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Skill Samurai Toronto

1767 Queen St E Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, M4L 6S6
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Skill Samurai Toronto  

1767 Queen St E Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M4L 6S6

  • type:
    Day camp, After-school / weekend classes
  • Focus:
  • Cost:
    $149 to $399/week
  • Ages:
    8 to 15
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
    1 to 12
  • Programs:
    0 available; 9 TBD
  • Summary Profile

    About Skill Samurai Toronto

    Skill Samurai provides the best programming instruction for kids. By focusing on gaming, our students are engaged and eager to learn. They learn real-world coding languages and build life skills like problem solving and critical thinking. They also get to exercise their creativity, they can design anything, we help them with the coding needed to bring their vision to life.

    • Special needs: Not available

    COVID-19 Response 

    Our in person summer camps are run with safety as a prime concern. Students with symptoms are not allowed onsite. Parents drop-off and pick-up students at the front door. We have test kits should campers develop symptoms while on site.

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Skill Samurai Toronto currently has 0 program available; 9 TBD.

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    Day Camp
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Gaming, JAVA
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Gaming, Roblox
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Gaming, JAVA
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Gaming, JAVA
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 8 - 16
    Visual Arts (multi), Videography
    Videography|Gaming|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|STEAM|STEM
    Ages: 7 - 15
    Programming (multi)
    $149 to $299
    Animation|Drone Technology|Minecraft|JAVA|Pygame|Python|Scratch|Roblox|Video Game Design|Video Game Development|Instructor lead (group)|Math|STEAM|STEM

  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    Editor's Review

    Editor’s Top 3: Skill Samurai Toronto

    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at Skill Samurai Toronto

    User reviews of Skill Samurai Toronto  — Read all 12 reviews

    I highly recommend this program to any child interested in learning to code!
    Shelley G (Parent)

    "Owen at Skill Samurai has managed to keep my son interested and engaged in coding as he's worked his way through different projects and coding languages. Owen has the patience required to work with young kids and also let's each child progress at their own pace. Not only is coding an invaluable skill in this day and age but the discipline of taking your time to find your errors in your code as you work translates well to all other areas of life including his time in school. We'll be happily continuing with Owen at Skill Samurai and highly recommend this program to any child interested in learning to code! ... Read More

    Mind Blowing
    Krista E (Parent)

    My son has been learning coding from Owen for several years now and is always excited for his next lesson. Seeing the games he's created has been mind-blowing. From Scratch to Python and beyond, the instruction Skill Samurai has provided has been clear, patient, in-depth, and most importantly, FUN! I can't recommend this company highly enough ... Read More

    Great Experience
    S B (Parent)

    My son has been attending classes virtually with Owen for a couple of years now and words can not express how great the experience has been! My son has a difference of ability and Owen has been absolutely awesome and patient with him, along with being flexible with our busy schedule! My son continues with the classes and the main part is because of the relationship and great communication between him and Owen, along with it being alot of fun! Thank you Owen! ... Read More

    Highly recommended
    Katie D (Parent)

    "My son loves his weekly sessions at Skill Samurai. They have taken his interest in Minecraft and other games and incorporated an educational component that is useful for his future. Highly recommended!"

    Highly recommend
    Joseph McAleer (Parent)

    Son participated in this class over the holidays and I was very pleased that he was very happy with being able to create some working software to bring home. He is very keen to do again. Highly recommend.

    My son loves it here
    Jen Jen (Parent)

    My son loves it here and he attends twice a week. The coding programs and STEM classes availabilities at Castle Hill premises is great. We love that you can pick and choose a time that suits you during the 6 days option. My son appreciates that he could study at his own pace and at his skill level so this doesn't bore him out. The premises and classroom is very clean, neat and spacious. Jamie & other coaches are helpful and provided regular updates on my son's progress. Thank you guys ... Read More

    My 8 year old is learning so much with each lesson.
    Shirley Palomino (Parent)

    My 8 year old is learning so much with each lesson. He is building confidence in himself/expertise, and relating to technology in a different way. As a parent, I expect for these coding exercises to get more challenging which in turn will be rewarding when he's built cool stuff. He's already build a little interactive touch screen game so, I am excited for him. I am also grateful for Skill Samurai because this level of instruction is not something I could begin to take on. It's a new activity for us, and we're sticking to it! Thank you Skill Samurai for making computer science attainable for us ... Read More

    Great learning environment
    Kari Yu (Parent)

    Great learning environment. I didn't think my son would enjoy the class this much. But really to our surprise, he looks forward to being in each class :) Thanks for creating this platform for kids to learn

    My kid loved it!
    Tamer Yazji (Parent)

    My kid loved it and learnt new stuff while attending. Staff are friendly. Very convenient to park the car for drop off and pick up.

