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6 to 17 (Coed )
Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
$200 to $300
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)


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STEAMLabs facilitates creative and technology-based kids camps, after school programs and weekend programs at partner locations around the city of Toronto. We offer access to high tech tools to engage students in physical and digital making, gain a sense of technological agency, and develop their creative confidence.

The Our Kids review of STEAMlabs


STEAMLabs cofounder, Andy Forest, lists his role as Chief Instigator, which is a nice nod to the nature of the environment. There’s a lovely irreverence to the entire project of learning, not unlike that of Bill Nye, that allows for a whole-hearted, full throated investigation of the world, and science, and ourselves. Begun as a Tinkerer’s Club, the program has grown to occupy a dedicated space beautifully created to reflect the approach. When kids arrive, they know they are in a different kind of space, one that is centred around a specific set of priorities. It’s the definition of what a makerspace should be, namely where the tools are many and up-to-date, yet are there to serve curiosity, to allow kids to follow their muses. It’s engaging to say the least. Of the things that families look for in kids programs, STEAMLabs enthusiastically checks them all: fun, cooperative, social, substantial, empowering, educational. In the heart of the Danforth, it’s also accessible by public transit. Nice.

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Day Camp
Ages: 6 - 12
Technology $449 to $559
Robotics|Skilled Trades Activities|Instructor lead (group)|Arts & Crafts|Painting|Woodworking|Drawing|Technology|Computer programming
Day Camp
Ages: 12 - 17
Technology $499 to $565
Downtown West,ON
192 Spadina Avenue
Jul 22-26 $499 - $565
Downtown West,ON
192 Spadina Avenue
Jul 29-Aug 02$499 - $565
Robotics|Skilled Trades Activities|Instructor lead (group)|Video Game/Web Design|Technology|Animation / 3D design|Web design/development|Computer programming
Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 12
Minecraft $399 to $559
Engineering|Fantasy/superhero|Video Game/Web Design|Technology|Animation / 3D design|Web design/development|Computer programming

Camp Address
192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Other locations: Don Mills, Wallace Emerson


192 Spadina Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2C2
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STEAMLabs Team

Phone number:
(647) 490-4659× logo

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Director's Message


Co-Founder & Chief Instigator, Andy Forest

Looking to give his own kids and their friends opportunities to learn about high tech making and inspired by Gever Tulley’s TED talk, Andy Forest along with Marianne Mader started a “Tinkering Club” summer camp in their garage in 2010. As a web developer and a tinkerer, Andy brought some skills with him, but more importantly brought an attitude of honoring kids abilities. The main point was to help them to learn and discover what they wanted to! They made boats and sunk them full of kids in lake Ontario. They made hacked nerf guns with Arduino to be motion-activated. They had a lot of fun and became confident in their abilities as makers!

After the first camp, Andy noticed a big change in his own kids – they started teaching themselves. Through online resources and experimentation, they were learning to make all kinds of things on their own. They would just hand Andy lists of tools and materials that they needed. A child who asks for a soap making supplies and a drawing tablet for Christmas is a life-long learner.

So in the spring of 2012, Andy and Marianne acquired a permanent makerspace location and formed a non-profit organisation. The goal was to provide a place to give kids access to the technologies, materials and skills that they couldn’t get on their own, and teach them that they are capable of anything! They even used their wedding as a fundraiser, and got their first 3D printer. During renovations, they knew they were on to something when kids who had been to the camp would see them walking by their house and would run outside shouting “When are you opening!?”

Since then, thousands of kids have come through the doors and emerged as robotics engineers, wood workers, costumers, video game developers, animators, 3D designers, Minecraft programmers and super heroes! We’re so proud of our army of kids prepared to invent the future together.

Now with STEAMLabs, Andy and Marianne are excited to expand their original vision to bring the world of high tech making to people of all ages and all abilities!  They aspire to provide a community hub for all makers to share ideas, problem solve, and to bring their ideas to life.



