Student Review
Sanji Siva — Camper

Joining this robotics club has to be one of the best choices I've ever made. SV Robotics Academy provides a great learning experience. The project I'm currently working on is an IOT Alarm Device. What sparked this project was my annoying little brother, who would constantly come into my room, steal my things and go through my stuff whenever he wants without my permission. This triggered me to create a solution in which I could be immediately notified with pictures when someone walks into my room. This project solves my problem and brings an end to nosy siblings, all thanks to the tools, education and encouragement provided by this class!

Student Review
Kavin G — Camper

I've been going to classes for about a year now and it's great. I'm surrounded by inspiring peers and it's a very nurturing environment, where we learn to be independent but we still get constant encouragement and feedback. My current assignment is a gesture controlled drone and it's really fun, but if you were tell me a few months ago that I'd be making a drone I would've scoffed at the idea. I really recommend this class.

Director's Message

Glenn Murphy, Co-Founder, CTO

We started SV Robotics Academy with the vision of learning inside and outside the classroom. This has evolved from our students learning a concepts in programming and mechanical design to our students then participating in competitions, hack-a-thons and even working on industry projects! This year we've aligned our vision with launching innovative summer camp programs: We're working with Yamaha Music School, the University of Toronto and the City of Brampton! 


Thank you for spending your time researching about our program! 

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: Varies /week

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Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 2


Discount if paid early 15%
Discount for 2nd child 10%


Attending my First Female Hack-a-Thon

My name is Sahari and I’m currently in grade nine. About three weeks ago, I attended my very first hackathon, ElleHacks, an all female hackathon sponsored by York University. Before SV Robotics, I would have never known what a hack-a-thon was and with only a few months of robotics experience, I already had my first opportunity to showcase my skills. To be entering a completely new place where I’d be surrounded by people with a lot more experience and knowledge frightened me—the very thought of participating in a hack-a-thon was extremely nerve-wracking.

I was surprised when I was accepted and I had mixed feelings about the whole thing—I was both excited and nervous for this new experience. Sometimes, I can be very shy so entering a hack-a-thon overnight was terrifying to me. I didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare but I was lucky to find a group who was nice and were open to share their university experiences with me.

The hack-a-thon began on the Friday night with the sponsors introducing challenges like “sleep deprivation” and “gift for a family member” for groups to pick from and solve with an invention. Then on Sunday, we would pitch our idea to the judges. For the rest of the night until 4 a.m. on Saturday, we took part in various workshops which was a great way for beginners like me to learn about JavaScript, web development, and design thinking.


What really stood out to me throughout this incredible weekend was listening to the stories of remarkable women in technology. Whether they were in the military or working in business (or even winning Miss Universe Canada like Lauren Howe, an avid tech enthusiast!), their stories truly inspired me and ignited my passion. I even got to learn about what companies were looking for when hiring, giving me an advantage in my future career because I didn’t even know what I wanted to do just yet.
Although I got no sleep, I learned a ton from the people I met and the challenges I faced, transforming my view on technology. At first, I was very hesitant on going to a hack-a-thon but now looking back, I’m so happy I went! It didn’t matter that I didn’t win anything because I had the chance to participate in a hack-a-thon and now I’ll be more prepared for the next time. And it’s all thanks to the encouragement I got from by family and my awesome teachers at SV Robotics!


How I Got My Brother to Stop Sneaking Into My Room

I am pretty sure we all have that sibling or parent who would enter your room and pretend like they never did. That is exactly what sparked this project; my annoying little brother. He would constantly come into my room and steal my things and go through my stuff whenever he wants without my permission. I felt like I was sharing rooms with him when he clearly had his own room. Our room is our own personal space where everything in there is ours. I had to find a way to stop this problem because what was mine was starting to become his and that is just not right. That triggered me to create a solution in which I could be notified immediately when someone walks into my room. At first creating this project, I thought that it was impossible because I did not know where to start with everything being so difficult. I thought that maybe there would never be a solution to this problem of controlling bratty siblings. After so many complications, trial, and errors, I was finally able to create this IOT invention called “ Keep My Brother Out.” I created an IOT device from scratch that notifies me through by sending me an email when someone walks through my room door. The email contains a link that allows me to access the camera built into the device. This project solves my problem and brings an end to nosy siblings forever!


