Camp session: Inventioneering (STEAMlabs)
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Session Details:


01:00 pm to 03:00 pm
Sat, Sun



Age (Gender):

9 - 13 (Coed)

Special needs support:

Not all campers have special needs

Contact Camp:

Do you often dream up ideas and inventions – but rarely ever get the chance to bring them to life? Using a combination of high tech tools (3D printing, laser cutting, electronics), wood working and craft, we provide the mentorship and structure to help you turn your sketched ideas into working prototypes – led by your own interests, imagination and ingenuity.

Whether you’re bursting with ideas, or you’re not sure what you’re interested in, we will guide you from idea to plan to making.

Past projects have included remote controlled shoes, a snack delivering robot, an alarmed heart-rate monitor, an internet controlled colour-changing marker and remote control spaceships.

Here are some of the technologies students will have the opportunity to work with:

  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Arduino programming
  • Electronics
  • Mechanisms
  • Woodworking


7 Week Program (3 hours per week)


The Maker Bean Cafe, 1052 Bloor St West (Bloor and Dufferin)


Toronto Tool Library, 192 Spadina Ave.


1-3 pm


$270 / 7 week program (includes required $60 robotics kit that can be reused at future programs!)

Already have a robotics kit you want to reuse?
(Note: if your child has a kit from a previous program that was used in a project they do not want to disassemble to reuse the kit parts, it is required to purchase the $340 program cost including a new kit)

$210 / 7 week program (without a new kit)

If you decide you want a brand new kit, they can be purchased at $60 + HST after the first class, upon request and availability.

To learn more and sign up, please visit

Request information

Session Dates & Locations:

Wallace Emerson, ON
1052 Bloor Street West
Sep 14-Oct 26, 2019 $210 - $270
  • Session starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 3:00 pm.

Special Needs Support: (Not all campers have special needs)

Mild Support       Specialized programming

  • Autism/Pervasive development delay
  • Dyslexia
  • Troubled Teens
Mild Support       Specialized programming

Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Animation / 3D design
  • Computer programming
  • Engineering
  • Fantasy/superhero
  • Instructor lead (group)
  • LEGO
  • Robotics
  • Technology
  • Video Game/Web Design
  • Web design/development
  • Woodworking
Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive logo

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