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Are all camps peanut/tree nut free? are there camps specific for such food sensitivities/allergies

Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have severe or life-threatening allergies to all forms of nuts and nut products. When advising parents on what to pack for their children to go to camp, camps insist that parents do not include any of the following products: peanut butter, Nutella, peanuts, all tree nuts and any products that contain traces of nuts. They ask parents to check all ingredients. If parents have any concerns about nut allergies, we encourage them to contact the camp(s) of their choice directly to ask questions and inform them of any particular needs prior to their child attending that camp. You may like to learn more about camp safety here: Or register for our Camp Expo in early 2014 where you can meet with camps one-on-one with any questions or concerns and learn more about their programs:

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When do I need to apply?
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My daughter has a number of severe food allergies. It is not just that she could choose not to eat a particular item if it wasn't suitable- food has to be made intentionally without her allergens. She can still be around her allergens iI others were eating them but, on the other hand, I wouldn't want her to feel that what she is eating is to different or set apart as part of the camp experience is in all eating together. I would like for her to be able to experience camp but safely. Can anyone recommend a camp that truly can accommodate children with severe food allergies? So many camps I speak with tell me that they receive epipen training every year and that she could just not eat whatever wasn't safe for her! She wouldn't be able to eat anything then and hopefully she wouldn't ever need the epipen!
All of the camps that we work with are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children more

is the camp assessable for wheelchair? did u have on to one support worker?
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How do the camps (day or overnight) accommodate children with anaphylaxis (severe allergies)? What safety measures are in place? Are all camps peanut/tree nut free? Do children bring their own food or is it supplied by the camp? Are there any camps or programs with a camp specifically for children with anaphylaxis?
Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have severe or life-threatening allergies, more

Need to know if the camps can accomodate kids with multiple food allergies.
Camps are extremely attentive to children's safety and acknowledge that some children who attend camp have severe or life-threatening allergies, more

I would like my child to seriously consider going to an away camp this year to boost self-confidence. I'm looking for camps that provide a lot of "initial" comfort to the introverted child. I'm not looking for a babysitting service but rather the understanding and compassion that goes with making someone feel comfortable when they are out of their element. Thank you.
Camps take great pride in helping every child feel welcomed and care for as well as encouraging kids to more