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Humber Arboretum day camps are based out of the Centre for Urban Ecology but campers will spend most of their time outdoors exploring the forest, river, meadows, wetlands, gardens and ponds of a unique 250-acre urban green space in North Toronto. With weekly themes, our active and engaging Nature Camps are for ages 4-11, plus we offer a Jr. Naturalist Camp for 12-13 year-olds.



Next to the Humber College North Campus, the Humber Arboretum is not only accessible to public transit, it’s also one of the most stunning, if perhaps lesser known, parks in the city. It includes 250 acres of ornamental gardens as well as extensive sections of native Carolinian forest. The Arboretum was established as a joint venture of the City of Toronto, Humber College, and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. It’s also home to the Centre for Urban Ecology, which administers a range of children’s programming throughout the year and, in particular, the summer camp sessions. While the camps are fun—kids walk on logs, look at bugs, and engage with nature—they are also strikingly unique, run by people who are experts and champions of ecology. The arboretum environment buzzes with those kinds of concerns, as well as the people who hold them dear. As such, the learning is overt—kids will leave knowing what an ecosystem is, for example, and the difference between a dicot and a monocot—though they’ll also soak up the values that inform environmental stewardship. So, there’s a lot to love, not the least being an ability to be so engulfed in nature during the day, then being back at home at by dinner time.

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Day Camp
Ages: 5 - 12
Nature/Environment $265 to $265
Wilderness Skills|Arts & Crafts|Nature/Environment|Zoology/Animals|Hiking

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205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 5L7


205 Humber College Blvd Toronto, Ontario, M9W 5L7
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Humber Arboretum

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Director's Message


Jimmy Vincent, Camp Director/Outdoor Education Instructor

Hello Parents and Guardians

Here at the Humber Arboretum's Nature Camp we strive to provide your child with fun and experiential activities that help to develop a sense of wonder, and foster a deeper connection with the natural world.  The Humber Arboretum is located on 250 acres of beautiful urban green space nestled along the West branch of the Humber River.  Humber Arboretum nature camps run out of the Centre for Urban Ecology, Ontario's only Platinum certfied EcoCentre! 

Through a combination of songs, natural crafts, hikes, and ecologically focused games and activities we try our best to send your children home exhausted and full of knowledge! 

Seeing the smiles on children’s faces when they are rolling logs, building shelters, feeding chickadees, or simply interacting with nature is one of the greatest gifts one can receive.  It is for this reason that myself and the team at the Humber Arboretum are so passionate about connecting children to the outdoors to ensure that children never forget why nature is so important in our lives.

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are on the rise in our youth. Research shows that with advances in technology activities that require direct focus (TV, tablets, smartphones, video games etc.) are increasing.  These activities are not necessarily bad; they simply are very stressful on the brain as it has to work very hard to focus, extract, and retain the constant bombardment of information. Nature plays an important role in counteracting this stress.

Experiencing nature gives the brain time to relax because it is not being forced to focus on anything in particular. In the natural world the brain is free to wander from one point of focus to another and enjoy the beauty of nature without the need to extract information.  Simply put, nature is essential in providing balance in our technologically advanced society.

So if you are looking for a beautiful place where your child can experience the healing powers of the outdoors while exploring rivers, ponds, meadows, forests, wetlands, and gardens, then this is the perfect camp for you!

All at the Humber Arboretum "Where Learning is Natural"


Jr. Naturalist Camp Coordinator's Message

Hey everyone!

This is Tamarack, coordinator of the Humber Arboretum's new Jr. Naturalist Camp! During the pilot program last year we found that there was so much to do but so little time, so this year we have extended the program to 6 weeks and given each week a much more specific and unique theme. This will allow the campers to dive even deeper into their naturalist knowledge and really build on the skills for that specific week. Throughout the summer we will be exploring different parts of the Arboretum (some places that the rest of camp never goes!) and doing in-depth studies of the different habitats, ecosystems, and plant and animal life within them. We will be scientists, nature detectives, artists, and leaders. I’m so excited to be part of this opportunity to watch these incredible campers grow into the future leaders of this camp!

See you next summer!

