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Do summer camps focus only on outdoor activities?

That depends on the type of camp you choose for your child.

If you choose a traditional day or residential camp, camps take a balanced approach and include indoor and/or special facility activities in their programming. It is true that most camps like to see kids spending time, and doing activities, outdoors. One reason is that Canada has an amazing "outdoors". Whether it's the rural wildness or a city park, most parents want their children to experience nature, to spend time away from the electronic world of computers, cell phones, iPods and TVs, to know and care about our environment.

However many specialty camps, such as Hockey, Computer, or Drama Camp where kids and teens will naturally spend more time indoors focusing on and improving their skills in the specific activity.

All camps do however take to heart the studies and reports stating that the health and well-being of our children is dependent on increased physical activity, and incorporate this into their day to day practices.

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