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Camp Courage - Girls Who Fight

6 Roper Road Toronto, Ontario, M1L 0G6 Locations: Markham, Davisville Village, Virtual Program (view map)

8 to 15 (All Girls )
Day camp
Martial Arts
$365 to $395


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About this camp

Camp Courage - Girls Who Fight

Camp Courage by Girls Who Fight is a self defense and confidence camp for girls age 8-14.

Our personal and meaningful camp experience helps every student become more confident, capable, and resilient. At the end of camp girls are better equipped to find their way in the world, standing taller, speaking more assertively, and prepared to stand up for themselves confidently. We accomplish this through fun exercises where girls practice confident presentation and assertive speaking. Girls learn empowering self defense moves from Brazilian jiu jitsu and kickboxing from inspiring and experienced female instructors. We promote the values of courage, discipline, and perseverance, and we lead with laughter, strength, and positivity. 

The Our Kids review of Camp Courage - Girls Who Fight


The name risks sounding a bit aggressive, but Girls Who Fight (GWF) isn’t about aggression, but confidence, fitness, and situational awareness. In that, there’s a lot to love, and the increased sense of resiliency prime among the program’s benefits. Per the leadership, “We teach girls how to use their voices and body language to present themselves confidently.” That of course bleeds over into all areas of a girl’s life, including academics and social awareness. Classes are taught by experts who demonstrate and exemplify those values. As with so many camps, experiencing a different environment, one that contrasts with what girls typically experience in the day-to-day, can itself be transformational. The GWF gym is top-notch, well appointed, and supports the lessons learned within it. Girls learn strength, and power, and positive interaction. 

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Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 8 - 14
Martial Arts $335 to $395
Davisville Village,ON
33 Davisville Avenue
Jun 29-Jul 03$365 - $395
50 Torbay Road
Jul 27-31 $365 - $395
Davisville Village,ON
33 Davisville Avenue
Aug 04-07 $335 - $365
Scarborough Junction,ON
6 Roper Road
Aug 17-21 $365 - $395
50 Torbay Road
Aug 24-28 $365 - $395
Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Strength and Conditioning|Martial Arts
Day Camp
All Girls
Ages: 9 - 16
Martial Arts $375 to $395
Scarborough Junction,ON
6 Roper Road
Jul 06-10 $375 - $395
Leadership training|Social Justice/Empowerment|Strength and Conditioning|Martial Arts

Camp Address
6 Roper Road, Toronto, Ontario
Other locations: Markham, Davisville Village, Virtual Program


Camp Courage - Girls Who Fight
Camp Courage - Girls Who Fight
6 Roper Road Toronto, Ontario, M1L 0G6 logo

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Reviews & Testimonials

Barbra L. — Parent

Gemma teaches very much needed set of skills as important as writing and reading. This does not compare to any courses I took in the past! My daughter completed a week long summer camp and came back each day to show us what was taught. I can whisper cues such as "confidence" when we walk in crowds and my daughter immediately stands tall and owns her space.

One of a Kind
Irene — Parent

Truly one of a kind. From the moment I spoke with Gemma on the phone I knew right away she would be amazing. Both my girls were with Gemma for a week and I can’t even begin to explain how much they loved it! My older daughter suffers from (at times) severe anxiety. This makes it extremely hard to have her in any sort of activities. I was expecting her to come home from the first day of camp and tell me she didn’t want to go back. The opposite happened. This was the first time she enjoyed anything (and we’ve tried them all!) Gemma and her team have such an amazing way with children. I am so incredibly grateful. It’s been a month since camp and both my daughters talk about how much fun they had and still practice all they were taught. Gemma is amazing at what she does and any child would benefit from taking any class with her. Would HIGHLY recommend.

'Aren't Enough Words'
Mia — Parent

There aren't enough words to describe how awesome this camp was for our daughter. She's 6.5 and was able to attend Gemma's camp because she's so used to coaching. This was a new activity for our daughter to try and she agreed that 5 classes was a good start. After the first day and every afternoon when we picked her up she kept asking if we could enrol her in more classes. Gemma was great at handling some of the more energetic and older kids as well as the more shy and younger children. She somehow found a way to keep everyone focused, engaged and interested. I'd highly recommend this camp to anyone interested in giving their daughter a bit of a boost in their confidence if needed, teaching them discipline, movement/coordination, athleticism, mindfulness and body awareness. Daily discussions are held. These focused more on situations faced by older children but Gemma always provided a safe and encouraging environment for all the girls to participate in with no judgement. Our daughter is sad that she's unable to continue with regular weekly classes with Gemma until she's older but is looking forward to seeing her again for the summer break programs.

