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University of Toronto - Mississauga Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6 Locations: Downtown West, Markham (view map)

6 to 15 (Coed )
After-school / weekend classes
0 available; 9 TBD
$199 to $999
Special Needs:
Yes, Mild support (Not all campers have special needs)


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About this Camp

Genius Camp

Genius Camp offers STEM Camps and Programs for multiple age-groups and at multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a collective of expert engineers who create a holistic educational experience for kids and teens. Our STEM camps deliver personalized focus with a low student-to-teacher ratio and a continuous learning experience with a range of take-home objects and articles.

Our Programs cover a range of areas like Robotics and AI, Coding, Programming, Advanced Math, Practical Science, 3D Printing and Modeling. We offer weekend camps and after-school camps througout the year as well as special camps during Summer, Winter and March breaks. We also have a focused 'Genius Math' camp and 'Genius Girls' camp.

The 2020 Experience at Genius Camp

With nationwide school closures happening, you may be looking for ways to keep your kids happy and occupied. Those of you working remotely may have found it challenging carrying out your regular job duties from home with your kids running around. Knowing how stressful and overwhelming this can be, we are offering FREE 30 minute live consultation sessions for our Virtual STEM Camps. To learn more, go to our website for more relevant details about what we have to offer (

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Programs and Sessions Calendar

Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; currently 0 program available; 9 TBD.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)|JAVA|Python|Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality|Web design/development
JAVA|Python|Minecraft|Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality
Minecraft|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality
Minecraft|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality
Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality|Web design/development
Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality|Web design/development
AI (Artificial Intelligence)|JAVA|Python|Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality|Web design/development
Minecraft|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality
JAVA|Python|Minecraft|Scratch|Technology|Video Game/Web Design|Virtual reality

University of Toronto - Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario
Other locations: Downtown West, Markham


Genius Camp
Genius Camp
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Reviews & Testimonials

My daughter was excited everyday!!
Salima Nanji — Parent

My 11 year old twins attended the camp this summer and loved it. My daughter needs to be constantly engaged and she woke up every morning excited and looking forward to attending the camp. The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught concepts in engaging ways that were easy to understand. We were given a progress report which not only focused on the learnings of the day but soft skills the kids displayed. I would highly recommend this camp!

5/5 ★★★★★
Farhad Ghanadan — Parent

I really recommend the genius camp, they are so productive in training and entertaining children in Summer camps, a very friendly environment and people

Facebook Review
Rafael — Parent

We enrolled my son in Genius Camp’s summer STEM program 2018 and he still can’t stop talking about his experience making rockets, learning about engineering structures, coding and programming, building robots, electronics and more. It’s amazing how so much empowerment was given to my son! The interest put in him by Genius Camp will serve him well until he is grown. He is now designing his own hyper-car and thinking about how to beat Elon Musk to populate Mars. Genius camp is an awesome program and I highly recommend them.

Google Review
Mehran Balaei — Parent

Hands down the best summer camp my daughter has attended so far. The teachers were very energetic and friendly. The camp location and environment was perfect and spacious and the educational toys/tools they provided was very exciting.

My nephew learned so much while playing
Sara A — Parent

My nephew really enjoyed these STEM camps, he learned so much while playing. Their 3D printer camp is the best.

Great curriculum and fun activities
Lucan Ahmad — Parent

Great curriculum presented in a really stimulating way. My 7 year old came home every day proud to show us what he had made and eager to explain the new concepts he had learned!

Google Review
Zareen Ahmad — Parent

Great experience for my science-obsessed little boy!

Google Review
Jyotima Prakash — Parent

My son had a great experience at Sheridan. He is extremely happy and wants to return to the program next year. The micro bit programming gave him a lot of confidence. Thank you Max and admins

So many programs to choose from!
Arjola Ceni — Parent

I strongly recommend this camp! My son loved it and was so exited to go every day. He learned how to code a robot which became his at the end of the program. There are so many programs to choose from and we are looking forward for the next one.

Google Review
Bronna Silver — Parent

My son had a fantastic time learning how to use a 3D printer and then continued his learning by bringing the printer home to keep!!! The staff were helpful, educated and fun. Highly recommended!

Director's Message

Mo Amani, Founder & CEO

We, at Genius Camp, have set out on an endeavor to bring integrated education and learning to kids, through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Our STEM Camps are designed to help discover the 'Genius' in your child through a balance of knowledge and experience in a fun-filled and yet wholsome environment. We engage your kids in real-world problems and trigger their problem-solving skills, puting their education into practice. Our STEM camps cover a wide range of programs including, but not limited to Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Programming, Practical Science, Math, 3D Printing and Engineering. We keep our student to teacher ratio very low so that your child gets individual attention and focus. We also believe that learning is a continous experience and offer 'take-home' articles which your kids work on in the class, such as Cozmo Robots, 3D Printers, Magic Boxes, Smart Robot Cars etc.

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost: $199 to $999 /week

Payment Options:

Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 6


Discount for 2nd child $50
Discount for 3rd child $50
Discount for 4th child $50


Meet Our Team

At Genius Camp we are empowered by a professional team specialized in different subjects including Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Math.

We engage children in real-life challenges and encourage them to put theory into practice in a fun way, using science, technology, engineering, and math. We expand children’s perspectives by awakening their problem-solving skills and inspiring them to think outside the box. We identify and pinpoint every individual’s need and walk them through the path of success at a pace that suits them best. Our integrated teaching methods explore the genius within the children and inspire them to become more knowledgeable, creative, and self-motivated not only in the classroom but also in real life.

Learn more at:


When Saira found her wings

Every child is different. Every child is unique. Born with a personality as individual as fingerprints, some are talkative, some take their time.  Saira belongs to the second category of people. A quiet and calm child she chose to play alone almost always. While kids her age ran around in parks, she knew within her heart, she was meant for something else and she did find it one day when her teacher mentioned the magical words, “lets talk about Science today”. Saira finally found something she was curious about and eventually something she became passionate for. Her parents soon enrolled her for a virtual class at Genius Camp and lo and behold, their quiet child was the one with excitement and curiosity and a million questions she wanted answers to. After discovering her love for coding, Saira is now an expert coder at just the age of 10 and when they ask her what she wants to become, she answers, “programmer at NASA”.


In the News

July 16, 2020 - Summer with Science at Genius Camp

Lets confess, not everyone is fond of science. Those boring textbooks with difficult jargons and lengthy experiments have always kept... ...

July 15, 2020 - Genius Camp is Offering FREE Virtual STEM Camps Next Week!

Genius Camp is offering free virtual camps for children to try their hands at new age courses like website, game design, and coding. ...

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