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Voted "Best Educational Camp" in the GTA. Explorer Hop camps are FUN INNOVATIVE camps where kids learn and have an amazing time. Camp Millionaire teaches kids about money management & investment a level they understand. Around the World Camp immerses kids into different cultures, art & adventure. Mini Law School is a fun immersion into law. Use code OURKIDS for $30 off

The Our Kids review of ExplorerHop


There is a camp for every interest, and ExplorerHop is proof of the point. It's a family-created, family-run camp aimed at engaging kids around the topics of geography, international travel, and money management. It's perhaps not the most obvious pairing of themes, but it works, particularly given the energy and expertise of the staff. It's a great option for kids who are looking for something a bit different. Like any camp, it also attracts kids of a like interests and passions, allowing them to express them in a group of like-minded peers. Well-concieved, and expertlly run, there's a lot to love at ExplorerHop. 

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Day Camp
Education (multi)
Ages: 7 - 14
Leadership training|Public Speaking/Debate|Entrepreneurship|Instructor lead (group)|Reading|Social Justice/Empowerment|Martial Arts|Soccer|Yoga|Karate|Cricket|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Painting|Cooking|Vocal training / singing|Drawing|Pottery/ceramics |Fantasy/superhero|Musical Theatre|Technology
Day Camp
Education (multi)
Ages: 7 - 14
Leadership training|Language Studies|Public Speaking/Debate|LEGO|Instructor lead (group)|Reading|Social Justice/Empowerment|Archery|Gymnastics|Soccer|Lacrosse|Yoga|Ping Pong|Karate|Cricket|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Cooking|Vocal training / singing|Jazz|Drawing|Technology
Day Camp
CIT/LIT Program
Ages: 12 - 14
Credit Courses|Leadership training|Language Studies|CIT/LIT Program|Public Speaking/Debate|Entrepreneurship|Super Camp|LEGO|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Social Justice/Empowerment|Archery|Basketball|Gymnastics|Lacrosse|Yoga|Karate|Ultimate Frisbee|Cricket|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Painting|Cooking|Vocal training / singing|Jazz|Drawing|Musical Theatre|Technology
Day Camp
Ages: 10 - 14
Leadership training|Public Speaking/Debate|Entrepreneurship|Super Camp|LEGO|Instructor lead (group)|STEM|Reading|Social Justice/Empowerment|Archery|Basketball|Gymnastics|Soccer|Lacrosse|Yoga|Karate|Ultimate Frisbee|Cricket|Arts & Crafts|Theatre Arts|Painting|Cooking|Vocal training / singing|Jazz|Drawing|Technology

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1399 Bayview Ave , Toronto, Ontario

1399 Bayview Ave Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3A6
Contact name:
Hasina Lookman

Phone number:
(416) 833-1782×
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Hasina Lookman , Founder

Here is some information About us

Hasina, who manages the creative side of the business, is a management consultant with over 20 years of experience managing global projects.  However, she prefers to call herself a “Traveler”.  She has visited more than 45 countries and lived in more than 8 countries across 3 continents.  Working in the global market place for so long, has showed her the importance for kids to have a better understanding of different cultures and a deeper foundation in money management.  Her most memorable travel adventure was visiting the Friday Souk (Market) in Marrakesh, Morocco.  In her free time, she tries out new recipes, plans trips and writes stories for her children.

Igor, our technical guru, has been Hasina’s travel partner for the past 12 years and has enjoyed every minute of it.  He has more than 25 years experience in creating innovative technology solutions for global companies.   In his free time, he reads about investing, fixes things around the house and dreams of a holiday when his family will allow him to just sleep.

Mira, our creative mind, who is all of 10 years old, was basically born into a travelling family and has embraced the love of exploration.  She speaks 5 languages and is the inspiration for one of our characters. When she was just 1, her parents took her to Belgium and India on a road trip for 6 weeks, this was followed by more exotic adventures to different countries. When she is not in school, Mira is practicing her piano or playing hockey.  Her favorite country is Norway and her favorite food is Idly (Steamed Rice Cakes) from India. Her favorite person is her little brother, Teyus. 

Cost & Financial Aid


Cost: $300 to $425 /week

Payment Options:

Deposit required with acceptance Yes
Credit card payment Yes
Maximum installments available 1


Discount if paid in full $20
Discount if paid early $50
Discount for 2nd child $50
Discount for 3rd child $75
Discount for 4th child $100



From One of the most well respected Mommy Bloggersexpand

You can see the rest of our reviews here;

From Suchitra- The PHDMama.  One of the top 100 Mommy Bloggers in North America and winner of the Versatile Blogger Award.   She's well established for saying exactly what she thinks and her followers value her honesty.  

We are delighted at what she wrote about us:

"What I really liked about the website is the hidden lesson in every adventure. There is new information and little nuggets of knowledge spattered throughout the different adventures and kids reading them will find these useful, and contextual. Furthermore, the casual writing style that weaves the lessons into the narrative simply makes the learning a natural part of the process."

"The website has tremendous value and even more potential to take financial learning for children to an entirely different level. I was intrigued by the many adventures and enjoyed reading the stories too. In fact, I wished I was Mira and could go on her many adventures!"http://explorerhop.com/pages/explorer-hop-in-the-news


Testimonial from Giles School expand

You can see more of our Testimonials here

From Caroline Bernada, Head of School, The Giles School - a very prestigious private school in Toronto. 

"Explorer Hop is the best program I have seen for teaching students about the realities of money and the economic world around us. It grabs the children’s attention right from the start with fun and innovative stories. The students instantly become connected with the characters and learn from their journeys. They are then enticed to complete missions, which helps to solidify their knowledge by having them apply what they have learned with realistic activities.

We introduced this wonderful program in our school this spring and the students are all fully engaged and have increased their knowledge of the financial world tenfold. The students are eager to follow the program and I have even heard them talking about their missions outside the classroom. I would highly recommend this program and I am very happy with the results I have seen thus far."



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February 7, 2018 - Summer 2018 Camps Registration open!

Camp Registration is now open. Register today at ExplorerHop.com ...

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