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Units 2-4, 563 Edward Ave Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9W7 Locations: Leaside, Willowdale, Markham, Calgary, North Toronto (view map)

5 to 15 (Coed )
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$275 to $450


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Spirit of Math

Spirit of Math is a global leader in after-school math education for high-performing students from SK to Grade 11. We offer a unique curriculum focusing on advanced problem solving strategies, logic and critical thinking to produce leaders of tomorrow. Offering 1-week of fun-filled half day & full day summer math camps for SK to Grade 9 students.Dates may vary.

The Our Kids review of Spirit of Math


Founded in 1980, the Spirit of Math program has a long and impressive history of success. From the spark of an idea, it’s grown to 43 locations and more than 6000 students. The sessions are vibrant and active, and motivate kids through competition and fun. The sequential curriculum is a draw, to be sure, in that it focusses on fluency and mastery in ways that spiral curricula, unfortunately, don’t. The leadership of the program has been the definition of consistent, with a third generation of the founding family now moving into leadership roles. In the world of academic programming, Spirit of Math is a touchstone, one that other programs rightly look to as a model.

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Entrepreneurship|Financial Literacy|Leadership training|STEM|Test preparation
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Ages: 10 - 13
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Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation
Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation
Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation
Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation
Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation
Leadership training|Math|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Test preparation

Units 2-4, 563 Edward Ave, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Other locations: Leaside, Willowdale, Markham, Calgary, North Toronto


Spirit of Math
Spirit of Math
Units 2-4, 563 Edward Ave Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9W7
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Director's Message

Kim Langen, CEO & Founder

Imagine this:

The air is filled with a hum of voices and a sense of excitement. Students are busy attempting the next question, or quickly trying to beat their time on the drill. They are challenged and the love it! In fact, they are often found complaining that the class is finished ... after 1 1/2 hours.

It is hard not to get caught up by the excitement of the students when you walk into a Spirit of Math Schools' classroom. It's Contagious, and I am amazed at how I still get caught up in it!

What is it the students like? They like the challenge...even the hard work. They like to know they are learning something of substance; learning in a non-threatening environment, while being motivated by their peers. Consequently, they feel they are smarter and they enjoy it.

Our dedicated staff works very hard maintaining high standards in and out of the classroom. It is this dedication that creates and maintains the excitement. The result is developing confident students who have the opportunity to explore their potential and more, thus...releasing the genius.

The Spirit of Math program is much more than just math. We are using mathematics as a way to teach students how to learn, hot to face challenges and how to work with others. While exploring the opportunity to become a part of Spirit of Math community, I hope you are able to "catch" the essence of the excitement that is experienced daily in our math classes - the "Spirit" of Math.


What our parents say!

“Spirit of Math helps give children confidence in math, in a fun, yet challenging environment. We have been recommending the program to friends for many years and will continue to do so.”


“My daughter developed a lot of confidence in her math abilities as well as very solid math skills. She really enjoyed the group work (and her fun and funny classmates).”

“My six year old is very bright but is rarely excited by his school work. With Spirit of Math, on the other hand, he is always excited to do the homework and solve the problems. I love to see him challenged and excited about learning.”


“My children’s confidence and self-esteem has blossomed. As well, their willingness to try new things and tackle new tasks is, I believe, a direct result of their experiences with this program.”


 “Spirit of Math has helped our children lay a very strong foundation in mathematics. Not only have they learned the various concepts in mathematics but they have also improved their problem-solving skills.”

“This is the only extra curricular class that I highly recommend. “Spirit of Math is an exceptional program that builds my child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

 “We love everything about Spirit of Math! The classes are interesting and motivating. My daughter loves that there are high expectations of her and that she really has to think hard to be successful.

“The best math program for kids in Canada. Period!”

* Comments from a 2015 Parent Survey


Testimonials from Alumni

"Thank you so much for giving me and so many others talent and confidence in math, which spills over to all aspects of life."

-Adam R. Saunders, Previous Student, Council of Economics Advisers, Executive Office of the President of the United States of America.​

"It was an amazing atmosphere that wasn't replicated for me until well into my college years."

-Dr. Nima Arkani-Hamed, Theoretical Physicist, Faculty Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey


A Sequential, Non-Spiral Approach To Learning Math

With the Spirit of Math program, we break away from the spiral math curriculum traditionally used in schools today. In the “scatter-gun” approach that typifies the spiral math curriculum, students learn a little bit about, for example, operations with fractions every year.

In Spirit of Math, in grades 5 and higher, we math teach topics thoroughly once. Students are, for example, taught in the first year how to handle all situations involving fractions and how to perform the operations necessary both with a calculator and by hand before moving on to a new topic. In every math topic that follows the fractions topic, the materials assume that the students have a firm grasp of fractions and use fractions throughout. Although you never teach topics in Spirit of Math a second time, your students constantly review and refine the concepts as they cover new work.

New topics must build a foundation. This provides a firm grounding on which students build competency in arithmetic and develop an in-depth understanding of mathematical ideas. Because all those involved understand why one topic follows another, learning goals are clear and students progress with a deeper understanding of math.


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June 11, 2020 - E01 - Releasing the Genius Podcast

Discover how one of the world's biggest education reforms was launched in Pakistan. ...

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