'Only praise'
Jenny P. — Parent

I have only praise for Girls Who Fight! My 12 year old daughter did a one week camp this summer, and she is already planning her next camp week there. She came away with basic self-defense skills, but more importantly, she came away with confidence, pride, self-awareness and friendships. The instructor, Gemma is a natural teacher and mentor for the young girls there. She leads them with positivity, laughter, and knowledge, while pushing them to work hard.

Peter — Parent

My daughter and her friend just completed a 2 day winter camp with Gemma. They came home excited about what they learned and they absolutely adored Gemma and her volunteers. Program kept the girls busy all day with relavent activity compared to other sports camps where they get to do only a couple hours of the sport listed. We will be signing her up for camps in the future.

'Learned a Great Deal in a Short Period'
Renee — Parent

My daughter participated in GWF's two day winter camp and had an amazing time! I had enrolled her initially because I liked the idea of her learning some self defence skills but I confess that my daughter was not overly enthusiastic about attending. Her attitude changed basically as soon as she met Gemma. Gemma's passion, enthusiasm and dedication to her students is apparent upon meeting her and her positive attitude is contagious. My daughter had a wonderful time and learned a great deal in a short period. She will be back to attend Gemma's weekly class.

'SO Impressed!'
Mike P. — Parent

I am SO impressed with Gemma and the Girls Who Fight school. She is teaching kids the most important skills - self defense, personal strength, self confidence - and she does it with absolute care and compassion and genuine interest in helping the girls improve. She's professional in the way she runs the school, and is very friendly and responsive with parents. My 9-year old daughter did a 1-week camp and absolutely loved it. I watched some of the classes and saw Gemma working the girls hard and imparting a massive amount of skill and knowledge, but also having tons of fun and laughs. I also saw a moment where my daughter's friend was having a rough moment, struggling with some of the techniques and not wanting to continue...but Gemma went and sat with her and gave what was clearly her full, undivided attention and encouragement, until the kid was back on the mat, laughing and learning. It was really amazing to see. I can't say enough great things about Gemma and what she's doing for kids; particularly girls, and would recommend Girls Who Fight to absolutely everyone.

Claire B. — Camper

GWF IS AWESOME!!!! 👏 I started coming to the gym about a year ago. It was my parents idea to send me at first, and I was really confused why they would sign me up, considering I'm not very athletic. But the moment I met Gemma, she was so welcoming. I finished the first class and had soooo much fun! I've been going every Saturday ever since. I have gained so much confidence from her! She's like a big sister to me. Anyone can learn from her, even if you're some EXTREMELY athletic person, or a...let's just say... not so much of an athletic person (AKA me) 😉. I know I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I work hard, and keep persisting. I wouldn't have learned that without GWF. And can we take a moment to talk about how nice ALL the other girls are there too? Some of my best friends I've met go to GWF. ALL the girls are so encouraging and supportive. This really is a special place.

Accommodation & Property Details

Sports facilities

  • Gymnasium

Director's Message

Gemma Sheehan, Miss

Hello Parents!

My name is Gemma, and I am extremely passionate about teaching kids how to be more confident through learning martial arts and self defense. I have been training and competing in the sport of MMA for 11 years, and feel that every girl should graduate high school with self defense training. I find that I connect with young girls more than the average coach because I am a young female which helps girls identify with me. I am a big believer that when a girl learns how to defend herself and sees how much she is capable of, she will walk and talk with a new confidence, paving the way for success in all areas of life. I like to remain a role model and mentor to the girls I work with, showing them that they can become and achieve anything that they want if they keep believing in themselves and working hard. The influence I have on the lives of the girls I work with is my greatest investment in the future generation. 

I look forward to working with new girls in 2020, and welcome any questions or concerns you may have about the camp!

Thank you!


Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $365 to $395 /week

Payment Options:

Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 1


Discount if paid early $30



This is a great program that delivers real functional techniques in a fun, enjoyable and respectful manner. Gemma is very well respected for her skills and pleasant attitude.  This will boost self confidence in your women's be a source of enjoyment. 



This program is a great opportunity to learn some super useful techniques and how to kick some serious butt!! Gemma is an amazing teacher and inspiration to eveyone who meets her :)



Highly recommend any of these workshops or camps. Gemma is a very knowledgeable and skilled athlete. Great for any level of skill, i promise you or your child will fit right in.



Gemma is extremely talented when it comes to martial arts, but has the ability to make these technical skills accessible to anyone. Learning from a skilled instructor is key, however finding someone who also has natural leadership and teaching abilities is a huge plus. Highly recommend!


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After a change of values and concerns about brain trauma, Gemma changed gears and quit professional fighting to start Girls Who Fight ...

November 17, 2019 - Global News: Fighting for female empowerment in South Africa

Girls Who Fight is not about promoting violence, but giving girls as young as seven years old a fighting chance at defending themselves. ...

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