This took me almost more than half a year, consisting of many iterations and versions of my device. I started off by planning and designing then progressed to creating prototypes and adding more features. Over each step of the process, I learned a lot about robotics, programming, and 3D modelling. I gained experience dealing with software such Solidworks, and assemblies such as PCB boards and WIFI modules (Utilized C). My device has many practical applications in society, from security systems to motion activation of things like lights. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed creating K.M.B.O. under the guidance of SV Robotics. I look forward to improving this device and making many more in the future.

Bio: Hey, my name is Sanji and I am currently in grade 11 studying at R.H King Academy. I have been going to SV Robotics for the past 3 years now and it has helped me achieve many of my goals and improve my knowledge massively on robots. Ever since I was a little kid I always had a passion for building and programming robots. After joining this foundation my love for robotics has been growing ever since. Within the past 3 years I was able to create and program many different robots and learned how to approach a problem or a challenge. Just recently I had created an IOT device “ Keep My Brother Out”. Building this IOT device has been a great accomplishment for me to strive and build even more things to the best of my ability in the future.


Placing Top 5 at the NASA Space Apps Competition at Waterloo

Can you imagine? A Team of 13/14 year old students against University Students? This was us at the NASA Space Apps Competition, hosted by SkyWatch, in Waterloo. This was my very first hackathon and it was an amazing experience that I shared with my teammates from SV Robotics Academy. I am only 13 years old and when we arrived at the hackathon, there were people much older than my team and I. We had to solve a NASA sponsored challenge happening on earth or in space. Our team decided to be out of this world and take on the CSA challenge to build a satellite. The first night we all did research on satellites, how they work and their design. Then we came together and decided to make a CubeSat (Imagine a tiny little satellite with lots of capabilities) which puts a tracker on space debris so they can get removed from our atmosphere area. This was an important issue as the space debris is making a prison around our planet (Really, its you adults). This could stop future space missions so this solution hopefully helps the CSA.



For our satellite, we used materials from our SV Robotics kits such as Arduino, wires, sensors, LEDs and servo motors. I learned about different types of satellites and how to make them throughout the day by speaking to the amazing mentors at the NASA Space Apps Competition. I also learned more about the magnitude of the problem we were trying to solve.

During the first round of judging, our team did very well. The judges thought it was funny when we said they were making a prison for us with space junk, even though we weren’t kidding. Anyways, we successfully passed the first round.

The second round was when we would pitch our idea to the judges in front of a crowd of 100-200 people (mostly university students and engineers). The judges asked a bunch of questions that poked holes through our ideas but also helped us realize how we could improve our design. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we got interviewed by a local journalist which was very cool. Also, the CSA gave us a chance to videotape our pitch once more and send it to them (Check it out below).

I loved meeting and speaking to all of the other hackers at the event.I thought it was awesome that we got to pitch our idea in front of CSA employees and CEO’s of industrial space companies.It was amazing to be interviewed by people regarding our satellite and its design. Although the weekend was very tiring(36 continuous hours), it was still a fun and great experience. I was proud of our team’s idea, and the prototype that my friends and I worked on. I also loved the t-shirt and the FREE swag we got from SkyWatch.

The long car rides to Waterloo made our team bond more and helped make new friendships. I was nervous because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything for the satellite and I was also nervous because there were people in university over there. But with the support of my team, I was able to help design, code and present our project. We also advanced further than the older kids! This was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to winning my next hackathon.

Check us out at the competition!



Bio: Hey, my name is Yash and I am a 13-year-old grade 8 student. I have started going to SV robotics this year. I have a great passion for playing video games and watching videos about innovative robots so I decided to learn how they are made. Ever since I joined, I have learned a lot about programming, designing and also applied the learning in some projects. Recently, I have attended the Space Apps Hackathon and that was a great experience! I am looking forward to creating something that solves a real-life problem.


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