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Camp session: Cooking Day Camp (Budding Bakers Jr.) (Rooks to Cooks)
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Rooks to Cooks

Cooking Day Camp (Budding Bakers Jr.)

Rooks to Cooks  []

Session Details:


Day Camp



Age (Gender):

6 - 9 (Coed)



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Objective: To teach our budding bakers foundational pastry and baking skills, while building their knowledge and self-confidence both in and out of the kitchen. Upon completing the program, campers will leave with the knowledge and skills to execute these recipes at home and share their brilliant bakes with the family.  

Budding bakers is a fun and intensive baking camp to engage your aspiring chefs with a passion for the sweet side of life. This program features all aspects of the pastry arts, including both sweet and savoury recipes, pastry preparation, and various baking techniques. Our campers will develop their baking skills and learn how to make a wide range of baked goods from yeasted breads, enriched doughs, pastries and more. Each day we will focus on new techniques and pastry theories. The campers will then execute recipes that utilize this new knowledge as they prepare their own lunch and various other pastries. Leaving the program, our pastry-chefs-to-be will know a wide range of baking techniques, the science behind the ratios that make their baked goods so delicious, and, of course, the practical experience needed to recreate the magic at home!  

Our Budding Bakers Jr.  program is well-suited for aspiring pastry chefs ages 6-9. We do recommend that first time campers and/or beginners practice reading and executing recipes prior to camp to best prepare them for the tasty tasks at hand. Regardless, we welcome beginners with open arms as our team of chefs will be there to help guide and support them throughout their time with us.  

Menu sneak peekMenu sneak peek: fajita-stuffed sweet potatoes, raspberry sticky buns and peach cobbler

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Session Dates & Locations:

Whitby, ON
1850 Rossland Road East
Aug 04-07, 2020 $430 - $535/week
Vaughan, ON
1350 Langstaff Road
Aug 04-07, 2020 $430 - $535/week
The Beach, ON
140 Wineva Avenue
Aug 04-07, 2020 $430 - $535/week
  • Session starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm.
  • Before care is available starting at 8:00 am (fee extra). After care is available ending at 5:00 pm (fee extra).

Activities at this Session:

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  • Cooking
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