~ Tamarack, January 2019


Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $265 to $275 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes


Discount if paid early 10%
Discount for 2nd child $10



"We love the learning..."expand

"Humber Arboretum truly offers the best camp experience for our children; they come home tired but so happy. We love the learning and exposure they get with you, and the attitude, energy and enthusiasm of the counselors is just so special. Cost-wise, we feel we really get our money's worth, and appreciate the break given for siblings. The location isn't the best for us, but again- we feel it's worth the trip. Thank you!!" Parent, Summer Camp 2017


"Each counsellor went above and beyond..."expand

"I loved this camp for my grandson - he is a total outdoor nature boy and it was a perfect fit. But what remains outstanding to me is the the care and understanding support that he received. Each counsellor went above and beyond in my opinion to make him feel safe, nurtured and uniquely special. They understood his needs and were very receptive to information I needed to share about his issues. I cannot thank them enough." Grandparent, Summer Nature Camp 2017


"...have our kids best interest at heart."expand

"kids loved camp ... they spent the entire summer there. Counsellors are all friendly and are so positive. We have the trust that they have our kids best interest at heart. Keep up the great program and staff!" Parent, Summer Nature Camp 2017


"... she specifically asked to go back this year."expand

"Our daughter loves attending summer camp at the Humber Arboretum. After attending for two weeks last year, she specifically asked to go back this year. She always has so much fun and learns a lot of new things. She has great things to say about all the counselors and activities. She has already asked to go back next summer. As parents, we love that she is out in nature all day, being active, and learning new things at the same time. Plus, it's an added bonus for us when we get to pick her up from such a beautiful and tranquil location." - Parent, Summer Nature Camp 2017


"He absolutely loved his summer..."expand

"We wanted to offer our son a camp that would keep him outdoors during the summer. Nature themed and educational, but fun as well. We have heard only amazing things for him. He absolutely loved his summer at the Arboretum camp and wants to come back next year. Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing and exciting camp for our child!" - Parent, Summer Nature Camp 2017


"... best camp ever."expand

"My nephew, son & son's friend said it was the best camp ever. In fact, my nephew … who lives in Ottawa said he enjoyed it so much that he wants to come back next summer to go to that same camp.” – Kelly Z. (2016 Summer Camp)


Another Happy Camper - Parent Testimonialexpand

Our experience with the summer camp at the Humber Arboretum was outstanding.  The programming successfully kept my rambunctious son engaged and little did he realize how much he learned.  My son is a regular participant of summer camps of all kinds, and months later he still talks about how great this camp was. Unlike the usual “nothing” response I’m accustomed to getting from him when I would ask him what he did that day, he would greet me at the end of each camp day full of excitement and eager to recount his experience.  The leaders created a welcoming and fun-filled environment, quickly making his first day jitters vanish.  I especially value that the setting nurtures a connection with nature, it exposes children to the post-secondary environment and the leaders serve as great role models for educational goal-setting.  By the second day of camp my son was telling me about what the various camp leaders were studying in school, paving the way for some great discussions about learning and careers. The summer camp at the Humber Arboretum is truly second to none.



Staff (Mother's Perspective)expand

" We can't say enough about the superb quality of your camp counsellors. Their energy and enthusiasm combined with warm nurturing support really helped Luca and Amelia's camp experience be superior to any other. It was three weeks they will never forget! We will definitely be returning next summer for more Arboretum fun" ...

Camp Lifeexpand

My girls are thrilled with their first day of camp. Here's a wonderful testimonial form my daughter Lauren, "its better than a birthday party" (She had her birthday party at the Centre). Naturally I am thrilled about this.


Insect investigation!expand

At the Humber Arboretum nature camps the campers are immersed in the surrounding natural environment as it is the major focus of our camps. They are encouraged to explore the diversity of life that exist in our meadow,forest,ponds, wetland and river. One of the many ways we do this is by givin the campers the opportunity to become "Critter Crawlers" where they get down on all fours and explore the tiniest creatures the Arboretum has to offer!


Camp Lifeexpand

"The kids went to bed and woke up each morning singing lively camp songs anxious to get to Humber to explore all the Arboretum has to offer. The nature activities:canoeing, fishing,hiking,games.crafts and activities were super fun,challenging and educational" ...

In the News


April 5, 2019 - Green Kids Land at the Humber Arboretum for Earth Day

Canadian theatre company Green Kids Inc are touring Ontario and will be at the Humber Arboretum in Toronto for Earth Day Nature Camp. ...

December 22, 2014 - Video #2 - The Centre for Urban Ecology and Ontario EcoCentres

Find out all about the Humber Arboretum's Centre for Urban Ecology certifying Platinum under the Ontario EcoCentres certification program! ...

December 22, 2014 - Video #1 - History of the Humber Arboretum

This video takes a look at the history of the Humber Arboretum our natural oasis in the city where our nature camps take place! ...


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