    A nice place for e-generation kids.
    Susa Relief (Parent)

    A nice place for e-generation kids. Cost effective for Holiday camp and Birthday party.

    A great experience gaining life long coding knowledge and skills
    Leyla A (Parent)

    My son Ali participated in his first Junior Coding and Robotics & Coding sessions. He had an awesome time at Skill Samurai, and has had a great experience gaining life long coding knowledge and skills ... all in one. ⭐ Special thanks to Coach Jamie for his ongoing support! ... Read More

    He wanted to go back to learn more interesting things.
    Wendy Jones (Parent)

    My son loved the one day camp. He wanted to go back to learn more interesting things.

  • Location & Site Details


    1767 Queen St E Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Washrooms Facilities

    • Flush Toilets

    Is Skill Samurai Toronto technology free? Our after school coding classes are 50 minutes of on-screen time. During summer camps we limit coding sessions to one hour at a time and we go outdoors for our breaks for fresh air and exercise.

    Rentals & Services

    Offers children's birthday party packages: Yes
    Kids can celebrate and play together with a focus on STEM activities! Celebrate with Roblox, Robots, Video Game Design, or a STEM Challenge! Your designated party host is a Skill Samurai coach and will entertain your child and up to 10 friends! We provide STEM activities, paper plates, tablecloths, napkins, and utensils. You can provide any food, cake, and drinks that you would like served at the party. Prices start at $200 for 10 attendees for a two-hour party. Speak to a specialist to learn more. Customize Your Party Choose One Of Your Child’s Favorite Skill Samurai STEM Programs And Customize Your Party! Game Development Roblox Game Design Robotics or 3D Printing STEM Challenge Skill Samurai Provides Everything you need to feel like the coolest parent • Talented instructors who lead a STEM-based Party for your child and up to 20 friends! • Printed invites • Plates, cups, utensils, napkins and table clothes • Balloons for kids to take home • Party table • Gift table • Let us help you plan an unforgettable Birthday Party for your child! We do all the setup and clean-up! When: Skill Samurai Birthday Parties are offered Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5 pm. Schedule your next Birthday Party at Skill Samurai Today! SPEAK TO A PARTY SPECIALIST 1767 Queen St E Toronto, Ontario M4L 6S6 Phone 1-833-321-CODE E-mail [email protected] About Career Readiness Education Locations Contact Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Owen Stokes, Owner / Director
    Decades long Career in tech and programming

    Skill Samurai is a local Beaches business offering STEM enrichment to students aged 7 - 18 and located at 1767 Queen St E.  Focusing on Computer Programming, we teach real world coding languages like Java and Python.  We provide after school programs, Summer Camps, and one-on-one tutoring.  

    By focusing on video game development we allow the students to leverage their existing passions in order to develop new skills.  As they learn the specific coding language they are studying, we encourage them to be as creative as they want with the look and feel of their design.  There is no "wrong" way for the game to play; as long as the code works they are learning programming skills.

    Several benefits come from learning to code, one example is problem solving.  Every programmer makes mistakes, we encourage coders to test their work often and find errors as early as possible. As they learn to find and fix errors, they become better problem solvers while building resilience and confidence.  

    Attention to detail is another great benefit.  Coding languages are VERY strict in their format and syntax, a programmer has to be precise and exact in writing their code.  This differentiates Skill Samurai time from simple game playing, just good enough is not good enough in coding, it must be exact and correct.

    Finally, we encourage students to plan and attack their design in small pieces that can be developed and completed quickly.  This teaches planning and time management skills while allowing the learner to see progress in incremental steps as they go.  These small wins build additional confidence along with enthusiasm and agility.


    Whether we’re fighting climate change or going to space, everything is driven forward by computers, and we don’t have enough people who can code”  --  Richard Branson


    Skill Samurai is owned and operated by local beacher Owen Stokes.  Owen has enjoyed a career in technology and has a very good understanding of the Toronto IT scene.  Toronto is blessed with a vibrant Tech space boasting many successful companies and with an outstanding pool of coders, but we simply don’t have enough good programmers to meet demand.  This gap is not being addressed by our public education system and so Skill Samurai was born.

    We know that not everyone will become a programmer, a game designer, or an entrepreneur.  Even those students who do not end up pursuing a career in technology have gained all of the benefits of learning a programming language and how to code.  These skills will support them in whatever academic or professional route they follow. 

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