Camp session: Virtual Summer Cooking Camps: Sweet & Savoury (Rooks to Cooks)
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Virtual Summer Cooking Camps: Sweet & Savoury

By: Rooks to Cooks  []

Rooks to Cooks

Program and Sessions Details:


Virtual program



Age (Gender):

7 - 16 (Coed)



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Join Rooks to Cooks' chefs for delicious virtual summer cooking camps! Offering week-long, half-day classes for ages 7-16.

Sweet & Savoury Jr.  (Ages 7-9) | Sweet & Savoury Sr. (Ages 10 – 16)

* Junior programs are tailored for students ages 7 – 9. Senior programs are tailored for students ages 10 – 16.

Objective:  To teach our campers both pastry and cooking skills, along with the culinary theory and knowledge to build their self-confidence both in and out of the kitchen. Upon completing the program, students will be empowered and excited to execute both sweet & savoury recipes at home, and have the skills necessary to help cook dinner. 

Can’t decide between a sweet snack or a savoury treat? With our Sweet & Savoury program, there’s no need to choose a side. During the week, your multi-talented chef-in-training will learn fundamental cooking and baking techniques, proper knife skills, and diverse cooking methods as they prepare a wide variety of both pastry and culinary menu items. Each day we will alternate between sweet and savoury recipes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be savoury, promoting the preparation of lunch for our campers and their families, while Tuesday and Thursday will satisfy their sweet tooth with 5 star pastry recipes. If your fanatic foodie has an interest in both the culinary and pastry arts, then this is the session for them. 

Menu sneak peek: Minestrone soup with garlic knots, Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, Black bean or beef tacos with all the fixing, Mixed berry pie 

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Activities at this Session:

Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

  • Baking/Decorating
  • Cooking
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