Philip's Storyexpand

"Philip (9yrs) is a creative, imaginative, loving kid who has never been keen to participate in structured programs, camps etc.  He struggles in school with writing and activities requiring him to follow the school or teacher's prescribed methods and his academic results have been very poor to date as we try to get a handle on his unique learning needs. He is also prone to incredible moodiness and negative emotional outbursts. He started this summer adamant to not attend any camps and has over the last few years, flatly refused to participate in any team sports, dropping out of swimming lesson and Tae Kwon Do and complaining about almost every camp program we have (forced) him to attend.  His great passions are art/making and nature/birds.


When we suggested your Arduino Robotic 2 week camp to him, he hesitantly agreed to try it. From the very first day at SteamLabs, Philip came home completely ON FIRE with creativity and energy.  He couldn't stop talking about every detail of his ideas and what he was planning to do. Instead of automatically asking to use screens when he came home each night, he would dive into his Lego or get out a pen and paper and draw something that was on his mind.  Each night he went to bed excited for the next day, and bounded out of bed in the morning, eager to get to SteamLabs to 'get his work done'.  The incredibly positive energy and attitude extended to every area of our lives during the camp - he was eager to get his chores done each day to earn his privileges and did so without complaint (practically unheard of).  He was simply a delight to be with - magically free of the moodiness and behavioural challenges we have become accustomed to.


The low ratio mentorship allowed Philip the opportunity to flourish with lots of support. The SteamLabs Mentors were so patient and warm and encouraging.  We loved to see how no ideas were flat-out discouraged.  The kids got the opportunity to pursue their vision and take in stride the often unexpected results.  On the presentation day, I was delighted by the great attitudes that everyone displayed about finished projects that hadn't quite lived up to their expectations or projects that hadn't been fully realized as they had run out of time. It was evident that the spirit of ingenuity and the resilience of creative risk-takers was being incubated in the camp. Each child was delighted and proud of their accomplishments and clearly inspired to create more.


Beyond all of this - the biggest surprise to us has been the continued developments and growth in the days since camp ended. Philip first declared unequivocally that he needed our support to create a space in our home where he could organize, store and build with his Lego and shoot YouTube videos of his Lego creations for his (yet to be created) YouTube channel. We rose to the occasion and have been supporting him, watching him make clear decisions about how to invest the money he has saved, how to earn more and how to achieve his vision. He has even decided to get rid of all of his old toys and clutter to make room for this important venture. Even more surprising - he has declared that he wants to learn to swim now, "...and maybe even go back to Tae Kwon Do".  He also declared that he want to resolve his bed-wetting problem, one that he has simply accepted quietly for years. (Perhaps don't publish that detail, for his sake :-) It seems that all of this is attached to his declaration this weekend that, "I'm more mature now."  While I'm not in a hurry for my boy to grow up, I'm so delighted to see his agency and sense of self so strong.


If you are a parent, you will appreciate how monumental these changes are.  He has been immovable on many issues and he quite simply seems to have a completely new lease on life. We are delighted at the prospect of having him return to school (where he sees himself as an underachiever) with a strong sense of self and accomplishment.  He has begged us to send him back to SteamLabs in August and we are taking a very hard look at how we could do that for him to allow him to keep that momentum going through to the end of the summer.  You have seen his capacity for creativity and I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it is to keep up with him and provide all of the resources and support he needs.  We are a creative, 'makery' household, but with little time."


Being Creative expand

"Until I started coming here, I never knew that I was creative. I saw friends and relatives doing things like painting and music, and never thought I could be creative with technology."


Having a Blast!expand

"Kyle is having a blast... since his dad passed he has not been so excited about anything since this ….I do believe it may change the course of one young man's life for the better!"


Creative Risk-Takers expand

"It was evident that the spirit of ingenuity and the resilience of creative risk-takers was being incubated in the camp. Each child proud of their accomplishments and clearly inspired to create more… the biggest surprise to us has been the continued developments and growth in the days since camp ended. … I'm so delighted to see his agency and sense of self so strong."



Blog Excerptexpand

“I could program that!” And with this statement, I knew that my daughter was on her way.

I’m a huge fan of STEAMLabs and their support and encouragement of young minds.” More


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December 1, 2015 - Winter Camp Open For Registrations!

Ever wanted to operate a laser? Or make your own light-up super hero mask? Then Winter Camp at STEAMLabs is for you! ...

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