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Camp session: Novice Essay Writing and Public Speaking Program (Online) (Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program)

Novice Essay Writing and Public Speaking Program (Online)

By: Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program

About this Program:

  • Virtual Program
  • Age 9 - 12 (Coed)
  • Specialized in Education (multi) and Writing, offers 10 activities
  • 1 session date to choose from
  • Cost starting from $1,500
  • Special needs support not available

Quills and Quotes graduates persuasive writers, confident speakers, and critical thinkers. Our enriched comprehensive curriculum gives students an academic advantage and builds confidence. Students master essay writing, public speaking, grammar, literary analysis, and reading comprehension. 

What makes us unique? Our specialized certified teachers provide detailed, weekly feedback, we give students extensive writing resources, sample essays, and weekly vocabulary exercises.

The after-school program is a weekly course for students in grades 4-10. A free online assessment is used to determine the course level for new students. There are six levels offered. 

The Writing Curriculum: Students learn to research topics, critically analyze information, and generate essays that stimulate, engage, and persuade. The finished essay has an engaging introduction, a memorable conclusion, and a body of strong supporting ideas. Students learn to edit and proofread for sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, students complete weekly vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises. By the end of the year, our students can write powerful essays and have an advanced vocabulary.

The Public Speaking Curriculum: Students master communication and speech delivery. They are taught how to use effective body language, project their voice, and engage the audience. Plus, they learn how to compose a speech with proven speech writing techniques. They practice public speaking in various forums including formal and impromptu speeches, slide presentations, debates, soapbox rants, and mock interviews. By the end of the program, our students have the skills and confidence to speak deliver a QUILL Talk (our version of a TED Talk) with passion and polish.

Our Teachers

We have carefully selected teachers who specialize in English and with expertise in public speaking. They have classroom and online experience and know how to inspire students. Our teachers know that students learn best when taught material in a variety of ways. We reinforce knowledge through engaging visual aids, class discussions, debates, writing resources, sample essays, quizzes, and more. Our teachers are committed to ensuring each student’s success and are available for extra help or even one-on-one tutoring if needed.

Our Students

We are proud of our students. They genuinely love coming to class and always participate with enthusiasm. Our greatest moments come when we see our students succeed – when they conquer their public speaking anxiety, win class speech competitions, enter international writing contests, create blogs and podcasts, write short stories, and proudly show us their report cards – those moments are awesome.

If you want to learn more about Quills and Quotes, please visit our website at www.quillsandquotes.ca.  If you have questions or want to book a free assessment for your child, please contact us at (647) 985-3711 or [email protected]  

Thank you,

Shauna Jain, Director, Quills and Quotes

Character Development: This program helps build the following traits

  • Curiosity: We encourage our students to be curious and think critically about our world. Through debates, class discussion, group work, and research on current and historic events, Quills and Quotes motivates students to go beyond typical classroom learning.
  • Creativity: Our students love the creative writing aspect of the program. They learn how to incorporate description, figurative language, imagery, and rhetoric in their writing. Plus, they learn to use engaging techniques like repetition, rhetorical questions and the power of three in their speeches.

Session Dates and Rates:

Sep 22. '22 - May 12. '23
Virtual Program,

17:00 - 18:30


Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

Creative writing
Instructor lead (group)
Language Instruction
Public Speaking
Test Preparation
Recreational       Instructional       Intense or Competitive

Kids Achieving Academic Success.
Students develop skills in public speaking, essay writing, advanced vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking.


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This program, Novice Essay Writing and Public Speaking Program (Online), is offered by Quills and Quotes: Writing and Public Speaking Program.

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