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9 to 18 (Coed )
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Life Coaching by Gunjan Juneja

Life coaching allows children to choose their own goals and recognize their own problems. Moreover it empowers them to overcome the hurdles they are facing. Children facing issues like bullying, low self-esteem, lack of leadership and develop permanent skills to help them overcome their issues themselves and not rely on others. Life coaching develops better emotional management, empowering the children to be their own leaders in their lives. 

Career coaching enables the young adults to decide on what they wish to pursue as a career. It allows them to gain clarity on the field they have chosen or wish to choose for themselves on an intrinsic level. Coaching lets them believe in their dreams and empowers them to go after them.

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Ages: 16 - 18+
Leadership $50 to $75
4186 Hazineh Court
Feb 01-Dec 31$50 - $75
Leadership training
Ages: 19
Traditional (multi activity) $50 to $75
4186 Hazineh Court
Feb 01-Dec 31$50 - $75
Mindfulness Training
Ages: 13 - 18+
Traditional (multi activity) $50 to $75
4186 Hazineh Court
Feb 01-Dec 31$50 - $75
Leadership training|Test preparation|Mindfulness Training

Camp Address
4186 Hazineh Court, Mississauga, Ontario

Life Coaching by Gunjan Juneja
Life Coaching by Gunjan Juneja
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Reviews & Testimonials

How coaching helped
Aashna Kapoor — Camper

When Gunjan started coaching me, it’d be easy to say that my life was a ‘mess’ of sorts. Making small goals and successfully achieving them were just a few major life changes I had gone through. She has coached me through some major life decisions, that as a result, have made me stronger than ever. After every session, I’d feel strongly motivated and inspired to lead a life full of meaning. I am grateful for her constant support that has brought me to where I am today. As a pessimist, I’d only have one approach to seeing things however my whole perspective on life changed drastically. I’ve learned so much from her and I’m looking forward to grow and focus on the positive aspects of life.

Life Coaching for change
Sanchari Banerjee — Camper

I started coaching to make my life happier and to improve my personality. It was really wonderful and I got what I expected. I feel much more fulfilled and my perception about life and living happily has changed. During the coaching, I was able to overcome many issues that affected me and lead a more peaceful life. Gunjan always has a positive energy and helps generously. Thank you so much for being my coach !

Director's Message

Gunjan Juneja, Why Coaching is Helpful

As a youth of today, I myself realize the hurdles that children and parents face. My primary reason to coach children and young adults and along with them, their parents and guardians is to bridge the gap between the two generations and find a middle ground where the both the stakeholders work towards bringing out the best in each other. 

Coaching allows each and every person to better themselves in any aspect of their lives and achieve goals that otherwise seemed unachievable. My mission is for everyone to thrive, and get out of their regular lives and dream big and achieve big. 

Thrive, Not Survive, as my motto suggests. 


Is External Validation Important

In my opinion validation, its a tussle between internal and external, which makes the reader think whether the fight really necessary and about its rhetorical answer. In most cases, we give importance to external validation but in the process, forget about who we are, about our identity and purpose and most importantly, we deviate from being our 'Authentic Self'.

The questions summons itself, why does one mean by 'authentic self'?

Who are we?

Why do we forget our true selves to satisfy others?

What do we people mean when they say ‘we don’t fit in’

I would like to ask another question here, why does one even need to fit in in the first place?

Why don’t we just focus on being happy and true to ourselves, rather than customize and tweak our personality to satisfy others? I understand its easier said than done. Today most of us are struggling to understand our authenticity and nurture it. We are prone to get easily swayed and influenced - dismissing our authentic self in the process.

Would it not be lovely to just, for just a moment, we can shut ourselves away from the demanding world and just listen to the communication between our heart, mind, and subconscious!

Listen to our intuition. Just listen. Allow that message to tell us who we really are? Who we really ought to be? That my friend is called internal validation, that is what you are meant to be, that is your AUTHENTIC SELF.

Time and again our subconscious tells us the difference between right and wrong, yet we choose to ignore it. In today's world, we make the world outside of us so important, that we start following a path that we probably don’t even recognize - only for the validation of external entities. Most of us fall prey to this and I too can say the same from personal experience. I too was on a search for validation and acceptance, only until I realized that the pursuit to external happiness, made me the unhappiest.

Coaching allows you to recognize your inner self and become aware of the person you really are and are meant to be. It is a process of gradual yet permanent change - of falling in love with yourself; getting to know and understand yourself better and work to fulfill your own wants rather than what the world expects you to be and do.

Coaching is not and must not be confused with therapy. Coaching is a companion, a coach that is for those who are willing to make a positive change in their lives and cognizance and most importantly, who have the courage to make the necessary changes.

Coaching helps you to be You or as we say it in the coaching language, BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.


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